Blockchain Magazine


This edition of blockchain magazine gives an end to end framework of blockchain technology in the most lucid manner. This magazine incorporates expert opinions and insights to give a profound understanding of blockchain.


Topics Covered

  • Beat the Buzz- An Introduction of Blockchain Technology
  • Welcome to Blocknesia- A simple illustration of Blockchain Technology
  • Understanding of Ledgers and Hash Function
  • Top 5 cryptocurrencies in the World
  • ICOs- An Unexplored Territory
  • Blockchain Simplified by Simon Cocking (Editor in Chief- CCN)
  • Top 5 Blockchain Myths Busted

The First Ever Magazine Devoted to Blockchain Technology.

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  • Top Blockchain Events
  • Is Blockchain Regulated or Disorganized
  • Use Cases of Blockchain Technology in key industries (current problems, blockchain model and related startups). Industries covered include: Trade Finance, Crowdfunding, International Payments, Market Forecasting, Insurance, Big Data, Cyber Security, Cannabis, Diamond Industry, Anti-Money Laundering, Customer Verification- KYC, Legal Management, Anti-Counterfeiting, Social Media, Music & Entertainment, Healthcare and Ride Sharing Services
  • “Blockchain for Social Impact” by Dr. Jane Thomason (CEO- Abt Associates, Australia
  • Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development- BFS

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