Top 3 metaverse coins to look out for in 2021

Metaverse, a term used to refer to a virtual universe, has gained momentum after Facebook rebranded itself as Meta. The term br...
December 1, 2021

4JNet Set To Launch On 1st December 2021, Set The Record Straight For The NFT Industry

4JNet Team is pleased to update its community about its platform launch on 1st December 2021, with the rise in troublesome proj...
November 26, 2021

Top Secrets to Reduce Risk on Your Crypto Investments

You would not be true to yourself if you would say that you have not been intrigued by the cryptocurrency concept. In the last ...
November 25, 2021

How NFT technology is changing the way we live and space

The NFT market, which is growing rapidly, is disrupting various industries, including real estate. NFTs are changing the future...
November 25, 2021

How Blockchain Technology is Changing the Way We Vote

November 29, 2021
Blockchain is a technology that was originally designed to manage Bitcoin transactions. Now, it is being used to provide a tamper-proof voting system. This would be the first time in history where votes are recorded without being tampered or altered. The technology was proposed by Dr. David Chaum in 1980s,...

A Decentralized Approach to Asset Management

November 22, 2021
Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize how people manage their money. The disruptive nature of blockchain is being felt across finance, banking, and other industries. This section will be about Decentralized Financial Asset Management. Blockchain technology has the potential to revolution...

The Future of the Metaverse is Here – What Does it Mean for Your Business?

November 21, 2021
The Metaverse is a digital space that is multidimensional and immersive. It is a shared virtual space where people can interact with other individuals and objects in a 3D environment. The future of the metaverse has arrived, and it’s going to change the way we live, work, and play in ways we can’t ev...

How Blockchain Can Transform Marketing and Advertising?

November 19, 2021
What is Blockchain? A blockchain is a digital ledger that provides a secure way to store data. The data are stored in blocks that are linked together with cryptography. A blockchain is made up of two parts: the block which stores the data, and the chain which links it to other blocks. The block contains

Blockchain Technology in the Diamond Industry- How it is Making an Impactful Difference

November 17, 2021
Blockchain technology has made significant advancements in recent years. It’s beginning to be used across industries for various purposes, one of these being diamonds. Blockchain is likely to disrupt the diamond industry by increasing transparency and therefore trust among market players. The te...
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The stance of top countries towards crypto regulations

November 24, 2021
The crypto regulations of the world are a topic that is relatively new to the world. With more and more countries around the world starting to develop their own regulations, it is worth taking a look at what each country has to say about this topic. In most countries, cryptocurrency exchanges are required ...

The Complete Guide to Bitcoin Mining And How It Works

November 3, 2021
Mining is the process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, known as the blockchain. It also means generating new coins. Mining has been used as a metaphor for computer programming, because it shares some of its characteristics. The first miner who solves the puzzle, gets to pu...

U.S. should do the ‘exact opposite’ of China on crypto: Venture Capitalist Katie Haun

October 4, 2021
The U.S. should look to China for what not to do when it comes to regulating the crypto industry, according to Katie Haun, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz.   “This is an opportunity for the United States because we should be doing the exact opposite in my mind in this realm of what China is

Indian banks impose bans on crypto transactions; traders put off

September 23, 2021
Indian banks have been imposing bans on crypto exchanges over the last few months. India’s largest lender, State Bank of India, has blocked crypto exchanges from receiving funds via its UPI platform. The bank has also asked payment processors to disable their UPI on their platforms as well.   SB...
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