20 Cool Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s value continues to grow along with its popularity. For a long time, it was viewed as a currency people used for illegal transactions on the dark web. This view quickly changed as many people began investing in cryptocurrency for long-term profit.  It’s easy to forget that it’s a valuable asset an...

Do You Know These World’s Top 5 Bitcoin Millionaires

As of September 2019, Bitcoin is a digital asset and payment system with a market valuation of over $180 billion. Many people consider it to be one of the most popular digital currencies ever developed. So it was only logical that the game-changing cryptocurrency spawned such a diverse—and surprising—field...

Crypto Traders Want Jack of All Trade Platforms and They Just Found One

Crypto trading and blockchain itself, much like every other fintech product in the world, has kept evolving even if most people don’t notice. The standards for a good trading system and platform have changed compared to 2017. There are now new ways to release coins compared to ICOs in the mid-2010s. Even t...
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