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Ex-Snapchat Marketer Gives Recommendations on Augmented Reality

September 28, 2022
Augmented reality (AR) and digital marketing specialist Marta Plone joined Team Overly this year. She supports business clients in creating, developing, and implementing successful augmented reality ventures. Marta has assisted Snapchat in establishing a notable presence in the Baltics and Finland. Current...

Part 3: Women In Web3 Leading The Tech Industry

September 21, 2022
The women in Web3 are not only precursors in this rapidly developing technology sector, but they also succeed there despite significant entry barriers and a male-dominated environment. Although women make up a tiny percentage of Web3’s leaders and creators. Lana Hopkins and Juliana DiSimone They are ...

Part 1: Women in Web3 Leading The Tech Industry

September 19, 2022
The women in Web3 are not only constructing and innovating in this new technical environment but also doing it in a male-dominated and tricky business. Women are underrepresented among Web3’s founders and industry leaders at present. Swan Sit Forbes referred to her as the “Queen of the Clubhous...

How is Blockchain Technology Empowering Women?

June 28, 2022
Despite leading the drive for change in many aspects of modern life, the tech industry has historically been one of the worst for gender equality. However, it appears that technology may eventually begin to dismantle some of the obstacles to entry, transforming the socio-economic landscape beyond recogniti...
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