Fahd Saifuddin

Author: Fahd Saifuddin
Fahd Saifuddin is a Technology leader, Project Manager, Consultant and Architect. Fahd has been working in the mobility, web, intelligent systems, ECM and business intelligence space for over a decade. He has a keen eye on Blockchain solutions architecture, particularly IBM Hyperledger and Ethereum. Fahd believes in solving real-world problems through technology and positive leadership. Apart from management, writing, coding, reading he is passionate about fitness and outdoor living.

Is there any Central Authority in Blockchain Technology?

October 9, 2018
I am not sure when was the last time I heard the world abuzz resonating with Blockchain technology spanning over several domainsā€¦fiscal, legal, logistics, aviation…Not only, people associated with the emerging technology are deliberating on it, but also, those from a wide spectrum of multinationals a...