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Is Blockchain is the Next Step in Making Aviation Safer and Aviation business more profitable?

July 1, 2018
The Blockchain is no longer just bitcoin. There are thousands of applications for blockchain technology, from logistics supply chains at FedEx to cross-border payments at IBM. The immutable distributed ledger technology is gaining a cross-industry reputation as being a unique and new provider for source-tr...

Blockchain helping Brands to directly connect with customers, insights from William Parker

June 27, 2018
Blockchain can not only offer a new way to manage customers information but also empower customers to manage their own data and identity. We have interviewed William Parker, Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder of A7 Core. Pioneering his own analytic-centric approach to branding, William has consulted for so...

Why and how future social networks need to be blockchained?

June 23, 2018
It is perhaps a universally known fact that social networks as we know, is about to be reformed. It has been covered here in-depth. A dramatic shift is probably the mildest form in which the coming changes can be defined, as blockchain looks to take over the world. Already disrupting industries and sectors...

BlockchainConf.Tech – A Software Engineer focused Blockchain Conference

June 23, 2018
BlockchainConf.Tech, A software engineer focused blockchain conference come to Atlanta on September 6-7, 2019. Our goal is to put on community run technology events at a price point way lower than premium conferences, but with better content and attention to detail on things like food and swag . Blockchain...

BlockchainConf Tech Atlanta

June 23, 2018
BlockchainConf Tech is a technical Blockchain conference in Atlanta in September (6-7) specifically for software engineers that are working in the decentralized space, building apps and infrastructure. We will not be carrying any content from attorneys, or investors, just technical content for technical pe...

Blockchain Health Summit and Trade Show

June 23, 2018
Blockchain Health is a three-day summit and trade show that showcases the latest blockchain innovations for healthcare providers, payers, pharmaceuticals and life sciences in the heart of Washington DC. Join C-Suite level attendees as we cover the latest blockchain solutions and case studies in Payments, R...

Cybersecurity is a bigger threat to Blockchain Ecosystem – McAfee

June 13, 2018
McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research team today released an in-depth report highlighting the emerging cybersecurity risks associated with Blockchain. The report states the importance of necessary security layers to be introduced in blockchain due to widespread acceptance of technology in multiple industries. ...

Internet Attorney, Andrew Rossow, Brings Unique Millennial and Legal Perspective to Blockchain Magazine Team

June 12, 2018
We are pleased to announce and welcome Internet Attorney, Andrew Rossow, to our team here at Blockchain Magazine. Andrew brings a unique millennial perspective to the team, as he is also a criminal defense/Internet attorney, writer, and adjunct law professor in Dayton, Ohio. Rossow’s passion for advocating...

5 Rising Stars of the Blockchain Industry To Look For in 2018

June 11, 2018
The blockchain landscape has been growing at an exponential speed with new innovations launching on a daily basis. Recently, big names like Facebook and Amazon have begun diving into the ecosystem and leading the way for others to explore as well. This wave has prompted a range of traditional financial and...

4 Innovators Proving Switzerland is The Blockchain Capital of The World

June 8, 2018
The Swiss technological and scientific landscape has always had an ability to leverage some of the best minds around the world and focus them for success right from the center of Europe. As blockchain technologies continue to showcase their value across startups and enterprise business, the nation has once...

Blockchain Expo Europe 2018

June 6, 2018
Blockchain conference, Blockchain Expo, will be holding the Europe conference in RAI, Amsterdam 27-28 June 2018. An opportunity to hear from thought provoking content within blockchain for enterprises, ICO and cryptofinance, transforming financial services, developing blockchain applications and blockchain...

Blockchain: Terminating Centralized Data Control

June 2, 2018
According to Forbes, “The data volumes are exploding, more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race.” With the advent of Internet 2.0, data has been rife and when such massive amount of data is generated, a greater sense of responsibility is required...

Malta Blockchain Summit

May 31, 2018
As has become evident during the first quarter of 2018, Malta is taking the lead as the blockchain hub and has become known as ‘Blockchain Island’ across social media, following the relocation decision of Binance and OKEx, the two largest crypto exchanges. Boasting over 4000 delegates, 100 speakers and 150...

