Calypso Token: Part Of The Highly-Anticipated Supermoon Ecosystem With An Exclusive NFT Market

Calypso Token: Part Of The Highly-Anticipated Supermoon Ecosystem With An Exclusive NFT Market

September 5, 2021 by Jack Cole
With Visa jumping on the NFT hype it’s no secret that the future of finance is digital. After all, why would one of the world’s largest credit companies make such an investment? We’re seeing the future of money develop right in front of us. Over 100 cryptocurrencies are being released daily, with over 80 cryptocurrencies
Calypso NFT

With Visa jumping on the NFT hype it’s no secret that the future of finance is digital. After all, why would one of the world’s largest credit companies make such an investment? We’re seeing the future of money develop right in front of us. Over 100 cryptocurrencies are being released daily, with over 80 cryptocurrencies now having market capitalizations above $1 billion. But to most people, the market remains something in the background. Something they see on the news every time Bitcoin hits a milestone or Elon talks about Dogecoin. It’s not something they consider to be a real investment.


For most, it’s because they don’t understand the market. It seems too complex from the outside. With words like decentralized, smart chain and oracle being thrown around, you can see why. As for those in the market, the biggest problem is the lack of diversification. Every coin is the same. The same offer. The same big idea. The same promises. It’s all getting a bit mundane. The industry is in desperate need of something new.

Luckily, with demand comes supply and we may have just hit the jackpot. Introducing Calypso- the second token in the Supermoon Lunar System. Calypso is a refreshing change from other upcoming cryptocurrencies. It promises big, has plans for the future and is being created by an experienced development team. The team hopes to capitalize on the global obsession with NFTs with an exclusive market and big plans for the future of Calypso.

What Is Calypso?

Calypso is the second token in the Supermoon Lunar System. It was created after the team achieved astronomical success in their first launch, reaching an all-time high of 21 Million with Supermoon (OSM). They now aim to build on this success, taking Calypso to the next level. To achieve this goal, they’re building an exclusive NFT market for the Calypso community. In this market, Calypso holders will have the opportunity to buy one of a kind NFTs as well as earn lucrative BNB rewards and prizes.

Besides playing a crucial role in the NFT market, Calypso will also serve as the primary token of the Supermoon ecosystem. It will work as a foundational support currency, helping raise the price floor for its parent system. It will also provide holders with several unique rewards. Just for holding Calypso tokens, individuals will receive BNB as a passive income. No need to do anything else. Buy, hold and enjoy the rewards.

Calypso Objectives

Unlike many cryptocurrencies that have been developed to make a quick profit, Calypso has been developed with long term goals in mind. Firstly, it wants to create a dedicated community for artists through an exclusive NFT market. In this market, artists will have the opportunity to sell their digital art without having to pay extortionate fees. Eventually Calypso wants to turn this market into a hub for creators, in which they can sell their art to a market actively seeking their products.

It also supports the same objectives as its parent token, Supermoon. It aims to support space missions and space programs by donating to them. With the likes of Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Elon Musk all pushing for space exploration, it’s a matter of time till space travel becomes a norm. The Supermoon team have set up their own “Dare To Dream Big” Foundation with the aim of supporting these missions. Instead of using donations to fund their foundation, they use their own BNB dividends charity wallet. This wallet is used to sponsor scholarships for young astronauts and support research into space exploration.

The Calypso Team

The Calypso team spotted a gap in the market after following the crypto industry for several years. Though many new currencies were working on back end systems, they noticed that most currencies had no real application in the lives of ordinary people. As a result, crypto was known for one thing: making money. This created the perception that crypto was mainly something investors focused on. It wasn’t something that the ordinary person could get into. Calypso aims to change that. Calypso wants to show that cryptocurrency can have everyday applications. By supporting the creative industry and in particular, NFT artists, Calypso wants to put a friendly face on cryptocurrency. The team are continuously innovating their ideas, thinking outside the box to make their currency as accessible as possible. With this in mind, they aim to make the Calypso market the future hub for NFT creators around the world. They want the market to be easily accessible and show people that cryptocurrency isn’t just for investors.

The Calypso NFT Market

Later this year, the Calypso team will release their NFT market with a range of exclusive features. Every month, they will release a one of a kind Calypso NFT, which will be part of a collection. Users will only be able to purchase these NFTs with $CYO tokens. Every month, the personified character, Princess Calypso, will select 3 Calypso NFTs as her ‘NFTs of the month’. These three holders will then receive funds from a 1% tax that is applied on buy and sell orders. This means that holders can enjoy owning an NFT that’s increasing in value, and have the opportunity to earn lucrative financial bonuses. After release, the NFT market will also be available to other NFT artists. On the platform, they will be able to sell and promote their art for a small fee. This will allow them to expand their own market, whilst having a dedicated store in which they can sell from.

