Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The team at Blockchain Magazine are very stern when it comes to user privacy. Your private credentials and information are handled with utmost importance. To understand our privacy policy; you must first know the details that we collect from our users.

  1. The personal information that you disclose under your own will to enjoy the services and add-on features of this site.
  2. Cookies that we use to track users on our website to improve the overall UI.

Disclosing your Email ID with Blockchain Magazine

We have offers and new content updates on a timely manner. To inform the users of new content updates or website information, we require your Email ID. You can be assured that the details that you give us upon subscription won’t be sold or disclosed to any other entities

Paid Products and Services

The users can subscribe and buy products from your website. The procedure requires the user’s email address and billing options. We pledge to keep your details safe as this information will only be used by third parties who oversee the transaction.

Email newsletters

You can subscribe to regular newsletters which keep you updated on the latest trends on You can choose to unsubscribe to this service from email or the website itself. We do not authorize sell or authorize any third party users to use your email dress.

Changes to privacy

Privacy policies of are subjected to change anytime. Any policy change will be made public, and the change log will be promptly posted on the site. It is advised to visit the site periodically to stay updated on latest privacy policy changes.

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