Women In Blockchain

How is Blockchain Technology Empowering Women?

June 4, 2021
Despite leading the drive for change in many aspects of modern life, the tech industry has historically been one of the worst for gender equality. However, it appears that technology may eventually begin to dismantle some of the obstacles to entry, transforming the socio-economic landscape beyond recogniti...

Here are 10 Leading Women in the Blockchain Space

June 3, 2021
These days, it is not only men who are making strides in blockchain but also women who are making significant contributions and getting involved. Even though men still dominate the blockchain industry, an increasing number of women are breaking into the ‘Tech World,’ leaving behind many preconc...

In Conversation With Nena Vuckovic, CEO At TheBlockBox

December 26, 2019
We had the pleasure of interviewing Nena Vuckovic, CEO at TheBlockBox. Nena is an expert and thought leader on the blockchain technologies, and brings tremendous passion and strategic depth in this field. TheBlockBox builds end-to-end blockchain applications for a wide range of industries, including financ...

In Conversation with Yaliwe Soko Chairwoman UABA

September 25, 2019
We had the pleasure of interviewing Yaliwe Soko. Ms. Soko is one of the very few African women to be fully involved in the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. She took up an interest in Blockchain technology since 2016 and has worked as a freelance Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Consultant for an online investmen...
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