Finterra Pte Ltd confirmed as the Official Gold Sponsor for World Blockchain Congress Bahrain 2018.

May 31, 2018
TraiCon Events Private Limited is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with Finterra Technologies to be one of the Premium Gold Sponsor at the “World Blockchain Congress- Bahrain 2018” .An initiative by TraiCon to further enhance the implementation of Blockchain technologies in Bahrain which is ...

Private Banking & Wealth Management Summit India 2018

May 31, 2018
AIWMI’s 2nd annual Private Banking & Wealth Management Summit India 2018 will bring together private banks, family offices, alternative investment professionals, wealth managers and IFAs to brainstorm strategies on how to build and operate a successful HNW business, how to increase investment returns, ...


May 31, 2018
BLOCKERCON is taking over the second day of SavedByTech 2018 – the conference for future technology – to bring complete focus on blockchain and it’s incredible transformative potential. BLOCKERCON takes place on 7 June 2018 in Bristol UK. You can buy tickets to BLOCKERCON only, or extend ...

Swissport Integrates Blockchain in Cargo and Travel business

May 31, 2018
Swissport, based out of Opfikon, Switzerland, has partnered with Olam to solve various problems in its airport ground and cargo handling business, as reported by Air Cargo News. Swissport is an aviation company that provides services to handle airport ground and cargo, managing close to 265 million passeng...

Your can soon book a ride on Blockchain Uber

May 30, 2018
Chen Weixing, Founder, and CEO at Kuaidi Dache and Hangzhou Fun City, has revealed his plans to make a Blockchain-based ride-hailing app, which will significantly increase the security for the users and make the process even more efficient. He has teamed up with the co-founder of Meituan, Yang Jun for laun...

Blockchain is all set to disrupt transportation industry

May 29, 2018
Industry experts believe that blockchain innovation in the transportation sector will improve travel efficiency by drastically reducing travel time and costs. Blockchain technology has the potential to solve many shortcomings of the sector. These include transportation of temperature controlled goods such ...

How the Blockchain community is harnessing Blockchain growth

May 29, 2018
Whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media handle, we all have witnessed in this era of internet/online communication, that there is an increasing number of online communities being formed. With the advent of the Internet, very few have envisaged the power of online communities...

Europe finds a sweet spot in Blockchain Ecosystem

May 25, 2018
The blockchain ecosystem is soaring new heights with brilliant advancements in technology. Numerous industries are planning to dip their toes and test the new water. Well, there is good news for them. While many nations are still battling over the legalization and regulations of cryptocurrency, the Europea...

Blockchain is playing crucial role in the lives of women

May 25, 2018
Blockchain can and is transforming the world in several ways. Almost every sector is eager to accept and use this technology for betterment. What actually isn’t very widely known is that Blockchain can and is playing a very crucial role in women empowerment and transforming the lives of women all around th...

Ubcoin: An innovative crypto-to-goods exchange platform

May 22, 2018
Until mid-July 2018 you can take part in the token sale organized by Ubcoin, a blockchain platform that utilizes the model used by online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay to create the world’s first truly effective alternative to traditional crypto exchanges. Ubcoin users will be able to acquire cr...

Supply Chain Summit 2018

May 21, 2018
Emerging economies are growing faster than the established industrial economies of the world. How can we manage supply chain well in emerging economies, coordinate information flows with multiple partners, tackle challenges such as unexpected disruptions, diversify the risks and increase flexibilities. SUP...

Build your business with Dapps (Decentralized Applications)?

May 16, 2018
Decentralized applications (Dapps) are a new model that is being used massively and with a lot of success to build scalable applications. Bitcoin paved the way in the blockchain technology by having a peer-to-peer, stored ledger and scarce asset model technology. Dapps on the other hand have now provided a...

Energy Sector is ready to hit a goal with Blockchain

May 15, 2018
Blockchain continues to be the talk of the town. It has already dominated 2017, and the same is expected in 2018. Numerous sectors introduced blockchain to reform their processes, and it seems that there is no end to it. Companies are still in the process of making good use of the blockchain-based applicat...

