Ex-Snapchat Marketer Gives Recommendations on Augmented Reality

Ex-Snapchat Marketer Gives Recommendations on Augmented Reality

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September 28, 2022 by Diana Ambolis
Augmented reality (AR) and digital marketing specialist Marta Plone joined Team Overly this year. She supports business clients in creating, developing, and implementing successful augmented reality ventures. Marta has assisted Snapchat in establishing a notable presence in the Baltics and Finland. Currently, she is defining Overly’s global offering. Product Owner is her job title, which
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Augmented reality (AR) and digital marketing specialist Marta Plone joined Team Overly this year. She supports business clients in creating, developing, and implementing successful augmented reality ventures. Marta has assisted Snapchat in establishing a notable presence in the Baltics and Finland. Currently, she is defining Overly’s global offering. Product Owner is her job title, which comprises two responsibilities. First, she is pioneering the creation of its self-service augmented reality (AR) developer, ensuring that AR is accessible to as many people as possible and is understood. Marta guarantees that Overly Creator is continuously improved, allowing users to build anything from tiny augmented reality (AR) surprises for their families to substantial commercial efforts.

The other purpose is to increase public awareness of advertising and marketing. We have become too used to disregarding enormous advertising areas, such as outdoor billboards, magazine adverts, and sponsored social media posts. Using augmented reality, businesses may communicate with their target audience in a creative and forward-thinking way. She assists in this aspect. Marta has always been interested in technology, and after graduating from high school, she considered a software development job. However, Marta changed her mind since she thought it would be too challenging and instead studied biology. Since then, she has learned an important lesson: “Do not fear the things you like.”

Despite her college degree, she continued to pursue technology. To help friends and companies where she worked, Marta started managing websites and social media marketing activities. Once, seeing that she was more interested in technology than biology, she decided to get into an area intertwined with technology: digital marketing. Advertisements are built on specific algorithms, and she enjoys examining the details. After years in digital marketing, she was allowed to begin working with Snapchat, a global firm whose platform was utterly unknown in her region. In the Baltic States and Finland, augmented reality, a still-novel technology, held great potential. Marta accepted the challenge, and after a few years, she was supported by a solid staff. Together, they drove significant adoption in the business sector, resulting in a 130% increase year-over-year. Meanwhile, AR marketing generated a substantial return on investment for its clients.

The critical contrast resides in how consumers perceive augmented reality marketing; in how digital marketing is seen as advertising but augmented reality marketing is often perceived as entertainment. If an (AR) campaign is successful, the audience interacts with the brand’s advertising materials for a more extended time and builds more positive associations. AR is seen to be more engaging. They like interacting with the material and three-dimensional sights in their environment. While a digital marketing video advertisement may be seen for up to five seconds, augmented reality engagement often lasts at least fifteen seconds. AR also facilitates conversion-focused activities. After a positive interaction with augmented reality, for example, the audience is more likely to make a purchase.

Marta appreciates their morality as well as their technical proficiency. The company’s core values are kindness, intelligence, and creativity, and its employees exhibit these qualities while engaging with internal and external stakeholders. Snapchat inspired me to pursue a career in this sector.

Furthermore, Marta joined Overly because of motivation. She loves how Overly makes augmented reality development accessible to all individuals. However, creators do not need an engineering or design team to make things happen. To enjoy augmented reality, registering or establishing an account is not necessary. To experience the enchantment, they may employ the Overly app or WebAR. Brand recognition is a significant AR aim since it establishes positive associations with a company’s products and services. As the global shutdown began, firms continuously increased and enhanced their online stores. The food & beverage, retail, and gaming sectors were at the forefront of the advertising possibilities of augmented reality.


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AR is also a powerful tool for driving conversions. As previously stated by Marta, people are more inclined to take action after a positive augmented reality interaction, such as completing a purchase. Makeup or clothing try-on, as well as the ability to place 3D objects in people’s surroundings, is a tremendous success. However, augmented reality has strategic applications across the marketing funnel and may add value to actions such as awareness, consideration, and conversion. However, defining clear advertising goals and using the most compelling call-to-action elements is crucial.

Several success stories are accessible on the Snapchat website, but Marta can provide anonymized data. For instance, they conducted a campaign for a local beauty company. To enhance their e-commerce sales, they enabled “virtual try-on” using augmented reality technology. The Lens generated a conversion rate of over 15 percent, increasing the advertising investment return. Body monitoring fittings are also essential for stores. They have seen how augmented reality impacts purchasing decisions and increases ad dwell time to 30 seconds.

They do not, however, test on every item they get. Consequently, the use of 3D models is equally crucial. A car manufacturer enables anybody to place virtual vehicles in their surroundings. Nearly one million individuals interacted with the commercial. In addition, they interacted with the AR experience three times on average. Isn’t it odd to suppose that we would repeat traditional automotive marketing on purpose?

Concentrate on delivering interaction and designing an inventive approach for incorporating marketing messages. In every situation she describes, the brand is only a beneficiary of interactive interactions. The more interactive the content, the more effective augmented reality is.

Targeting a specific audience is just as crucial as establishing a clear advertising purpose. If you have a global offer, go for it, but she usually does not advise selecting a large audience to sell a specific product. Before creating AR, you must grasp its purpose and assess the audience’s behavior. Always prioritize engagement while designing augmented reality ads. This is her primary conclusion. Typically, the creative team and marketing department introduce augmented reality into businesses. However, technology may be an all-encompassing business tool that enhances almost every sector. Beginning with staff onboarding and continuing with technical AR support inside the IT department.

To produce ideas, you must immerse yourself in the domain of augmented reality. People should review their blogs and provide case studies. Create a free Overly Creator account to evaluate the platform. It is not too late for individuals to begin, but the sooner they start, the better their long-term ability to place their brand in the augmented reality sector.