Journalist (Blockchain News)

Journalist (Blockchain News)

August 28, 2018 Editor's Desk
Editor's DeskBlockchain Magazine is an independent platform mainly focused on news and stories related to blockchain and other decentralized technologies. We are committed to deliver and present a reliable and true picture of blockchain framework.
Department: Editor Team
Project Location(s): Mumbai, MH (India)
Education: Bachelor Degree
Compensation: INR 3-3.6 Lacs P.A

Blockchain Magazine™ is searching for a journalist to assist extend its market-leading blockchain coverage across the world.
Ideal candidates would live in Mumbai. (If you’re not in Mumbai but desires to have a journalist
stint, share your exclusive news with us. Same would be posted on the website once approved by
the editorial team)


  • Have a passion for technology and finance (and fintech innovations like blockchain)
  • Enjoy researching compelling stories, interviewing the influencers behind them and searching down leads and live for the joys of the inside track.
  • You’re conjointly diligent and overzealous concerning correct news and precise copywriting.

Role Description and Eligibility

The role:

You will be accountable for-

  • Analysis and deep news for news items printed on our website.
  • Attending and news at events, conferences and alternative trade conferences.
  • Building relationships with and interviewing relevant influencers and corporations.
  • Supporting 24-hour coverage of the bitcoin and blockchain trade.


  • Deep knowledge of platforms: past-experience producing content for the web (blogging, Facebook, Twitter).
  • Experience: 1-3 years as a journalist (professionally or at the college level)
  • Flexibility and curiosity: we’ve got a lean, mean team that always has to work collaboratively to accomplish bigger goals.