Blockchain-as-a-service is the new trend in the business

May 14, 2018
Blockchain technology is more useful and powerful than any other centralized technologies. Naturally, the use cases of blockchain technology go beyond cryptocurrencies. Though blockchain technology comes with overarching potentials along with it dwells the scope of improvements that need to be done in orde...

Transforming the Inefficiencies in Logistic Sector with Blockchain

May 13, 2018
The notoriously increasing amount of money at stake in the Logistic industry is reaching enormous heights day by day. Also, Global supply chains are overly complex, with a diverse set of stakeholders, varying interests, and many third-party intermediaries. The sole purpose of Logistic Management which is a...

Is Blockchain an aberration to the hype it has created?

May 13, 2018
Blockchain technology is not suitable for everything. Is it really an aberration to the buzz it has created in the industry. If you plan to invest in blockchain, do your research if it is really disrupting your business. Do your independent research and consult a blockchain professional, if you plan to use...

Is Blockchain a Universal Platform?

May 12, 2018
The most common discourse surrounding the promise blockchain provides regarding information transparency and security revolves around finance, and – as we have proven – real estate. Nonetheless, blockchain is still a niche interest within the business world. To prevent it from remaining in a somewhat oliga...

Building eco-friendly blockchain before it reaches Mass Adoption

May 11, 2018
Among the biggest obstacles blockchain faces as it approaches mass adoption is the environmentally destructive reputation of the mining process. As local and global leaders require improvements in emission and electricity usage, eco-friendly mining systems need to show lawmakers that Bitcoin is not as bad ...

Blockchain May be the Cause of Metamorphosis in the Insurance Sector

May 2, 2018
The Insurance Sector has been expanding at a higher pace than ever before. The benefits offered by insurance companies and the urge of future risk mitigation entice many customers to pool in for a better future guarantee. According to Global Insurance Market Trends 2016: Life Insurance premiums accounted f...


April 28, 2018
Blockchain for social impact (BSIC) is an innovative initiative by the United Nations Organisation with a vision to harness the potential of Ethereum blockchain and deploy them for the well public welfare. This is an initiative led by ConsenSys, and the 22-members organization, is looking to solve social a...

Blockchain To Make Digital India a Better India

April 28, 2018
From the midnight of the independence to the dawn of the millennium, India is all about leveling up her game in the world. With demonetisation and GST implemented on the Indian Economy, came the restriction of using bitcoins and cryptocurrencies as the legal tender. The Indian government strongly eliminate...

The Poor Can Benefit More From Blockchain Evolution

April 28, 2018
The blockchain technology is hitting the world by storm and reality is, we’ve barely harnessed even a fraction of its full potential. Though many are benefiting from blockchain technology, there is more room for poor from emerging economies. Financial institutions such as India’s banking giant ...

India’s Banking Giant ICICI Spearheads the Integration of Blockchain

April 27, 2018
ICICI, India’s second largest private bank, has recently announced the enlisting of more than 250 corporate to conduct domestic and international financial transactions using ICICI’s blockchain platform. Blockchain technology has been successful in revolutionizing trade finance sector. ICICI ba...

Blockchain for ethical gambling: a win-win solution

April 25, 2018
As the gambling industry is expanding with more operators and players coming into the picture, the money put into such ventures is also increasing significantly. Talking about casinos where organizers deliberately resort to sabotage to aggrandize their profits, even the cases where such game organizers are...

BlockShow Europe 2018

April 25, 2018
This May BlockShow is coming back to Europe! BlockShow Europe 2018 powered by Cointelegraph is one of the major international platforms for showcasing innovative Blockchain solutions, revealing hottest industry trends & sensations and bringing together the global Blockchain community. The conference wi...

Celebrating Blockchain for Good: Social Impacts for the Betterment of All

April 17, 2018
Envision a world where every individual, male or female has accessibility to basic amenities, allowing them to enjoy a life of equality. Women, especially in underdeveloped and emerging economies are most prone to gender inequality. The good news is that blockchain technology holds the potential for allowi...

