In Conversation With The CEO Of FieldCoin Marc Couzic

In Conversation With The CEO Of FieldCoin Marc Couzic

September 20, 2019 by Editor's Desk
We have a pleasure interviewing Marc Cuzic CEO of FieldCoin. Fieldcoin provides sound solutions to both the agricultural world and the blockchain investors by bringing them together in shaping the agriculture of tomorrow. Besides, Marc is a contributor to Coinmonks, Hackernoon, and Good Audience.  Can you tell us what inspired you to pursue this career
Marc Cuzic CEO Fieldcoin Blockchain

We have a pleasure interviewing Marc Cuzic CEO of FieldCoin. Fieldcoin provides sound solutions to both the agricultural world and the blockchain investors by bringing them together in shaping the agriculture of tomorrow. Besides, Marc is a contributor to Coinmonks, Hackernoon, and Good Audience. 

  • Can you tell us what inspired you to pursue this career path? What do you want others to take from your story?

My involvement in Blockchain started back in the years when Bitcoin was around 1000 USD. Like many others, I was attracted by the investment potential but fast I noticed the huge potential of this technology. Working as a trader on commodities and consultant expert on refuge investments, it is natural that I came up with the Fieldcoin project.

Currently, land investments represent the biggest investment opportunity of this century. Food is becoming scarce and the demand for higher quality food is booming. Food traceability and track record of ownership are important factors for the well being of the whole humanity for the years to come.  

Fieldcoin is the only NFT project using a tangible use case. Agriculture, Property and Financial Services are according to McKenzie the most important sectors for Blockchain applications, making Fieldcoin one of the most promising blockchain start-up.  

However, blockchain and cryptocurrency cannot be applied to all sectors.  Projects with no sound application or that can live and prosper without the Blockchain should not get involved with this technology.

  • Could you tell us about any of the interesting projects that you are working on currently?

Talking about projects… After the ICO hype, the market has became more mature.  When deciding to get involved in a project I first check if there is an applicable use case.  We never say that enough. The use case is of uttermost importance. 

The second thing is there an MVP. People are interested in the execution, not the concepts. If no MVP is found, I check if the concept is really innovative. If it is not, and that some business of the same type exists already, it usually won’t work. Look for instance Blockchain projects who created tokens for car ride payments. It will simply not work because Uber can create its own token and crash their competitors in a matter of days especially if the company is a start-up with no user base already. Thirdly, I look at the platform. 

Are there any offers displayed? Do they have already customers? Once I get all those information I have a pretty good idea of the potential success of the project. Due diligence is important. And that is what all investors should do. There are some real jewels among those Blockchain start-ups. The only thing is to choose wisely which project is worth investing in. I currently advice 3 interesting projects: Ezystayz, UUnit, and Cartam.  EzyStayz is a pioneer in integrating Blockchain technology to create a Global Holiday Retail Platform powered by Crypto. Has already raised 1.5 million in private capital investment and have about 200 000 properties listed globally with an already working platform. UUnit is another project I like. They have created a “Community Based Token” that is given away for free to people who have been referred by other UUniters. Leaders of this project have understood that the spread of the tokens among wallets and fluidity of transaction is the most important to get mass adoption.

Currently, UUnit has about 25 000 registered token holders and the community is growing fast. Another promising project I am involved in is Cartam.  Like Fieldcoin, Cartam is using a map to connect two users in order to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions between the two parties. The map displays and locates where your customer can use their cryptocurrencies at local crypto-friendly merchants and businesses.

  • What are the things that you think are most fascinating about blockchain and crypto? Why?

There is, of course, the legislations that are not fit to the current Blockchain applications. Public authorities will have to integrate new legislations for Blockchain start-up to develop faster. But that is just a minor concern as current legislations do not block the adoption.

There are many legal gaps that can be used. Ultimately, thanks to the nature of Blockchain technology (decentralization) it is impossible for legislators to stop ongoing blockchain adoption without infringing fundamental public liberties and rights. The market is another concern.

We are still in the early stages and many whales have concentrated resources. About 80% of the Bitcoins are held by a few wallets. The adoption of other cryptocurrencies with strong use cases will solve these issues. I am also worry about the unethical behavior of the people entering the Blockchain ecosystem with pure opportunities motives.

Due diligence is more than important. As the market matures, those behaviors will be spotted faster. Scalability is also a big issue. Solutions will be met, there is no doubt. But it takes time to have the technology meet mass adoption demands. And finally, what has attracted my attention during last months is the beginning of countries willing to create their own cryptocurrency.

  • How have you used your success to bring positive change to the world? Can you share a story?

At Fieldcoin we aim to bring land property accessible to all. By doing so, people will have the rights to decide how we use those resources. They will also be a tracking system ultimately enabling anyone to check the source of the food they consume. I believe technology can remedy many of the current problems. Concerns about foodborne illnesses and the environment are growing. People are ready to take actions. They just need the right tools like Fieldcoin platform.

  • What are the 3 things that you would advise someone who aspires to emulate your career? Can you share an example for each idea?

First thing first… Make it simple. Simple is beautiful. Especially for Blockchain. The challenge is to bring complicated technologies to mass adoption. People are only interested in the benefits. Make your business product user friendly. Look at Uber, Airbnb for example… In few clicks you get to your offer.

Secondly, do not count your working hours. It is kind of obvious but often CEO forgets this part. You may lose development opportunities. The right behavior is to be there when needed. Your company is your project and should always be your number one priority. And Finally, surround yourself with the most dedicated people, not the most qualified. This is especially very important for Blockchain projects. You want patriots working on your project rather than mercenaries. People who will devote themselves to your vision. Blockchain start-ups evolve in a fast-moving environment and develop highly innovative solutions. Many issues arise from that such as tentation to work for a competitor or still some information. You need the right team to bring your project to life that you can trust 100%. 

  • What is the one “Life Lesson Quote” that you stand by? Can you tell us how that had relevance to your own life?

“Before asking God for help, ask yourself what you can do for others”. Usually, people tend to focus too much on their own issue. I have noticed that 90% of the time their problems are just minor because they are focusing too much on themselves. Starting to give something to others, solving their problems and helping will indirectly make your life much better. 

  • Who would be one person in the world that you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why?

Elon Musk. He seems crazy and smart enough to sustain a discussion with me 🙂

  • Please share with us your opinions about the article we published about your startup on our website?

That is a good general article. It sums up the project. It lacks some points but we haven’t revealed all. Some big competitors such as the UK cadaster is mimicking our work so stay tuned, the platform will be launch in the coming 3 months. Many updates coming!

  • Where can our readers find you on social media?