In Aftermath of E. Coli Outbreak, Walmart Brings Suppliers to the Blockchain

September 26, 2018
On Monday, Walmart announced it’s requiring grocery chain suppliers who provide leafy green vegetables to submit and upload data to the Blockchain through its IBM Food Trust Network by January 31, 2019, and for other suppliers to join by the following September. I was able to speak with Frank Yiannas, Vice...

Blockchain promotes sustainability by reducing carbon emission

September 25, 2018
The world is presently facing great distress as we have mammoth problems like global warming, depletion of resources, expanding world population etc. The aim of innovations should be to eliminate problems from the civilization and provide robust solutions. The blockchain technology can be a stepping stone ...

Transforming the Internet age by using the blockchain-powered phone

September 22, 2018
Currently, the blockchain is the most debatable technology due to its instability. The disruptions caused by blockchain are touching new heights with each growing day. One thing which is inevitable is our future dominated by the use of blockchain and its widespread applications. It was months back when HTC...

Criminals Be Warned – Blockchain Is Watching You

September 19, 2018
The innovations in the technological field have always aimed for the upliftment of our society!  It is for our great importance and benefit that the tremendous potential of the blockchain is getting recognition from the masses. The past few years have witnessed mind-blowing growth in the technology of the ...
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