Blockchain Live London

April 13, 2018
On September 26th of this year, Blockchain Live is moving to the Great Hall in Olympia, London in order to build a global blockchain marketplace for over 3000 delegates to drive forward the adoption of blockchain technology. Our live platforms for engaging our audience include; GovChain, Finance and Fintec...

Regulatory Wave Around Blockchain in Major Countries

April 8, 2018
Blockchain and cryptocurrency have well and truly taken the world by storm. New regulations in every country are making it hard for investors to make their moves in the market especially when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges and trading. They have to stay updated on the stance of every major power in t...

Leading Investors, Business Leaders, and Influencers Join BOOSTO

April 5, 2018
An all-star group of investors, business leaders, and influencers who are building a new decentralized infrastructure that will power new types of applications for the influencer marketing industry, estimated at $2B per year SINGAPORE – BOOSTO, a new decentralized application (DApp) framework that wi...

Government Blockchain Leadership Forum – May, 2018

April 5, 2018
Co-hosted with the Government Blockchain Association, Government Blockchain Leadership Forum assembles early adopters from federal, state, and large municipalities to share pitfalls, outcomes, and surprises from their blockchain pilots. Designed with interactivity in mind, this program features unique pane...

Blockchain technology – Puff or Promise

April 4, 2018
Last year was all about bitcoin. World media and analysts were in a frenzy discussing what bitcoin would actually mean. Every high and every low marked by cryptocurrency still draws massive attention. Bitcoin had been associated with crime and dark underworld for a long time. It is making a comeback in a n...

Shared Services looks towards Blockchain for growth

April 2, 2018
Experts believe that Blockchain will be bigger than Robots for the Shared Services industry! Blockchain is blowing up as a key buzzword for 2018. In fact, Webster has even added it to its dictionary. If that’s not enough to get businesses talking then I don’t know what is! Jumping on this bandwagon, IQPC i...

Blockchain in shared services – June, 2018

March 31, 2018
Blockchain is going to reshape the foundation of business as we know it! Hear from IBM, Bank of America, and Sapient Consulting (to name a few) as to how the blockchain shared services in industry can utilize this technology to gain a competitive advantage by increasing its number of transactions, improvin...

PwC and Francophone Africa Partner With Request Network Foundation

March 26, 2018
Singapore, 26th March 2018 – Blockchain technology has become one of the most talked about and disruptive technologies of the last decade, leading to a surge in permissionless innovation and increased R&D in all other revolutionary use-cases the distributed ledger technology can offer to business...

In-game items ownership on blockchain platform

March 24, 2018
Apart from the financial sector, blockchain is proving to be helpful to the entertainment business also. The blockchain is foraying into the gaming sector. The problems related to purchasing in-game items is not new. Frauds are all around the internet, and one can not avoid them with the present gaming sys...

How Decentralized Apps Stand to Alter Business Practices

March 23, 2018
Business is not a static environment. Neither is the world that surrounds it. Everything is constantly changing, mutating, and progressing forward. Today, this notion is apparent in the realm of software and app development. Nearly every media publication today is talking about cryptocurrencies such as Bit...

TrueEx plans to make Ethereum more accessible

March 23, 2018
Aссоrdіng tо thе recent аnnоunсеmеnt, Nеw Yоrk-bаѕеd Fіntесh Cоrроrаtіоn TruеEX hаѕ аnnоunсеd thе uрсоmіng lаunсh оf a regulated dіgіtаl асtіvе derivatives mаrkеt, аѕ wеll аѕ a раrtnеrѕhір bеtwееn іtѕ nеwlу created ѕubѕіdіаrу Truе Digital Hоldіngѕ (TDH), аnd thе соmраnу’ѕ technology Blосkсhаіn Consen...

