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Pave the Way for Web 3.0 Crypto Social Network Centyfy

May 11, 2020
Centyfy is a Web 3.0 crypto social network exclusively monetized on the Stellar blockchain-based stable value CENTY crypto token. 1 CENTY = .01 U$D. How is Centyfy different? Centyfy returns 75% of revenues to users, who can monetize their liking, sharing, viewing of ads or promotions, and receive CENTY PE...

AVA Launches Public Testnet for Blockchain Platform!

April 18, 2020
AVA, the next-generation blockchain platform, has started its first of two proposed public testnet releases. The first release enables participants to join a global network of validators and engage in high-velocity transactions. Approaching speeds of thousands of transactions per second and payment integri...

Binance Chain Unveils Whitepaper for a Smart Contract Enabled Platform!

April 18, 2020
Binance Chain is launching a second, smart contract-enabled chain that will utilize Ethereum’s Virtual Machine to let its developers build decentralized apps. Binance Chain developers have recommended specifications for a new blockchain that would allow complicated smart contract functionality within the B...

Chinese Video Platform iQiYi Concludes its Blockchain Integration!

April 15, 2020
iQiYi blockchain integration has been finished resulting in enhanced speed and bandwidth. The online on-demand video offering of Baidu, iQiYi, now gives more importance to its local users. iQiYi lately completed the combination of distributed ledger technology to ramp up buffering speed and tackle high use...
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