Crypto website launches new bitcoin affiliate program.

February 9, 2019
Website, the biggest bitcoin merchandise website on the web, has recently announced the launch of its new bitcoin affiliate program. The bitcoin affiliate program offers a 10% commission, calculated on the total order value, whenever a referral makes a purchase. “A lot of crypto content cr...

The Rise Of Smart Securities And Private Blockchains

February 4, 2019
The offerings of digitized securities are expanding rapidly. In January, I attended Atomic Capital’s Digital Asset event, at which they announced a partnership with Agenus a Biotech company, offering a digital security around a drug in clinical trials. The initial asset to be tokenized is the future US ass...

Build a Blockchain PoC Application using Hyperledger Fabric

January 24, 2019
This piece is about my experience in creating a blockchain PoC application for land and title recording on blockchain leveraging Hyperledger Fabric (HF) blockchain platform. It may benefit those who just got started on HF or intend to learn it and for those who are already experienced in HF it may offer an...

Blockchain Possibilities for SupplyChain Management

January 8, 2019
The blockchain technology has been making headlines lately. This is the same technology that fuels cryptocurrencies top among them Bitcoin. Many people might be familiar with Bitcoin but not with the technology behind them. That is soon to change because the blockchain technology is infiltrating every area...
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