Technology that can stress test Blockchain

March 20, 2018
Huаwеі іѕ gеttіng closer аnd сlоѕеr tо іtѕ fіrѕt major rеlеаѕе іn thе Oреn Sоurсе сhаnnеl sector. Aftеr nеаrlу a уеаr оf wоrk bеtwееn thе rасkѕ, thе technology giant which is a $ 7.5 bn entity hаѕ рut tоgеthеr a tооl dеѕіgnеd tо test thе реrfоrmаnсе оf mаjоr blосkсhаіn. It is preparing tо оffісіаllу send

Blockchain to promote ‘Word-of-Mouth’ Marketing Campaigns

March 19, 2018
A ѕtаrt-uр оf Itаlіаn оrіgіn uѕеd Blосkсhаіn tо build a роіnt-tо-роіnt dіgіtаl platform thаt lеvеrаgеѕ thе роwеr оf wоrd-оf-mоuth marketing оn ѕосіаl nеtwоrkѕ. Frіеndz, wіth оffісеѕ іn Mіlаn, Rоmе, аnd Mаdrіd, аllоwѕ соmраnіеѕ tо еngаgе аrmіеѕ оf ѕосіаl mеdіа uѕеrѕ tо рrоmоtе thеіr brаndѕ. Users gеt rеwаrd...

Faceter – A Company That Promises to Stop Crime Even Before It Happens!

March 17, 2018
Decentralized Survеіllаnсе Vіdео Cоmраnу, Faceter, рrоmіѕеѕ tо dеtесt thrеаtѕ even bеfоrе the actual crime. The nеw platform aims tо mаkе surveillance cameras “smart”, uѕіng bеttеr fасіаl rесоgnіtіоn, object dеtесtіоn аnd time-based video analysis. In the United States alone, the expected value...

Blockchain Technology : President Election, Women Blockchain,Huawei IP

March 10, 2018
Blockchain technology is a catalyst to propel the future of other industries and surprisingly the technology itself has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Here is a list of top blockchain news of the day from Blockchain Magazine which you can’t miss out. International women’s day: women blockchain com...

Vienna University to spearhead Multi-Blockchain transfer system

March 10, 2018
In a first, Vienna University of technology is partnering with a cryptocurrency trading platform based out of Austria, Bitpanda, to facilitate a multi-blockchain transfer system. The new open source platform is dubbed as ‘Pantos’ and will facilitate arbitrage trading between various blockchain token availa...

Blockchain is thriving despite the crackdown by Chinese Government

March 10, 2018
China started its crackdown on Cryptocurrency and initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) last year. By the start of this year, an official ban was imposed with Government categorically banning its employees to refrain from holding or trading bitcoin. Regulatory authorities have warned of strict action if any of th...

Blockchain: South Korea Ban, Daimler AG New Crypto and Central Blockchain

March 9, 2018
Blockchain technology is a catalyst to propel the future of other industries and surprisingly the technology itself has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Here is a list of top blockchain news of the day from Blockchain Magazine which you can’t miss out. Harvard Economist sees Bitcoin worth $100 by 20...

Cryptocurrency is here to bring True Freedom: Steve Bannon

March 9, 2018
A Former aide to the US president is the latest advocate of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Former chief strategist of the United States president Donald Trump and the rabble-rouser for the populist movement, Steve Bannon is endorsing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. According to Steve B...

Regulators in Japan suspends 2 Crypto exchanges for loose compliance

March 9, 2018
Two of the domestic cryptocurrency exchanges were ordered to suspend its operation for a month in Japan. FSHO and Bit Station faced the brunt when Financial Services Agency of Japan issued an order to immediately suspend the operations. A total of seven trading platforms were asked to improve security meas...

Comcast has made an investment in this Blockchain Startup

March 9, 2018
This multi-million backing by the telecom Giant can ensure a multi-blockchain future The venture capital division of Comcast Corporation, Comcast Ventures have raised a seed round funding of $3.3 million to back a New-York City Blockchain startup- Blockdaemon. Comcast ventures raised the money in collabora...

Blockchain: Wyoming Bill, China Support, BMW Ethical Cobalt and Twitter React

March 9, 2018
Blockchain technology is a catalyst to propel the future of other industries and surprisingly the technology itself has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Here is a list of top blockchain news of the day from Blockchain Magazine which you can’t miss out. Blockchain bill heads ahead in Wyoming Wyoming,...

