How to Use Basic Machine Learning to Predict and Recommend NFTs with Open Sea Data?

Data-driven, algorithmic product recommendations are all over the place. In introductory machine-learning classes, they are fre...
June 18, 2021

Are NFTs Giving Us Another Sign of a Financial Bubble in 2021?

In just two years, the market for non-fungible tokens (NFT) has increased by nearly tenfold, with a projected value of $340 mil...
June 18, 2021

NFTs is Proving to be a New Source of Revenue for Businesses

In recent years, technology has advanced at breakneck speed. Blockchain is one area that has seen some of the most rapid advanc...
June 18, 2021

Is Your NFT Really Secured by Global Intellectual Property Law

It is an indisputable fact that NFTs are everywhere, but the genuine concern is how does NFT fit in existing regulations.  What...
June 17, 2021

Are you an Entrepreneur? This technology will be a game changer for you.

June 16, 2021
Blockchain will help small firms and entrepreneurs compete with big firms in the future by lowering costs and boosting Transparency and trust with customers. According to Gartner, Blockchain is the second most disruptive technology in the future years, after artificial intelligence and machine learning. Fr...

How Blockchain Is Transforming Next Wave of Digital Marketing

June 16, 2021
The Blockchain is a relatively new technology that revolutionized the way digital data is stored and disseminated. In digital marketing, Blockchain ensures that monetary and data transactions are transparent, secure, and accessible. It can improve digital marketing for consumers while also allowing corpora...

5 Most Popular Blockchain Tools in 2021

June 11, 2021
Blockchain is the fastest-growing skill on Upwork, according to the Q2 2018 Skills Index. After the great success of Bitcoin, every sector now wants a piece of the pie (it’s Blockchain!). After all, Blockchain technology is an exciting field with a lot of room for innovation. As a result, skilled Blo...

Good News! Now you can also make Money With Blockchain

June 10, 2021
Do you want to understand how to generate money using blockchain technology? It’s easier than most people imagine because of its decentralized structure. And, even better news, you won’t have to invest your entire life savings in Bitcoin to profit from the blockchain. Due to its constantly fluc...

8 Popular Cryptocurrencies you should Invest in 2021

June 10, 2021
Every day, cryptocurrency makes headlines, and it was recently all over the news due to a large market drop following China’s prohibition on cryptocurrency use. When the news broke, all cryptos turned red and have since slowly recovered. Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency, fell more than 23% t...
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Masternode Mining To Soon Replace Bitcoin Mining With Maccplus

October 13, 2019
The rebirth of Korea’s first mining method mac coin and the pop coin is what MaccPlus (MACCP) Coin is. The experience of operating with mac coin and the pop coin has eventually led to the development of Mac Plus took place. Bitcoin mining has its disadvantages, and master node mining makes up for it. These

Japan the torchbearer of crypto regulations

August 11, 2018
History makes it very evident that Japan has always been open to innovations and experimenting with it. For the last two centuries, many of the technological advancements and innovations have come up from there. Japan has managed to steal the limelight when it comes to crypto regulations. Being very open t...

Meet The Women of The Blockchain: Nicole Boyar Founder of Rare Species and CMO of shEOS

June 23, 2018
Nicole Boyar – “Our company is a female founded, female led company with a powerful mission, beyond our role as a Block Producer on the EOS blockchain. With blockchain we are building a whole new universe and we have the opportunity to break the mold, and to address some of the imbalances, out-...

In Conversation with Jillian Godsil Founder Blockleaders

September 12, 2019
We had the pleasure of interviewing Jillian Godsil. She is a Blockchain Advocate, Founder, Conference Chair, Women in Blockchain Advocate, Keynote Speaker, Crypto Journalist, Broadcaster, CEO, Writer, Homelessness Advocate, Former European Parliament Candidate, Law Changer, Mother, Choir Member, Hill Walke...
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