Definition of “virtual currency” and technology linked with it

At European level, the definition of “virtual currency”, broadly speaking, was recently introduced through Directiv...
May 27, 2020

Nodle Network Migrates From Stellar to its Own Blockchain Network With its Arcadia Testnet!

Nodle Network, an IOTA (MIOTA) competitor, is in the process of transferring from Stellar (XLM) to its blockchain network with ...
April 5, 2020

As COVID-19 Progresses to a Global Pandemic, Which Currencies are Best?

–iTrust Capital queried more than 1,250 respondents to see– LOS ANGELES, March 25, 2020 – In the face of a global p...
March 26, 2020

Cross-Chain for Stablecoins – Enhancing Crypto Efficiency & Flexibility Within Established Blockchain Ecosystems

Overview Stablecoins hold great potential for advancing blockchain and crypto applications, but first the issue of cross-chain ...
March 12, 2020

BMW is all set to Leverage Blockchain Technology Solution for SCM!

April 1, 2020
Major car manufacturer BMW has declared the proposed roll-out of its blockchain-powered SCM (Supply Chain Management) solution. For beginners, the German automobile heavyweight will leverage the solution with ten of its suppliers originating in 2020. BMW to Embrace Blockchain for SCM and Traceability BMW G...

Coca-Cola Supplychain Firm All Set To Expand Its Blockchain Project

November 6, 2019
The IT firm that runs Coca-Cola’s bottle manufacturing supply chain processes has its eyes set on the power of blockchain technology. Coke One North America (CONA) says its pilot project with software provider SAP is now ready for expansion from two to 70 of the manufacturers that deliver the 160,000 bottl...

Canada Stablecorp Introduces Cryptocurrency Tightened To Canadian Dollar

February 13, 2020
A joint venture between crypto asset manager 3iQ and blockchain developer Mavennet Systems, Canada Stablecorp, has introduced QCAD, a new stablecoin cryptocurrency that is tightened to the Canadian dollar. “We are excited to be creating an important piece of financial market infrastructure for Canada.” Sta...

Can Blockchain make smart cities ‘really’ smart in India?

August 25, 2018
India is on the course of development and it has witnessed growth in every sector since the last decade. One of the important factors in accelerating the slow rate of development in India has been the proper involvement and utilization of technologies. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of digita...
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