Women In Blockchain

The Sheer Amount Of Brainpower That’s Directed Toward Blockchain Projects Right Now Makes It An Exciting Space

“The sheer amount of brainpower and effort that’s being directed toward blockchain projects right now makes it an exciting spac...
July 10, 2018

Meet The Women Of The Blockchain: Kathrine Olson

“We are making the blockchain accessible to everyone. Not to mention, we’re also demonstrating the contribution women have made...
July 9, 2018

“Beware of Elitism In the Industry” 13 Insider Tips With Alicia Ferratusco, Co-Founder of Starfish

“Elitism in the industry. Blockchain needs to be accessible to the wider public. We can’t be guarded off from the rest of the e...
June 26, 2018

“Beware Of The Potential For A Single Currency” 13 Insider Tips With Crystal Stranger, Co-Founder Of PeaCounts

Crystal Stranger: “ I personally don’t think this will ever happen, but the idea of just one currency, even a decentralized one...
June 25, 2018

Meet The Women Of The Blockchain: Intel’s Camille Morhardt

Camille Morhardt : “One thing I’m passionate about is advocating for inclusion and people embracing one another. I co-chair Int...
June 24, 2018

Meet The Women of The Blockchain: Nicole Boyar Founder of Rare Species and CMO of shEOS

Nicole Boyar – “Our company is a female founded, female led company with a powerful mission, beyond our role as a B...
June 23, 2018

13 Blockchain Insider Tips With Maria Eagleton, co-founder of ChargaCard

“Every day we receive dozens of requests from people who are literally screaming for help, the millions of Americans living pay...
June 14, 2018

Meet The Woman Of The Blockchain: Sarah Austin

“I (Sarah Austin) would love to sit down with Google CEO Sundar Pichai who said AI is “one of the most important things that hu...
June 14, 2018