What Is A Blockchain Wallet?

October 17, 2019
A digital wallet for managing Bitcoin and Ether is what Blockchain wallet originally is. The wallet is provided by the Blockchain technology itself.  Blockchain wallet helps you manage balances of the two most popular cryptocurriencies, Blockchain wallet helps you create your own E-wallet for free, yo...

How The Public Sector Can Be Transformed By Blockchain In The Future?

October 17, 2019
The future of public sector can go Blockchain in the following ways: Blockchain helps in securing data-  Cyberattack is nothing new, we all have heard cases on it before. Any organization that carries a large amount of personal data is at the risk of being cyberattacked. With blockchain, more and...

Can Blockchain be Hacked?

October 17, 2019
The blockchain itself won’t be hacked. There is a misunderstanding when there are hacks taking place on cryptocurrency exchange; those are considered as blockchain hacking issues, which they should be not. The vulnerability that results in hacks taking place is because of the core idea of centralization. I...

The 2nd Largest Bank In US, Bank OF America Is Keen On Hiring Blockchain Experts

October 16, 2019
The second-largest U.S. bank has started hiring for blockchain positions. The job openings that appeared in recent months clearly indicate that Bank of America has plans set ahead for the future of its operations using the power of Blockchain technology. This hiring decision comes after 78 blockchain-relat...
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