Andrew Rossow

Author: Andrew Rossow
Andrew is a Forbes Contributor, former contributor for The Merkle, former Huff Post contributor. He also works as a consultant for ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC across Dallas and Ohio on the latest news in the technology law realm. He has been quoted in many Forbes articles and featured in national stories across the countries such as Cheddar on GDPR, and on podcasts such as Lawyer 2 Lawyer, Thinking Like A Lawyer, TheLegalTool Kit, and This Week In The Law.

Full Steam Ahead: Spending Tokens In Digital Gaming Economies

December 10, 2018
Imagine the hours a gamer spends playing sports games like Madden or FIFA, or action/shooters like Call of Duty or Battlefield. Now, take those hours and convert those into playable tokens or coins that can then be used to enter tournaments, purchase in-game items, or even transferring from player to playe...

Maturing Blockchains With Propagation, Scaling and Adoption 

November 29, 2018
Unless you’re hiding under a rock, I am sure you’d have heard of blockchain and the associated technicalities jarring it. Concepts including decentralization, bitcoin, mining, and ledgers seem to be finding new admirers every day with more romanticism being built around “Satoshi”. While the ent...

Why P2P Finance Is The Necessary Infrastructure For The Blockchain

November 8, 2018
The birth of Bitcoin was designed as a purely financial solution, while Ethereum became proving battlegrounds for a number of new innovative projects. However, with each project, comes certain challenges, specifically relating to scalability and accessibility. By introducing a peer-to-peer (P2P) infrastruc...

Binance’s Changpeng Zhao Announces Blockchain-Based Donation Portal

October 27, 2018
In a space where it seems like everyone has their hands out for Bitcoin or some other altcoin, there are some, like cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, that are looking at how to give back to the community. On the 73rd anniversary of UN Day, Binance, via its charity arm, Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF), ...

TaTaTu Partners With Johnny Depp To Bring Creativity To Blockchain

October 24, 2018
Captain Jack has officially partnered with blockchain-based entertainment platform, TaTaTu. Its founder, Andrea Iervolino, an Italian Hollywood film producer, who co-runs AMBI Media Group, are joining forces and putting their artistic and creative minds to work. The deal between TaTaTu and Depp allows for ...

Securities Startup, DESICO, Announces Their Own Security Token Offering

October 21, 2018
While the ICO market often looks like a Las Vegas casino rather than an intelligent investment decision, there are some projects, like DESICO, with its Security Token Offering (STO), that aim to both protect its investors as well as providing value to the crypto-space as a whole. In its major announcement ...

In Aftermath of E. Coli Outbreak, Walmart Brings Suppliers to the Blockchain

September 26, 2018
On Monday, Walmart announced it’s requiring grocery chain suppliers who provide leafy green vegetables to submit and upload data to the Blockchain through its IBM Food Trust Network by January 31, 2019, and for other suppliers to join by the following September. I was able to speak with Frank Yiannas, Vice...

An Interview with CNBC “Fast Money” Host, Melissa Lee

September 7, 2018
The past year has been an exciting time for investors, experienced and novice. With the emergence of a new asset class, the world of finance has already begun to spit out numbers and figures that to some, are just as long as Pi. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has been a huge success for two major

Proxeus Releases Revolutionary Data Storage DApp, Bringing User-Based Control Over Digital Identity

September 7, 2018
In the world of startups, companies like Proxeus, aim to disrupt the administrative difficulties when it comes to running and managing a self-reliant blockchain application. Known as the “Wordpress” of the Blockchain, Proxeus takes a lot of the ground and grunt work out of building blockchain applications ...

Utah’s New Crypto-Venture, HARACOIN Is Changing The Entertainment Game

August 8, 2018
Since the international launch of Hara, Inc.’s “Haracoin” (HRC) at the Utah State Capitol back in May, Miyu Enterprises is back at it as it recently announced the beginning stages of its initial US offering memorandum for its Haracoin tokens. But, glory aside, this is exciting news because this isn’t any o...

U.S SC Decides To Open Blockchain-Based Sports Platform

July 22, 2018
Since the enactment of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 1992, the U.S. Supreme Court has stood by the notion that states, other than Nevada’s sports wagering industry, cannot legalize sports gambling in hopes of protecting the integrity of the sports industry. But, it wasn’t un...

EDM DJ 3LAU Helps Launch ‘OMF’, First Blockchain-Powered Music Festival

July 21, 2018
It’s the latest beat created by acclaimed EDM juggernaut, DJ 3LAU, aka Justin Blau. Blockchain technology has infiltrated a new area of the entertainment space—live events. 3LAU announced that he has created Our Music Festival (OMF). the first blockchain-powered music festival, and partnered up with entert...

Hooch’s TAPCoin Is Spilling Into The Hospitality Industry Across The World

July 14, 2018
Imagine not having to fret any longer about which credit card to use when booking your hotel stay or airline flight. Better yet, imagine if you started earning rewards, regardless of the credit or debit card you used. When you go out with friends to a local bar, hotel, or another venue, you use your

Navigating The National Blockchain Waters of Blockchain Island, Crypto Nation, and China

July 11, 2018
When it comes to regulatory uncertainty and blockchain technology, fewer things have stymied its progress. It’s very easy to assign blame to hostile governments who are hesitant to adopt unregulated ICO’s and the cryptocurrency space, but the perspective becomes something else entirely when you look at how...

Why Dbrain Recent Partnership Is Necessary To Harmonize Blockchain and AI

July 4, 2018
Blockchain technology is already complicated in substance, let alone on its face, so why would we complicate it more? Well, injecting artificial intelligence (A.I.) into the mix may make it seem more complex, but, in reality, more accessible and comprehensible. Dbrain is the world’s first A.I. computing pl...

Could Blockchain Disrupt How We Protect Our Intellectual Property?

June 19, 2018
Everybody is talking about blockchain as a disrupter in the banking and finance industries, but this emerging technology also has potential application for intellectual property (IP) protection. Blockchain creates the potential for an “open, distributed ledger” that permits the secure transfer and recordat...

Powering Our Machines With Blockchain Can Lead to a Democratic, Open A.I. Future

June 12, 2018
Cutting edge technologies are on a pathway to become smarter and more efficient. With the emergence and further advancement of smart technology like blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (“A.I.”), individuals are able to work more efficiently and conveniently. But, with all technology, it comes...

In Wake of ASIC War, ‘Masternode’ Technology Is Lurking In The Shadows

June 10, 2018
The crypto community has been in outrage for many months after Chinese ASIC manufacturer, Bitmain, announced that it would be accepting orders for the Antminer X3, a $12,000 ASIC that was specifically designed to mine Monero and other cryptocurrencies running the same algorithms. Consequently, companies ar...

A New Player Is Entering Into the World of Football and Just In Time For the 2018 FIFA World Cup

June 7, 2018
With the 2018 FIFA World Cup right around the corner, fans around the world are getting excited—and a new player is coming onto the field. When it comes to the sports space, particularly football (soccer), this blockchain ecosystem just make sense. Why? Fans want to choose the players and coaches that make...