Calypso Tokenomics

The Calypso Tokenomics work as follows:

Purchase Orders

Each buy order has a 12% tax. Of this tax, 4% is used for BNB dividends and 3% is used for marketing. 2% is used for the Supermoon liquidity pool and 1% is taxed for the NFT wallet. This tax is then redistributed amongst Princess Calypsos NFTs of the month.

Sell Orders

All sell orders have a 15% tax. This is how it’s distributed. 5% is used for BNB dividends and 4% is used for marketing. 2% goes to the Supermoon liquidity pool and 1% is taxed for the NFT wallet.

Initial Release

Calypso V2 will feature a 30% sales tax in the first 5 days of its release.

Here’s how it will work.

1st till 5th Day: 30% tax

Day 6: tax will return to a normal rate of 15%

Token Distribution

The total supply of Calypso is one quadrillion. It will be distributed as follows:

40% of the total number of tokens will be in circulation for investors.

10% will be used for the charity wallet

30% will be used for airdropping to the holders of Calypso V1

10% will be used for research and development

10% will be burnt upon release

Supermoon- The Calypso Parent Token

Calypso is not the development team’s first token. They originally started with the development of Supermoon, which hit an all-time high of $21 million. Supermoon is a deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain. The token features a 10% transaction split, an automatic liquidity pool and an exclusive marketing wallet. It experienced an astronomical launch with a long-term road map planned out. This roadmap includes the Dare To Dream Big Foundation, a range of DeFi products and OSM Studios. The Supermoon team also plans on creating a Lunar System full of successful tokens, with Calypso being the first support token released.

Key Calypso Features

Calypso has been built with investors in mind. The dev team have really focused on giving back to the community with this token, instead of making a quick buck and bolting. They want to create a long term community of like-minded individuals, helping them profit with a new set of NFTs and a range of exclusive Calypso features. Here are some of the key features you want to look out for.

BNB Dividends

With most cryptocurrencies, you buy and hope the price increases. Unfortunately, many never do. This results in lost investments and unnecessary stress. With Calypso, you win whether or not the price increases. By holding Calypso, you will automatically earn BNB dividends. The Calypso contract is built to collect tax. Once this tax reaches a certain threshold, it will automatically sell to generate BNB. This BNB is then distributed amongst holders, no matter how much Calypso they hold. All investors need to do is hold Calypso in their wallets. No additional work is needed. This feature is a great way for holders to build a passive income, especially when the token itself is increasing in value.

Calypso Market

The Calypso market is the most exciting feature coming out of Calypso. The team have huge goals for the market, aiming to one day make it a global hub for NFT artists around the world. The market is built on Binance Smart Chain and will focus on the customer experience. Sellers will be able to sell their NFTs with ease, without having to pay high fees for each sale. At the same time, buyers can enjoy a retro-themed marketplace with easy navigation to find exactly what they need. No more stressful NFT experiences. This marketplace is designed around the ease of transactions.

Dedicated Community

To help investors connect with one another, Calypso has created a dedicated community where investors can interact. This community has quickly grown to over 5000 subscribers, with daily updates being posted in the group. What’s even better, is that investors in the group can work directly with the Calypso development team. With most cryptocurrencies, investors are at the mercy of the dev team. With Calypso, they can ask questions, provide feedback and chat directly with the team. Individuals in the chat are also the first to hear updates about the Calypso community, from market updates to release dates and special events.

Experienced Development Team

One of the best features about Calypso is the development team itself. These aren’t just another group of tech experts who want to create a currency. The team are fully doxxed and have proven experience in the industry with Supermoon. They’ve already achieved huge success with their first token and now they want to take that success even further. When investing, individuals can be confident they’re working with a team that will support them throughout. There’s no risk of a rug pull here. As a sign of their good intention, the team won’t have a team wallet for this token. Instead, they’ll use a dedicated BNB charity wallet.

Long Term Plan

Calypso is part of a long term strategy in the Supermoon Lunar System. This isn’t just a one-off token that’ll be forgotten about in a few months. Serving as a support token for Supermoon, Calypso will receive consistent updates regarding its market and place in the Lunar System.

Where You Can Buy Calypso

So if you want to get involved in Calypso where can you start? Initially, Calypso will be available to buy on Pancake Swap. Further down the line, it will also be available on several other exchanges.

For more information about the Supermoon Lunar System, or the Calypso token, you can check out the website below. The Whitepaper is also available for more in-depth information. To get involved, you can join the Telegram group where you’ll be the first to receive exclusive updates.

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