TNC IT Solutions Group To Unite The World Of Cryptocurrency

TNC IT Solution Group has been launched to provide blockchain development and security services to fast developing companies in...
July 15, 2019

Jeffrey Berns Buys A Small Community Bank In Las Vegas

Jeffrey Berns, the eccentric founder of blockchain incubation and investment firm Blockchains.com, purchased a small community ...
July 4, 2019

Goldman Sachs Is Doing “Extensive Research” On Tokenization – CEO

As per the reports, group CEO told France’s Les Echos newspaper that Goldman Sachs is performing “extensive research” on tokeni...
July 4, 2019

Are ICO’s Broken?

ICOs have dominated the cryptocurrency industry for the past three years. They’ve been credited with Ethereum’s growth, a new f...
June 29, 2019
Blue Trading

Blockchain to Ensure Sustainable Development by Promoting Usage of Solar Energy

September 14, 2018
Conservation of energy is very crucial for meeting the goal of sustainable development. It has been predicted by CNBC, that the world will face a shortage of oil supply and other resources by 2020. The blockchain can help us use our electricity efficiently, thus saving our fossil fuels. The need for DLT pl...

Russia On The Verge Of Passing Crypto Regulation By The Year End

June 26, 2019
Russia’s cryptocurrency bill seems to be slowly moving forward, an official has hinted what may lie ahead once the legislation is passed. Local news source Interfax.ru recently reported that Deputy Finance Minister of the country, Alexei Moiseyev told journalists on Friday that among the topics currently b...

Blockchain And The Supply Chain Share a Future Fastened Around Trust

August 23, 2018
According to a growing chorus of business technologists around the world, this emerging blockchain stands poised to revolutionize nearly every industry. Momentum has gathered pace as companies around the world evaluate proofs of concept and pilots using this emerging technology and venture capital investme...
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