Here’s What Sheila Warren And David Treat Think About Blockchain!

A couple of years back, blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) was known as the hot ticket, but recently limelight h...
November 14, 2019

Is Blockchain dead? Shocking Revelation By Experts

Enthusiasm for blockchain technology that was likely to revolutionize and solve all problems in the world is fading among indiv...
November 13, 2019

Facebook’s Libra a Big Mistake Says Billionaire Mark Cuban

The owner of NBA team Dallas Mavericks, Shark Tank Angel Investor and billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban recently made a state...
July 15, 2019

10 Projects that Prove ICO are Alive and Well

You know when you’re walking down the street and find a $10 bill? That’s bonus money. It’s a nice little present — extra cash, ...
January 23, 2019

The Next Revolution of Internet Has Started With Blockchain Kicks In

The blockchain is attracting new methods of trading, new platforms which could exchange securities at a trusted and secure meth...
December 3, 2018

Payments, Digital Assets & Breaking Monopolies of Sub-Optimal Value Transfer Systems

Fast, reliable, digital transactions are demanded more and more. Yet today’s payments world fails to live up to demands of cost...
November 20, 2018

Do you agree with Warren Buffet’s statement that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will almost certainly come to a bad ending?

Warren Buffet is one of the most successful billionaire investors of all time. He’s a value investor. Value investing is an inv...
November 20, 2018

Can Blockchain Help The World’s Poorest?

That loss is common would not make my own less bitter, rather more: Too common! Never morning wore to evening, but some heart d...
November 12, 2018

Sport Tokenization Use Cases: Part 1/4 Soccer Clubs

Over the coming weeks, we will be looking at tokenized use cases within the sports ecosystem. In part one of our four-part seri...
November 7, 2018

Is there any Central Authority in Blockchain Technology?

I am not sure when was the last time I heard the world abuzz resonating with Blockchain technology spanning over several domain...
October 9, 2018

Blockchain Is Paving The Way For New Culture, Trust!

Blockchain has varying connotations for people with different educational backgrounds and interests. For Developers, Blockchain...
October 3, 2018

Can blockchain take over the world with unpredictable transaction fees?

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has proposed a solution for stabilizing Gas prices. You can read it here: First and second-pri...
October 2, 2018

Blockchain Can Bring Biggest and Innovative Transformation In Financial World

The financial services industry is flooded with discussions about blockchain and its use cases. It will not only disrupt the in...
September 29, 2018

Is Blockchain a Hoax For Corporate? Experts Opinion

History has shown time and again that the path of change is never easy. Revolution is always full of struggle and the corporate...
August 21, 2018

Can Blockchain Replace SQL Database? Or It is Just An Aberration

I was re-listening to a Future Thinkers podcast episode with Vinay Gupta recently and he gave a very different perspective to t...
August 2, 2018

Why Dbrain Recent Partnership Is Necessary To Harmonize Blockchain and AI

Blockchain technology is already complicated in substance, let alone on its face, so why would we complicate it more? Well, inj...
July 4, 2018

Why and how future social networks need to be blockchained?

It is perhaps a universally known fact that social networks as we know, is about to be reformed. It has been covered here in-de...
June 23, 2018

Are Decentralized Crypto-Exchanges the Solution to Attacks?

Within the last four years, up to $1.3 billion worth of crypto-currency has been stolen through hacks that have occurred on cry...
June 10, 2018

Blockchain can Transform Indian Government Service – A Critical Analysis

Current Business Setup Process in India Today starting a new venture by an entrepreneur is a painful process, since 2004, the n...
June 6, 2018

Is Blockchain an aberration to the hype it has created?

Blockchain technology is not suitable for everything. Is it really an aberration to the buzz it has created in the industry. If...
May 13, 2018

Igniting Bitcoin’s Consumer Use: Feature Interview With iPayYou’s Gene Kavner

Despite growing popularity, bitcoin is rarely used for everyday commerce. Rather its use as a speculative investment has garner...
April 16, 2018

Cryptocurrency is here to bring True Freedom: Steve Bannon

A Former aide to the US president is the latest advocate of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Former chief strategist o...
March 9, 2018

Blockchain Has Become A New Doctor For Healthcare Industry

Blockchain technology is proving its mettle in healthcare industry with some real prototype in the ecosystem. The finance indus...
March 3, 2018

Blockchain Solution May Have Saved Indian Banking Fraud

Blockchain solution may have saved a recent banking fraud of 11,400 crores detected by PNB(Punjab National Bank). The bank file...
February 28, 2018

Blockchain – A Trillion Dollar Market Opportunity in 2018

After its introduction in 2008 as an underlying technology for Bitcoin, the blockchain technology has broken all the barriers t...
February 27, 2018

Big Data and blockchain – A Revolutionary Combination

With most of our information now being up there in databases and systems, paperwork is passé. And with technology taking over o...
January 25, 2018

Blockchain Can Rewire Your Industry And Business

As described by François Zaninotto: “A blockchain is a ledger of facts, replicated across several computers assembled in a peer...
December 30, 2017