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Meet The Women Of The Blockchain: Ellison Madsen

May 19, 2022
I had the pleasure of interviewing Ellison Madsen, a Summer Games intern at Booz Allen Hamilton. She is a Computer Science major currently attending Manhattan College. For the past 10 weeks she’s been a part of the team working on supply chain logistics with blockchain. Thank you so much for doing this wit...

Women Play an Important Role in the Crypto Space: Min Teo

May 19, 2022
Min Teo, Executive Director for strategic initiatives and investments at ConsenSys based in London, UK,  is a well-known woman in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. She has graduated from the University of Toronto- the University of Trinity College with a specialization in economics and finance. She...

Elizabeth White, CEO of The White Company

May 17, 2022
Elizabeth White: “The cryptocurrency boom has created a new asset class, bringing forward newly wealthy individuals who were experimenting with mining bitcoin or buying various coins in the early days. Usability is one thing really holding crypto back from mainstream adoption and is exactly what we’re addr...

Meet The Women Of The Blockchain: Evelina Lavrova

April 21, 2022
We had the pleasure of interviewing Evelina Lavrova, CMO of Waves World. She is a mentor at CV Labs’ blockchain incubator where she teaches startups Marketing and PR. She has also been listed as Top 10 Females In Crypto 2017 by Core Magazine. Can you share with us the story of how you decided to
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