Metaverse News

The future of marketing in the world of Metaverse

The metaverse is the latest version of social media’s evolution, which is moving at a rapid pace. The metaverse, a virtua...
April 25, 2022

Identifying the essential components of Metaverse

People are particularly interested in learning about the metaverse’s capabilities and potential threats. With similar que...
April 22, 2022

Is Metaverse a fertile ground for future architects?

Extended reality (VR, AR, and BCI) technologies are gaining traction as metaverse computing platforms. The term “metavers...
April 21, 2022

Three technologies that will shape the future of the metaverse – and human experience

In 2021, the term ‘metaverse’ began to be widely used, igniting a passionate global debate about what it means, whe...
April 21, 2022

The’metaverse’ is a new utopian boondoggle for tech billionaires

Look at all of our internet billionaires attempting to flee the world to absolve themselves of accountability for their nefario...
April 21, 2022

Can the Metaverse Help Live Sports More?

The rules of sporting games haven’t changed much over time, but how we consume and interact with them has. Then there was...
April 20, 2022

AI, VR, AR, 5G, and blockchain can build a mega metaverse

There are a number of technological developments that might lead to the creation of a metaverse. The most recent advancements i...
April 19, 2022

Web 3.0 Metaverse Innovations: A New Wave

The metaverse is poised to transform how we interact with the digital world. Big tech has been quite loud about the potential a...
April 19, 2022

Top 5 Metaverse Coins Using Solana Blockchain Technology

The development of metaverse platforms relies heavily on blockchain technology. It enables the metaverse’s required decen...
April 19, 2022

Understanding the Metaverse Race

The uproar over Facebook’s sudden rebranding to Meta has demonstrated that the twenty-first century’s biggest techn...
April 19, 2022