Alibaba Group and ABBC Foundation reach worldwide settlement for Alibabacoin trademark

After a long dispute over trademarks, ABBC Foundation issue an announcement. Here is the statement that they released today: “A...
March 12, 2019

AZ FundChain – When Crowdfunding Met Blockchain

Blockchain technology is beyond finance or cryptocurrency as the world has already started finding ways to exploit this technol...
March 4, 2019

If You’re Supposed to Buy Low and Sell High, Why Aren’t More People Investing in Crypto?

I was having lunch with a friend a while back and the topic of investment came up. He had a full time job but was also an activ...
March 1, 2019

Why Some People Still Don’t Get Crypto

Cryptocurrency is literally at the intersection of a lot of contentious topics — history, politics, technology, money. Take tha...
February 27, 2019
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Cryptocurrency is here to bring True Freedom: Steve Bannon

March 9, 2018
A Former aide to the US president is the latest advocate of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Former chief strategist of the United States president Donald Trump and the rabble-rouser for the populist movement, Steve Bannon is endorsing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. According to Steve B...

Blockchain Technology: An Easy Quarry For Cybercriminals

June 19, 2018
Of what benefit is a new blockchain technology for us if it does not suffice to the basic foundation of accepting and adopting the new players. Today’s technological advancements, specifically in Blockchain technology, is reaching immense heights and definitely have stayed in the game for a long time...

Does blockchain deserve this hype?

August 7, 2018
Blockchain has managed to gather much of the attention in the techno world for the last few years. It has been the most debated and discussed topic of the decade and it seems that the corporate world has turned its eyes towards it. The investment in blockchain is surging to a level like never before.

Women Play an Important Role in the Crypto Space: Min Teo

September 11, 2018
Min Teo, Executive Director for strategic initiatives and investments at ConsenSys based in London, UK,  is a well-known woman in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. She has graduated from the University of Toronto- University of Trinity College with a specialization in economics and finance. She was prev...

Can Blockchain Replace SQL Database? Or It is Just An Aberration

August 2, 2018
I was re-listening to a Future Thinkers podcast episode with Vinay Gupta recently and he gave a very different perspective to this bitcoin maximalist rhetoric that I was proverbially sword fencing with the evening prior. It is this difference I want to talk about. SQL Databases When ‘SQL’ was invented in t...
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