Women In Blockchain

International Women’s Day 2022: The Role Of Women In The Blockchain Industry

Almost everyone you encounter in your daily life has something to contribute to the bigger picture. Nothing, however, compares ...
March 17, 2022

BFF, A new online community for crypto curious women

There’s no shame in being perplexed by cryptocurrency if not downright terrified. NFTs, Web3 and blockchain appeared out of now...
February 15, 2022

Blockchain World Needs More Women Leadership in Startup

Blockchain technologies are not gender-neutral. Women are underrepresented in the industry, with less than 5% of women in block...
February 15, 2022

Women in the crypto world transforming the industry

It’s been observed that women leave corporate jobs twice as much as men. This is because the culture in the workplace ten...
February 11, 2022

Crypto World – A high rise community of Blockchain Women Investors

More women are now becoming interested in various facets of the blockchain and crypto industries, from trading to developing to...
February 10, 2022

Here are 10 Leading Women in the Blockchain Space

These days, it is not only men who are making strides in blockchain but also women who are making significant contributions and...
June 3, 2021

In Conversation With Nena Vuckovic, CEO At TheBlockBox

We had the pleasure of interviewing Nena Vuckovic, CEO at TheBlockBox. Nena is an expert and thought leader on the blockchain t...
December 26, 2019

In Conversation with Yaliwe Soko Chairwoman UABA

We had the pleasure of interviewing Yaliwe Soko. Ms. Soko is one of the very few African women to be fully involved in the Bloc...
September 25, 2019

In Conversation with Jillian Godsil Founder Blockleaders

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jillian Godsil. She is a Blockchain Advocate, Founder, Conference Chair, Women in Blockchai...
September 12, 2019

In Conversation with Women In Blockchain Rhian Lewis

We had the pleasure of interviewing Rhian Lewis. Rhian Lewis is a software engineer who is the co-developer of altcoin portfoli...
September 11, 2019