Altcoin News

Top 2 Altcoins That Has Dominated The Crypto Market In 2022

It’s still too soon to say that the bear market that has ravaged the global economy has ended, despite positive signs of ...
September 1, 2022

US to partner with 30 other countries to curb illicit use of cryptocurrencies

To combat the illicit use of cryptocurrency and the increasing cybersecurity threats in the United States, President Joe Biden ...
July 11, 2022

Mastercard Launched The First Crypto-Linked Payment Cards

In an exciting turn of events Mastercard, one of the largest payment card providers entered into a partnership with the trio of...
June 24, 2022

The Next Hidden Altcoin Gem is THORChain (Rune)

Interoperability or cross-chain. In 2022, this appears to be the buzzword for blockchains. Keeping all your transactions privat...
June 20, 2022

ErgoHack Fest: Co-Presented by the Ergo Foundation and ErgoPad

ErgoHack will take place from May 9 – May 30, 2022. Ergo Hackathons have become a principal and defining feature of the c...
April 22, 2022

Ethereum (ETH) Made $1.29 Billion In Revenue In March 2022

After several months of dwindling profits, Ethereum miners turned the tables in March, bringing in over $1 billion. According t...

RMRK Token, the First Kusama Statemine token tradable on CEXes

The RMRK Association announces that the $RMRK token, the utility and governance token of the most advanced NFT protocol created...
April 6, 2022

Three new European altcoin investment funds have been added to WisdomTree’s portfolio

WisdomTree, an American exchange-traded fund provider, has introduced three new ETPs to meet the need for more crypto-asset inv...
April 1, 2022

LUNA (Altcoin Based on Terra Blockchain) Rallies 50% in One Week

As Total Value Locked Exceeds $11,000,000,000 of Luna. Anchor protocol becomes the most used on Terra Blockchain. As its ecosys...
March 24, 2022

Altcoin Psycho, a crypto investor, is taking over the world

Crypto-mania is gaining popularity worldwide, with many investors stepping into this zone as its potential has been realized gl...
March 21, 2022