Ethereum News

Exploring 3 Theories on Why the SEC is Focusing on Ethereum: Insights from a Cryptocurrency Attorney”

The regulatory body aims to uphold its legal stance in the ongoing litigation against Coinbase and Binance (Ethereum) without d...
March 22, 2024

BlackRock Joins Asset Tokenization Competition with New Fund on Ethereum Blockchain

The asset management titan also strategically invested in asset tokenization firm Securitize (Ethereum) BlackRock, the asset ma...
March 21, 2024

Concerns Arise Over SEC’s Ethereum Investigation Potentially Stalling ETFs

Speculation Mounts: SEC’s Ethereum Foundation Probe Might Be Causing Delay in Spot Ether ETF Approvals Industry experts s...
March 21, 2024

“Who Will Construct the Infrastructure to Unify Ethereum Rollups?”

“The Dencun Hard Fork: Anurag Arjun Highlights the Urgent Need for Enhanced Infrastructure to Unify Ethereum Layer-2s and...
March 20, 2024

“Starknet Resolves STRK Token Airdrop Concerns for Immutable X and ETH Pool Stakers”

Starknet Addresses Wallet Address Mix-Up and Airdrop Issues for ETH Pool Stakers, Allowing Claiming of STRK Tokens Next Month&#...
March 20, 2024

What Is The Ethereum Dencun Upgrade And Top Intriguing 4 Reasons Why It Is Significant

The Ethereum network’s highly anticipated upgrade, dubbed the Ethereum London hard fork, introduces several significant i...
March 20, 2024

Founder of Ethereum Name Service discloses Vitalik Buterin’s pivotal involvement in grant intervention

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, played a crucial role in enabling the development of the Ethereum Naming Service. Nick...
March 19, 2024

Ethereum Layer-2 Median Transaction Fees Plummet by Up to 99% Following the Dencun Upgrade

Tim Beiko of the Ethereum Foundation Describes Dencun as One of the Most Complex Forks Since the Merge, Incorporating the Major...
March 14, 2024

Script of Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Bee Movie’ Uploaded to Ethereum Amid Plunging Gas Fees Following Dencun Upgrade

The Bee Movie script copy-pasting trend Ethereum originated on Tumblr before spreading rapidly across various social media plat...
March 14, 2024

Exploring The Quantum Attacks On Ethereum And Its Top 3 Shocking Examples

Quantum attacks on Ethereum refer to potential security threats posed by quantum computers to the cryptographic algorithms and ...
March 14, 2024