What Is FLOW? How Is It Related To Blockchain?

What Is FLOW? How Is It Related To Blockchain?

August 8, 2022 by Diana Ambolis
The Blockchain protocol. Flow is a proof-of-stake blockchain mainly designed for NFT items and cryptocurrency games. It was created by the same firm that created NBA Top Shot, Dapper Labs. Dapper Labs aims to make the blockchain that is now powering NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties the platform of choice for many future NFT adventures.
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The Blockchain protocol. Flow is a proof-of-stake blockchain mainly designed for NFT items and cryptocurrency games. It was created by the same firm that created NBA Top Shot, Dapper Labs. Dapper Labs aims to make the blockchain that is now powering NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties the platform of choice for many future NFT adventures. In 2017, Dapper’s CryptoKitties caused Ethereum to become overloaded, leading to the development of an alternative called Flow.

When CryptoKitties, one of the first projects using non-fungible tokens (NFTs), brought the Ethereum blockchain to a halt in late 2017 due to severe congestion, the creator of Dapper Labs saw first-hand that current-generation blockchains were not designed to handle such demand.

It was vital to take action because NFTs, which are verifiably one-of-a-kind tokens that may connect with certain digital content, are becoming more prevalent.

Instead of finding another host for its decentralized application (DApp) or waiting for scalability solutions for Ethereum to emerge, Dapper decided to build a blockchain that it and other developers could rely on.

Flow results from these efforts; it is a blockchain built from the bottom up to support activities like NFT collectables and large-scale crypto games.

CryptoKitties will migrate to Flow shortly, and given the meteoric rise in popularity of Dapper’s NBA Top Shot and the increasing number of developers who have committed to working with Flow during the NFT craze, it has the potential to become one of the most prominent blockchains for the creation of digital assets like these.

This post will describe Flow, how it works, and how you may acquire FLOW tokens.

What is the flow state exactly?

Flow is a blockchain designed for significant scalability without the need for sharding techniques. It delivers fast and affordable transactions, making it suited for decentralized applications (dapps) like NFT marketplaces and crypto-infused video games.

The Flow was created by Dapper Labs, which had the concept of confronting the blockchain’s congestion problem head-on by developing a platform optimized for gaming and other interactive activities. Flow is now used by all of Dapper’s products, including NBA Top Shot, and is also available to developers working on projects made by other firms.

How does Flow function?

As part of the network’s use of the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, validators need to stake a certain quantity of FLOW tokens to participate in the Flow network.

However, the validation process in Flow differs from other blockchains in that the responsibilities connected with validation are split over four unique types of nodes: consensus, verification, execution, and collection. Each transaction’s authenticity is established by the joint efforts of all four types of nodes.

According to Dapper, the flexibility to divide tasks leads to more efficient transaction processing than competitor blockchains. It is an alternative to sharding, which involves splitting a blockchain’s data storage and processing needs among many nodes. Dapper claims that since Flow does not utilize sharding, transactions are atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable (ACID), and developers may build on one another’s work. Flow doesn’t use sharding.

Upgradeable smart contracts are also available on Flow, enabling the usage of beta versions of smart contracts that may be improved or rectified before being finalized and made immutable.

Have you heard?

CryptoKitties will migrate from Ethereum to Flow, and the creator, Dapper, has promised expanded functionality for the breedable digital cats and the potential to use them in future Flow-based games.

Why is Flow such a unique platform?

The Flow was created to handle the collecting and interactive bitcoin experiences that are gaining popularity fast and could potentially draw even larger audiences in the coming years. NBA Top Shot has already shown that a blockchain-powered collectables experience has the potential to generate massive sums of money and get significant media attention. This is only one of the numerous Flow-based experiences that will produce shortly.

Flow added to the NBA plus UFC.

Dapper Labs created NBA Top Shot for iOS and Android smartphones. NBA Top Shot has already been a massive success, but Dapper Labs has more prominent partners, including Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), CNN, and Dr Seuss. Dapper also has partnerships with Samsung, Ubisoft, and Warner Music Group.

What are examples of Flow’s applications?

Developers who want to begin experimenting with Flow and building their decentralized applications have access to various built-in instruments (dapps). Currently, you may interact with Flow as a user by playing NBA Top Shot or buying artwork from the VIV3 NFT shop. Additionally, this is possible with other blockchain-based apps that are operational.

Have you been made aware?

In August 2020, Dapper Labs successfully raised $12 million via an investment round in which several current NBA players, including Andre Iguodala and Spencer Dinwiddie, participated.

Where may I get FLOW?

Although the FLOW token was made available to the public for the first time on CoinList in October 2020, it was not yet available in the United States or Canada. Purchased tokens have been locked up for at least a year, preventing them from being used in circulation until they are released.

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On the other hand, FLOW prizes distributed to validators are transferable and tradable. Therefore, there is some FLOW on the market. In addition, several exchanges, like Kraken and Huobi, let users trade FLOW. In contrast, big businesses like Binance and Coinbase do not offer FLOW yet.

During the second part of 2020 and the early half of 2021, the value of future NFT collectables surged, with Flow among the assets that profited most from this gain. In the first few weeks of 2021, Flow saw a significant spike in developer requests. In addition, Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot is one of the most popular crypto-based decentralized applications. NBA Top Shot acted as a successful proof of concept for Dapper’s custom-built blockchain, and now other developers are interested in using that infrastructure.

The NFT marketplace Rarible, which had previously focused on Ethereum-based NFTs, said in June 2021 that it would extend its service to Flow using the funds from its $14.2 million Series A investment round. The developer’s interest was followed by interest from commercial groups. In addition, Dapper is working diligently to establish its own original collectables platforms.

Flow is further developing its infrastructure. Dapper Labs promoted FUSD as the first dollar-backed stablecoin on Flow when it was announced in June 2021. The stablecoin is backed 1:1 by U.S. dollars deposited with the supplier of financial infrastructure, Prime Trust.

This is one of the more ambitious objectives that Dapper Labs has established for Flow, which also includes the assumption that it would use for more complicated gaming experiences than only NFTs: It has been referred to as the “blockchain for open worlds” by Dapper. On the one hand, “open” implies decentralization; nonetheless, it may be only a matter of time until it also hosts large-scale crypto games.