Why Nhash is Leading in Generating Passive Income for Investors?

As crypto mining becomes more difficult, cloud mining is now a much sought after option for investors to make passive income without having to participate directly. Nhash, the largest cloud mining company and also one of the most profitable, is leading in making this possible. This is due to some features ...

A Crypto-Mining Botnet Uses Taylor Swift’s Image To Hide Malware Files

A cryptocurrency-mining botnet is affecting computers with an image of Taylor Swift to expand its malware as extensively as possible. The operators of MyKingz, contrarily identified as ‘Smominru,’ ‘DarkCloud,’ or ‘Hexmen,’ are leveraging steganography, a method that allo...

Core Scientific Launches Hosting Facility With The Help Of Blockchain

Famous Artificial Intelligence and blockchain firm, Core Scientific, has launched a world-class blockchain hosting facility in Calvert City, Kentucky. As per a press release by the company on November 12, 2019, the new facility will develop a lot of high-technology and construction jobs for the masses. ...

Masternode Mining To Soon Replace Bitcoin Mining With Maccplus

The rebirth of Korea’s first mining method mac coin and the pop coin is what MaccPlus (MACCP) Coin is. The experience of operating with mac coin and the pop coin has eventually led to the development of Mac Plus took place. Bitcoin mining has its disadvantages, and master node mining makes up for it. These

Words of Wisdom With Hugh Naylor Co-founder Crypto Revolution

“The process of creating new Bitcoin, known as mining, uses a wildly unsustainable amount of energy. It poses a threat to the environment. But Bitcoin Green is innovating a form of mining that requires far less energy than the dominant methods. I firmly believe that Bitcoin Green is doing the kind of work ...

Are you aware! Top 3 cryptocurrencies that cannot be mined!

You may think that all cryptos can be mined after hearing about the past success stories of Bitcoin mining. But one major piece of information you should understand is that mining is a process that can only be done if the blockchain supports it. There are cryptocurrencies out there that can’t be mined at all.
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