Vienna University to spearhead Multi-Blockchain transfer system

In a first, Vienna University of technology is partnering with a cryptocurrency trading platform based out of Austria, Bitpanda...
March 10, 2018

Monero Simplified! Everything You Need to Know About Monero

Features of Monero Emphasises on transaction anonymity Decentralized: totally decentralized platform Max supply is 18.4 million...
November 4, 2017

Cryptocurrency IOTA Simplified! Everything To Know About IOTA

Features of IOTA: Developed for IoT devices Doesn’t use conventional blockchain technology No miners The speed of the platform ...
November 4, 2017

What Is Bitcoin? Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency on the planet! It is a virtual currency made by a n anonymous creator/creators who g...
November 4, 2017

Who are miners? Everything You Need To Know About Miners

Miners can be defined as accountants who record every transaction to the blockchain. The concept is simple, proof of payment is...
November 4, 2017

How does the bitcoin blockchain work? The simplified version!

Blockchain is the underlying technology on which Bitcoin is developed. The blockchain technology was first proposed in a whitep...
November 4, 2017