Securitize Accquires BUIDL to Facilitate its Expansion in Japan

December 9, 2019
‘Securitize,’ a platform that helps companies tokenize assets and securities, just declared that it had acquired ‘BUIDL,’ a Japan-based blockchain consultancy firm that helps businesses establish a foothold in the crypto industry. This acquisition is Securitize’s attempt to fa...

Bank of China Issues 20 Billion Yuan To SME’S

December 9, 2019
The Bank of China has issued $2.8B for Small and Medium Enterprises(SME) utilizing blockchain technology amidst the broad adoption of technology in the country. ‘Bank of China,’ one of the four largest commercial banks in the country, has provided 20 billion yuan ($2.8 billion) to SME’s i...

2019, A ‘Not So Good Year’ For Crypto & Blockchain Industry

December 9, 2019
The crypto and blockchain industry has had a not-so-great 2019 in India and abroad due to a lack of desirable regulations and unfriendly central banks. Yet, things may vary in the upcoming years, say experts. The year started with shutdowns of cryptocurrency exchanges and layoffs. Although with global gian...

Blockchain Is A Fast-Evolving​ Technology In China

December 7, 2019
‘Forkast Insights,’ the research arm of ‘Asia-based Forkast,’ took an in-depth, extensive look at how blockchain technology is integrated in China. Forkast Insights conferred its first report on Dec.5, on how blockchain is implemented by the Chinese government and companies across t...
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