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Author: Eric Christopher
Eric Christopher, also known as ERock, is an innovative marketing strategist and respected business consultant who's a featured columnist on,, Thrive Global,, and ERock is an accomplished author, writer, speaker, business coach and consultant. He's described by his peers and clients as innovative, vivid, and quick-witted. ERock is the founder and CEO of BizFamous Media Group, a media consultancy designed to promote large brands and enterprises and, a company dedicated to empowering small businesses in their markets.

New Crypto Startup NASGO Presents New Opportunities For Entrepreneurs

September 12, 2018
Yes, Bitcoin’s price, after reaching a two-month high of $8,300 several weeks ago, has been hovering a bit above $6,000 at the time of this printing. Yes, some of the declines follows news such as the SEC’s rejection of a second bid by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss to launch the Gemini Exchange Traded Fund ...