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NULS receives additional investment from Ulysses Capital.

April 24, 2019
NULS is pleased to announce that it has secured another investment from Ulysses Capital.   NULS continues to demonstrate its ability to meet delivery commitments with its novel 2.0 microservice architecture through the successful alpha test launch. “We don’t often see projects that have been sticking ...

DOGE – 1 Mission to the Moon

April 20, 2019
Geometric Energy Corporation which is a NATO/DLA Commercial and Government Entity:, has signed a contract to send cargo to the moon and has remaining payload space availability. GEC is crowdfunding part of the cost of a cubesat integration payload onto the ALI...

Intelli Network: Anonymous Decentralized Crime Intelligence

February 19, 2019
Traditional crime reporting is a process with a critical flaw: there is no direct feedback of information from the black box of law enforcement to the citizens reporting crimes. This means that the statistics and real-time reporting from law enforcement can be altered in ways that can cloud the reality of ...

NULS is Laying Down the Underlying Framework Necessary to Capture A Trillion Dollar Market

January 25, 2019
The software framework has become a must-have toolkit in today’s commercial application development due to its advantages of reducing development costs, while improving system scalability and maintainability. The market value of applications developed using software framework has already exceeded $1 ...
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