Bitcoin News

Delhi Digital Thali becomes first Indian restaurant to accept cryptocurrency

With the world moving towards digitalization and adopting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, restaurants are not ready to stay behind ...
July 18, 2022

Digital Yuan is One Step Closer to Alipay

Several Chinese news outlets, including those owned by the government, reported that users of the Alipay app can now use the Ch...
July 13, 2022

Nornickel Partners with Battery Producer Johnson Matthey

Nornickel, the world’s most significant palladium, and high-grade nickel manufacturer, has partnered with Johnson Matthey...
July 12, 2022

How To Store Bitcoin On MetaMask?

For distributed applications powered by Ethereum, MetaMask is a well-known wallet (DApps). The largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin ...
July 12, 2022

IBM and Mitsui Chemicals Promotes a Good Economy with Blockchain

Mitsui Chemicals and IBM Japan have collaborated to investigate blockchain technology to recycle plastics. The cornerstone of a...

How do Spacechains work in Bitcoin world?

Thinking of spacechains as a way to scale Bitcoin and add new features is not new. Before Satoshi vanished, sidechains and merg...
July 8, 2022

20 Cool Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s value continues to grow along with its popularity. For a long time, it was viewed as a currency people used for...
July 8, 2022

Why reusing Bitcoin Address can lead to private key theft?

What is Bitcoin Address? Similar to sending and getting mail through a mailbox, you must be able to send and receive your funds...
July 7, 2022

5 Ways to Use Bitcoin to Purchase Video Games

You may now pay for a variety of goods and services without using your traditional cash. You can now shop for your favorite pro...
July 6, 2022

The glow of American Independence by Bitcoin security

To help finance World War II, our government dispatched combat veterans to towns around the nation to sell war bonds. They woul...
July 6, 2022