Blockchain Possibilities for SupplyChain Management

January 8, 2019
The blockchain technology has been making headlines lately. This is the same technology that fuels cryptocurrencies top among them Bitcoin. Many people might be familiar with Bitcoin but not with the technology behind them. That is soon to change because the blockchain technology is infiltrating every area...

5 Tips For Building Your Career In Blockchain

January 3, 2019
We live in on the cusp of a new decade and with it, we will reach a turning point in our relationship with technology. As automation becomes more and more the standard and deindustrialisation decreases, it’s thought that computer programming skills will be the future of everyday work. One of the driv...

4 Promising Blockchain Developments in Australia

December 14, 2018
Australia has become one of the best innovation hubs in the world, as its government is focused on modernizing the economy through technology. Naturally, blockchain is one such technology that the land down under is willingly embracing. While blockchain adoption in general is still slow on the rise, it pay...

Breaking the Barriers – How Blockchain Can Make You Healthier and Richer

December 12, 2018
Is private and secure healthcare a crisis of modernity? The cost of seeing a doctor experiences significant increases yearly, baring many from realizing the benefits of modern medicine. In 1970, the expense per person for health care was $355, and in 2016 $10,348.  A community burdened by rising cost, debt...
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