Witness The Evolution Of Logistics With Shipchain

A future where making transport and logistics more effective, secure and transparent by implementing blockchain solutions is wh...
September 11, 2019

This Blockchain Startup Holds The Key to The Future of Banking Sector

BABB claims that there will be a time when we no longer have to rely on banks. How? With BABB! So what exacty is BABB doing? We...
September 9, 2019

Leveraging Industrial Internet of Data Using Blockchain

Developing blockchain solutions to leverage industrial internet of data is what this Reno, Nevada-based startup Filament does. ...
September 9, 2019

Buying Property Is No Longer A Tedious Task With Propy’s Smart Blockchain Solution

Real estate is changing at a rapid pace as buyers and sellers want property deals to close quicker. And it is honestly not too ...
September 6, 2019

Shopping Online Using Bitcoin Is Now Better And Easier With Lolli

Using cryptocurrency to shop is something we have heard of before but Lolli is quite unique because it’s the very first bitcoin...
September 6, 2019

CHOON To Disrupt Music Labels​ With Its Blockchain-Based Platform!

This is the age of giving and receiving! No one in any industry does something selflessly and by not expecting something in ret...
September 5, 2019

Futuristic Transformation Of Insurance Market Is What This Blockchain Startup Aims For!

The world’s 1st ever marketplace for tradable insurance policies is what FidentiaX and it aims to create a repository of ...
September 5, 2019

Omisego Is Working For The Formation Of Digitalized Economy

With the belief that having access to financial services can create economic opportunities was built OmiseGo.  A mobile ph...
September 3, 2019

No Need For An Insurance Company With This Blockchain Startup!

Blockchain has taken over the world by helping different industries with its ultimate, secure solutions. Was replacing insuranc...
September 3, 2019

How Safechain Is Disrupt Age-Old Methods Of Property Transactions?

With the idea of keeping property transactions seamless and completed within a matter of seconds came together with a team for ...
August 30, 2019