Turkish City Konya Is All Set To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

The Smart Cities and Municipalities Congress and Exhibition will be conducted in October 2020 in Konya, and there are ideas for...
January 17, 2020

The Highly Anticipated Indian Cryptocurrency Case Takes A Positive Turn

After a series of postponements, the Indian Crypto vs. Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) case is being overheard by a new 3-judge ben...
January 17, 2020

ThunderCore Restructures Crypto Gaming With Blockchain Applications

ThunderCore has been developing the crypto gaming industry practices with its blockchain-based applications. In current months,...
January 10, 2020

EOS Continues To Decline Post It Raised $ 4 Billion In 2017-2018

In the time between June 2017 and 2018, Block.one raised $4 billion through the sales of its first cryptocurrency, EOS. More th...
January 8, 2020

Why and how future social networks need to be blockchained?

June 23, 2018
It is perhaps a universally known fact that social networks as we know, is about to be reformed. It has been covered here in-depth. A dramatic shift is probably the mildest form in which the coming changes can be defined, as blockchain looks to take over the world. Already disrupting industries and sectors...

How can AI, Blockchain And Machine Learning Go Hand-in-Hand?

October 14, 2018
The last few years have seen exponential growth in new technologies. It seems that the world is now opening up to new ideas and experiments. Exponential technologies are fantastic and can help humanity in a great deal.  Image credit: Mike Quindazzi, Twitter According to the report from PwC, Artificial inte...

4 Promising Blockchain Developments in Australia

December 14, 2018
Australia has become one of the best innovation hubs in the world, as its government is focused on modernizing the economy through technology. Naturally, blockchain is one such technology that the land down under is willingly embracing. While blockchain adoption in general is still slow on the rise, it pay...

Where Can Medical Organizations Use Blockchain?

August 27, 2018
Technology and healthcare go hand-in-hand. Many of the technological advancements have made treatment of fatal diseases accessible to all. The healthcare sector is not limited to just the treatment of patient’s but also maintaining records of birth, death, licenses, certificates, medicines etc. the most im...

TCS Launch A Blockchain-Based Customer Loyalty Platform: Multi-Brand

October 24, 2019
TCS on wednesday took a significant Blockchain move by launching a blockchain-based multi-brand customer loyalty platform by making use of enterprise Corda, the blockchain company R3’s platform. TCS, the IT services provider, wishes to open up a market opportunity to bring in together customer loyalt...
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