Digital Currencies Have to Meet a Need

Confused about cryptocurrency? You aren’t the only one! Last December, Bitcoin hit a record high of $19,783.21 and the to...
September 24, 2018

An A-Z guide on decentralized exchange protocols and their applications

The industry market cap for cryptocurrencies has comfortably crossed the USD 100 billion mark in June of last year. Indicating ...
September 9, 2018

Leadership Lessons From Jason Remillard, President of LandStar, Inc.

“It takes a community”. This phrase is key to much of what I do. I try and express my appreciation for others that are involved...
September 8, 2018

CNBC “Fast Money” Host, Melissa Lee, Explores The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Bitcoin and Crypto In New Documentary

The past year has been an exciting time for investors, experienced and novice. With the emergence of a new asset class, the wor...
September 7, 2018
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How Decentralized Apps Stand to Alter Business Practices

March 23, 2018
Business is not a static environment. Neither is the world that surrounds it. Everything is constantly changing, mutating, and progressing forward. Today, this notion is apparent in the realm of software and app development. Nearly every media publication today is talking about cryptocurrencies such as Bit...

Will Facebook’s Blunder Ignite a “Blockchain of Data Privacy” Movement?

April 13, 2018
Facebook’s failure to prevent vast troves of consumer data from being siphoned off by third parties has received worldwide media attention. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is investigating whether Facebook violated terms of a 2011 settlement when data of up to 50 million users were sent to Cambridge Anal...

Blockchain & IoT: The Internet of Decentralized Autonomous Things

February 27, 2018
Blockchain technology has embraced itself by coalition with some of the current IT trends such as the cloud computing, Internet of Things, cryptography and AI. We can also think of blockchains as a shared infrastructure which is like a utility. If you think about how the current Internet infrastructure is ...

This Technology Can Change The Dynamics of Your Business

January 5, 2018
Blockchain is a very popular concept these days. With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin making the headlines in 2017, Blockchain has gained massive popularity today as it is a technology that powers these digital currencies. As the name suggests, Blockchain is a chain of blocks than contains within itself info...

In Wake of ASIC War, ‘Masternode’ Technology Is Lurking In The Shadows

June 10, 2018
The crypto community has been in outrage for many months after Chinese ASIC manufacturer, Bitmain, announced that it would be accepting orders for the Antminer X3, a $12,000 ASIC that was specifically designed to mine Monero and other cryptocurrencies running the same algorithms. Consequently, companies ar...
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