Alibaba Group and ABBC Foundation reach worldwide settlement for Alibabacoin trademark

After a long dispute over trademarks, ABBC Foundation issue an announcement. Here is the statement that they released today: “A...
March 12, 2019

AZ FundChain – When Crowdfunding Met Blockchain

Blockchain technology is beyond finance or cryptocurrency as the world has already started finding ways to exploit this technol...
March 4, 2019

If You’re Supposed to Buy Low and Sell High, Why Aren’t More People Investing in Crypto?

I was having lunch with a friend a while back and the topic of investment came up. He had a full time job but was also an activ...
March 1, 2019

Why Some People Still Don’t Get Crypto

Cryptocurrency is literally at the intersection of a lot of contentious topics — history, politics, technology, money. Take tha...
February 27, 2019
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Breaking the Barriers – How Blockchain Can Make You Healthier and Richer

December 12, 2018
Is private and secure healthcare a crisis of modernity? The cost of seeing a doctor experiences significant increases yearly, baring many from realizing the benefits of modern medicine. In 1970, the expense per person for health care was $355, and in 2016 $10,348.  A community burdened by rising cost, debt...

NITI Aayog Plans to Use Blockchain to Remove Logjams in Courts

August 6, 2018
In his address to the International Blockchain Congress, Amitabh Kant, CEO of Niti Aayog, the policy think-tank of the Indian Government, recently announced their intention of using blockchain to solve logjams in courts. He says, “It’s [blockchain] powerful because it allows multiple parties to...

Blockchain revolutionises tracking of false insurance claims

October 4, 2018
The multi-trillion dollar insurance industry hasn’t been a new idea for our society. The insurance companies benefit from the premium they get while the policyholder gets coverage of his loss at the time of need. But the centuries-old insurance industry is expensive, slow, and fraud-prone. It takes a...

“Blockchain won’t witness 1,000-times growth again” says Vitalik Buterin

September 19, 2018
Change is the law of nature, and our word is continuously changing with the advancements in technology. These technologies have both positive and negative impact on us. But most of the time, the idea is the upliftment of our society and the functioning of organizations more transparent and lucid. With the ...

Google reCaptcha And Blockchain, A Good Mix?

July 31, 2018
The advent of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has flooded the internet with bots, not to mention that more than 28% of them are ‘bad’ or ‘scammy’ bots. There are bots that post unwanted content, spread malicious links, spam fraudulent reviews and engage in sharing undesired or excessive conten...
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