Nokia uses the Blockchain to Help Smart Cities Get Smarter

March 8, 2018
Nokia may not be inventors, but they are closer than most to enabling millions of people to benefit from the blockchain. -By Josh Cotton, PhD, a Fortune 500 consultant, the Founder of VetStoreUSA, LLC., and a social scientist who has been studying the Blockchain Community since 2013 @BitcoinCensus Data is ...

Top 5 Blockchain News Of The Day (8TH MARCH, 2018)

March 8, 2018
Blockchain technology is a catalyst to propel the future of other industries and surprisingly the technology itself has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Here is a list of top blockchain news of the day from Blockchain Magazine which you can’t miss out. Cryptocurrency and ICO finds a place in Diction...

GE Transportation becomes a part of Global Blockchain Trade Association

March 7, 2018
Right this moment, Blockchain technology is second to none when it comes to providing a secure data log. Businesses all across the world are looking at this technology as an opportunity to revolutionize the existing setup. Blockchain technology has more to offer and businesses are in process to imbibe the ...

Top 5 Blockchain News of The Day (7th March, 2018)

March 7, 2018
Blockchain technology is a catalyst to propel the future of other industries and surprisingly the technology itself has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Here is a list of top blockchain news of the day from Blockchain Magazine which you can’t miss out. Blockchain-powered SyncFab will provide manufac...

Is Blockchain Revolution Going To Transform Your Industry?

March 7, 2018
Digitalization has created a frenzy in our technology driven world and blockchain is the latest hot cake. Blockchain has a lot to offer in the field of digitalization. It has not been too long since blockchain technology came into the limelight with the growing craze of cryptocurrency. The technology on wh...

Top 10 Blockchain News Of The Day (5th March, 2018)

March 5, 2018
Blockchain technology is a catalyst to propel the future of other industries and surprisingly the technology itself has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Here is a list of top blockchain news of the day from Blockchain Magazine which you can’t miss out. People give thumbs up to Amazon Cryptocur...

BLOCKCHAIN DAILY RUNDOWN (4th March, 2018) – Blockchain Mgazine

March 4, 2018
Blockchain Magazine™ presents top blockchain stories, you can’t miss out. Cryptocurrencies are at an all-time price high All the top twenty Cryptocurrencies have been gaining since past weeks including zcash, NEM, and XRP. Data also indicates a number of top twenty cryptocurrencies have witnessed pul...

Digibyte: A Blockchain Based Platform For Gaming

March 3, 2018
DigiByte, also known as the cryptocurrency DGB, is a Chinese blockchain technology that is focused on gaming, payments, and security. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and was founded by Jared Tate. Tate came from a military and early computer science background and was involved in Bitcoin sector f...

Caution! Check this before Investing in Cryptocurrency Similar To Bitcoin

March 3, 2018
A year ago bitcoin had surged five times and individuals couldn’t avoid bouncing on the digital currency fleeting trend. With the cost of a bitcoin achieving record highs near to $20,000, an increasing number of conventional individuals think about putting resources into the digital currency. The cur...

Blockchain Has Become A New Doctor For Healthcare Industry

March 3, 2018
Blockchain technology is proving its mettle in healthcare industry with some real prototype in the ecosystem. The finance industry is seeing big strides by using blockchain technology, but this is not the only industry benefiting from the technology. While blockchain is strongly associated with transaction...

WePower: The Green Energy trading platform based on Blockchain

March 3, 2018
WePower aims at revolutionizing the renewable market in every way. People at WePower firmly believe the importance of Green energy revolution, which is now needed more than ever before. According to them the world still runs on dirty energy, changing which can take several decades. Current investment struc...


March 2, 2018
Blockchain Daily Rundown Porsche is innovating, this time with blockchain Porsche is about to bring in a revolution with their integration of cars with the blockchain technology. The luxury car manufacturer has announced its partnership with XAIN, to explore the utility of blockchain technology directly in...

Chile’s National Energy Commission Is All Set To Use Blockchain

March 2, 2018
Chile’s CNE, energy regulator announced use of blockchain technology for energy sector. The National Energy Commission of Chile has and confirmed its partnership with Energía Alberta- an open energy platform, to corroborate the quality of open data of the country’s national energy sector. The executi...

