How Blockchain and NFTs are changing the world of gaming industry

Blockchain has not just changed the way we think about currency. It also has created a new kind of digital asset – Non-Fu...
October 19, 2021

Why is Mastercard bringing cryptocurrencies onto its network?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming a more and more important part of the payments world day by day. Mastercard also saw this playing...
October 18, 2021

Is Cryptocurrency a Good Investment?

As the cryptocurrency market starts to boom again, it is a good time to ask this question again, if cryptocurrency is a good in...
October 15, 2021

Ravendex, A Cardano-Based Project, Releases its DEX Demo, to start with Tokens Sales soon

Ravendex, a new Cardano project has made a demo version of its first decentralized exchange, having features like Swap Pools, L...
October 15, 2021

The Anatomy of Blockchain in Healthcare

October 12, 2021
In the existing healthcare system, data is stored in fragmented silos with private or personal data storage systems that cannot interconnect with each other. Not only do segregated networks create a barrier for the patient to obtain global healthcare but it also allows for mismanagement and theft of data. ...

Blockchain is Unstoppable, Says Alexander Mamasidikov of MinePlex

October 11, 2021
A decade ago, practically no one could have predicted that blockchain technology would reach its current heights. The novel technology which has been propelled onto the global stage by its most famous offering, cryptocurrency, has successfully seen use in many facets of human life, including supply chains ...

Banks that have the most investments in cryptocurrency and blockchain companies

October 9, 2021
55% of the world’s 100 leading banks by assets under management are investing either directly or indirectly in companies related to digital currencies and blockchain. According to analytics company Blockdata, 13 of the world’s largest banks are pushing roughly $3 billion in funding so far into ...

Facebook & Instagram outages expose the pain points of Centralized identity systems

October 7, 2021
Active users of social media recently faced a massive slump when Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp recently shut down on 4th October 2021. The downtime for the Facebook servers which run Instagram and Whatsapp also lasted a few hours and billions of users were left stranded. Besides the glitch in the norma...

MakerDAO CEO Issues Strong Plea to Help Fix Climate Change

October 6, 2021
The world is constantly battling one of its biggest crises, which is climate change, and leaders around the world are combining forces to seek a way to address this grave danger posing the entire human race. Crypto giant Rune Christensen and the founder of MakerDAO, believe he has a great tool to assist in...
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U.S. should do the ‘exact opposite’ of China on crypto: Venture Capitalist Katie Haun

October 4, 2021
The U.S. should look to China for what not to do when it comes to regulating the crypto industry, according to Katie Haun, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz.   “This is an opportunity for the United States because we should be doing the exact opposite in my mind in this realm of what China is

Indian banks impose bans on crypto transactions; traders put off

September 23, 2021
Indian banks have been imposing bans on crypto exchanges over the last few months. India’s largest lender, State Bank of India, has blocked crypto exchanges from receiving funds via its UPI platform. The bank has also asked payment processors to disable their UPI on their platforms as well.   SB...

Siblings aged 14 and 9 make over $30k per month mining crypto

September 16, 2021
Ishaan Thakur (14) and Aanya Thakur (9) started their own cryptocurrency mining company Flifer Technologies in April. After setting up the company with the help of their father, Manish Raj, the two siblings made thousands over the summer. With their profits, they plan to reinvest in the business but also h...

India’s approach towards Crypto Regulations: All you need to know

September 12, 2021
Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance Jayant Sinha said during an online event that the government of  India would take a distinctive approach towards regulation of cryptocurrencies in India that will be different from the western markets. This statement comes amid uncertainty am...
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