Brazil’s Regulators Launch Blockchain Platform for Data Sharing!

Brazil has launched a blockchain platform that will enable its three central market regulators to bestow information seamlessly...
April 6, 2020

Dutch Government Will Utilize Blockchain Technology to Battle Coronavirus!

The Dutch government, in a unique initiative, may utilize blockchain technology to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The technol...
March 31, 2020

UAE Embraces Blockchain Technology and Digital Identity to Fight Covid-19!

In light of the continuous coronavirus pandemic, the UAE’s MCOD (Ministry of Community Development) has shifted to utilizing di...
March 27, 2020

UN Praises Ant Financials and M-Pesa for Fighting Against COVID19!

Last week, the United Nations, in a monthly newsletter, listed Ant Finan...
March 27, 2020

South Korean Government To Expedite Blockchain Development In The Nation

The Ministry of South Korea, Science and ICT are preparing to implement innovative public services based on blockchain technolo...
January 20, 2020

Russia On The Verge Of Passing Crypto Regulation By The Year End

Russia’s cryptocurrency bill seems to be slowly moving forward, an official has hinted what may lie ahead once the legislation ...
June 26, 2019

Blockchain is the hot topic in making all government policies

The blockchain technology is all set to alter the norms of our society; the future holds days that seem next to impossible or m...
October 8, 2018

Criminals Be Warned – Blockchain Is Watching You

The innovations in the technological field have always aimed for the upliftment of our society!  It is for our great importance...
September 19, 2018

U.S. Government Allocated Funds For Blockchain Research

The distributive ledger technologies (DLTs) are the future of human civilization. The blockchain which is a subset of DLTs has ...
August 24, 2018

NITI Aayog Plans to Use Blockchain to Remove Logjams in Courts

In his address to the International Blockchain Congress, Amitabh Kant, CEO of Niti Aayog, the policy think-tank of the Indian G...
August 6, 2018