Blockchain Expo, Europe- June, 2018

March 1, 2018
Blockchain Expo will be a two-day event organized in Amsterdam on 27th- 28th June 2018. With an attendance of more than 6000 Blockchain industry personnel, Blockchain Expo gives tremendous opportunities to network with people around the world who are active participants in Blockchain revolution. It brings ...

Five Reasons to use Blockchain as a business Alliance Aid

February 28, 2018
Blockchain Technology has become an integral part of businesses as it has the attribute of innate security and capacity for impoverishing the system operations. In fact, Blockchain has given the possibility of secure and safe business across multiple ventures. Below listed are the five reasons to use Block...

Lenovo wants to use blockchain for Physical Document Validation

February 28, 2018
The Chinese company Lenovo that manufactures electronic devices as laptops and smartphones has shown its interest in accepting blockchain technology. Sure the company thinks of increasing its reputation and market value by implementing the effectiveness of blockchain. Lenovo has decided to use blockchain f...

Blockchain Solution May Have Saved Indian Banking Fraud

February 28, 2018
Blockchain solution may have saved a recent banking fraud of 11,400 crores detected by PNB(Punjab National Bank). The bank filed a FIR against a diamond merchant Nirav Modi, his uncle Mehul Choksi along with a few other relatives who with the help of a couple of bank employees issued an unauthorized Letter...

The curious case of “Petro”

February 28, 2018
In a first, Venezuela launched state-backed cryptocurrency called “petro” as a legal tender. Nicholas Maduro, The Venezuelans President, was more than excited to announce the birth of “petro.” The country is which already in deep slumber of the economic crisis is hoping to raise millions by the sale of the...

Blockchain – A Trillion Dollar Market Opportunity in 2018

February 27, 2018
After its introduction in 2008 as an underlying technology for Bitcoin, the blockchain technology has broken all the barriers to development. The journey of blockchain started as an initial technology for cryptocurrency but today it is emerging as the fundamental tool of development for governments, global...


February 27, 2018
Blockchain Daily Rundown India’s Prime minister calls for rapid adaptation for “Disruptive” Blockchain Narendra Modi, Indian PM, has labeled the blockchain as “Disruptive” while calling for quick adaptation as the technology is set to bring in some groundbreaking changes to India. The most powerful officia...

Blockchain & IoT: The Internet of Decentralized Autonomous Things

February 27, 2018
Blockchain technology has embraced itself by coalition with some of the current IT trends such as the cloud computing, Internet of Things, cryptography and AI. We can also think of blockchains as a shared infrastructure which is like a utility. If you think about how the current Internet infrastructure is ...

Blockchain in Algorithmic Trading

February 26, 2018
How the blockchain technology of distributed ledger can solve the problems of algorithmic trading industry Sergey Bolshakov | Vladislav Buchnev The authors — founders of the project Tendencies and trends in global financial industry The world is changing, and the financial and investment industr...

Blockchain Daily Rundown

February 26, 2018
Starbucks Chairman advocates blockchain, dejects Bitcoin Starbucks Chairman, Howard Shultz has made some remarks in company’s annual quarterly investor call regarding incorporation of blockchain technology. According to Shultz, Starbucks plans to accept blockchain technology as well as digital currencies i...

Bitcoin Vs. Ripple: Interesting Comparison!

February 26, 2018
Ripple is all about trust, whereas other cryptocurrencies, for the most part, don’t give that much importance to trust. In Bitcoin, any two parties can send each other Bitcoin tokens, and the network then validates that no one is cheating in that transaction. Another significant difference is that Ri...


February 25, 2018
The global blockchain community gathered in Washington DC, the world’s policy and innovation center, on February 20th for the Digital Asset Investment Forum (DAIF) hosted by FinTech4Good. This was the second forum of DAIF global series in the year of 2018, serving as the launch event of DC Blockchain Incub...

Securing Marriages Through Blockchain Technology

February 25, 2018
The place we are living in today is a technology driven world. One such technological advancement is Bitnation’s Blockchain technology. Earlier its focus was on financial sectors but now it is being used to spread love as well. Bitnation, the world’s first decentralise public ledger is now feat...

