Metaverse News

Why Companies Should Embrace the Metaverse and Web 3 Technologies

As a kid, I remember watching George Jetson speak with his boss, Mr. Spacely, through the TV, Penny’s smartwatch from Inspector...
March 3, 2022

MTN Group hosts Africa’s First Metaverse Property

Ubuntuland is already accepting private digital real estate transactions in the form of Metaverse property in anticipation of n...
March 2, 2022

Reasons to invest in Metaverse Technology in 2022

The Metaverse technology, though still a relatively new idea to most, has the potential to grow into an $800 billion market in ...
March 2, 2022

South Korea Plans To Spend $187 Million On Metaverse Development.

The government will invest $186.7 million to help metaverse development that it believes would attract firms and industries. Th...
March 1, 2022

GatherVerse is looking into the Open Metaverse Framework.

The four-day conference brought together a diverse group of professionals throughout the XR community. The GatherVerse Summit t...
March 1, 2022

Let’s meet Metaverse Avatar MetaFi 

Metaverse Avatar, MetaFi is a place where science fiction meets the metaverse. The word MetaFi has sparked a lot of debate on t...
March 1, 2022

What Impact Does User Experience Have on the Metaverse XR Future?

The resignation of a top executive and a major virtual event snafu raises practical concerns about the Metaverse’s rise. ...
February 27, 2022

The Metaverse and How Does It Work in 2022. Everything You Need to Know

If you work in technology or marketing in any capacity, you’ve almost certainly come across the term ‘metaverse....
February 23, 2022

You Should Be Aware Of These Metaverse Security Issues

Do you want to know if Metaverse is related to any security concerns? Check out our guide on the most frequent security vulnera...
February 23, 2022

FinaMaze Announces the Launch of a Metaverse Investment Portfolio

The portfolio, based on research and machine learning, will help investors penetrate new XR marketplaces.   FinaMaze, a di...
February 23, 2022