Arizona is ready to Accept Tax Payments in Cryptocurrencies

February 25, 2018
The Arizona Council has approved a bill that will permit residents to pay their income taxes by using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies through the state’s profits authorities. Accepting payment of income tax in cryptocurrency has deep symbolic and practical importance. Historically, the usage of governmen...

“Blockchain Can Modernize the World,” Says Kim Dong-Yeon, Korean Finance Minister

February 25, 2018
“Blockchain technical school would change the world,” says Kim Dong-yeon, South Korea’s government minister. He has emphasized the significance of blockchain technology while he was in talks with the chief of China’s central bank in context to having cooperative economic policies. In fact, he has further s...

Singapore Airlines On-Board With Blockchain Technology

February 25, 2018
The Singapore Airlines is planning to use the blockchain technology to give its frequent passengers a new and different way to make use of reward points they have earned by flying on their airlines. This company will be the first one to use this technology in the field of airlines. Blockchain-based Wallet ...

Blockchain-Based Smart Cities: Foundation Of Smart Nation

February 17, 2018
Smart cities are taking advantage of modern technology to enhance infrastructure function and safety, and improve things like traffic and air quality. The business of becoming a smart city is booming, and almost every large municipality has embraced this smart city concept. Singapore’s Smart Nation Project...

The state of Maharashtra extend their hands to the Blockchain Technology

February 16, 2018
State of Maharashtra is exploring and experimenting with the revolutionary blockchain technology to enhance good governance. Blockchain can be considered as a secure storage space or a decentralized digital ledger in which data, transactions and much more are recorded chronologically. Any changes made to t...

BNSF Railways Joins Blockchain In Transportation Alliance

February 15, 2018
BNSF Railway, the rail transportation plus Logistics Firm owned through Warren Buffett’s firm Berkshire Hathaway, has been revealed as the newest associate of the Blockchain in Transportation Alliance. The alliance, which understand firms across the transportation segment working in teamwork to grow underl...

Microsoft’s Blockchain – Manage your Digital Identity More Securely

February 15, 2018
Microsoft has announced that they have plans to use the blockchain technology as a base for processing and storing digital identity data. The blockchain has great potential beyond its application in cryptocurrencies, and now Microsoft is going to step in to explore its potential. Blockchain can be consider...

Austrian Energy Supplier Testing Blockchain-Based Products

February 15, 2018
Austria’s biggest energy supplier is testing a variety of blockchain use cases in product trading, which would then be integrated into their services. The blockchain is an incessantly rising distributed database of records, which stock transaction or additional data, making use of cryptography to link and ...

Blockchain for Football betting – Benicoin Is Your Answer

February 15, 2018
Football betting has most certainly been an integral part of sports fandom and culture. While people would invest their time and energy hoping to win some cash by predicting the course of a match, some have won extravagant money; the internet revolution has made it possible to generate astounding returns f...

Unilever Demands Transparency In Digital Advertisement

February 14, 2018
Unilever’s chief marketing officer, Keith Weed, in his speech at Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership Summit, at Palm Desert, California, made their stance on lack of transparency in digital ad supply chain. As it has now become a customer issue and “…they do care abou...

Arizona-based RealBlock Introduced Blockchain In Real Estate Industry

February 12, 2018
Recently, RealBlock, one of the leading Arizona-based real estate blockchain companies confirmed the information about the incorporation of RealBlock’s blockchain enterprise. With this new establishment, the company aims to use blockchain in the real estate industry, which is very much transaction heavy. M...

Australian based InQ Innovation partners with Indian Blockchain Council

February 12, 2018
After the Indian Government took steps to introduce the blockchain technology to provide the students of IITs with digital certificates, there is hope that we can see the blockchain being utilized by more organizations. A center was opened in Kochin, Kerala by the InQ which is an Australian based innovatio...

Students In India To Get Tamper-Proof Certificates Thanks To Blockchain

February 10, 2018
The Government of India is taking necessary steps to launch its first blockchain project with tamperproof digital degree certificates. The government is aiming to provide degree certificates which are tamper proof, starting with the students who are to graduate in 2019. The blockchain can be defined as a s...