Top 10 In-Demand Non-Tech Web3 Jobs

Top 10 In-Demand Non-Tech Web3 Jobs

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December 14, 2023 by Diana Ambolis
Web3 is no longer only a theory. Blockchain technology is being integrated into the Internet, and cryptocurrencies are becoming the standard. Many believe advanced technical skills are necessary to operate in Web3 or fintech. However, the exact opposite is true. As long as you maintain community involvement and business knowledge, you may be successful in
10 In-Demand Non-Tech Web3 Jobs

Web3 is no longer only a theory. Blockchain technology is being integrated into the Internet, and cryptocurrencies are becoming the standard. Many believe advanced technical skills are necessary to operate in Web3 or fintech. However, the exact opposite is true. As long as you maintain community involvement and business knowledge, you may be successful in several non-technical web3 professions. Below, Pocketbook Agency presents a more in-depth explanation of web3 and a list of eleven non-technical occupations ripe with opportunity.

What Specifically Is Web3?

Gavin Wood coined the word web3 in 2014. (also known as web 3.0). The computer scientist first used this term in his blog named “Insights into the Contemporary World.” After Snowden, a decentralized innovation enabled by blockchain technology arose, according to him. YouTube, Facebook, and other sites collect and manage your data. When using web3, your data is stored in a crypto wallet, which you take with you after engaging with communities and apps. Since you have ownership over the data, you can decide whether or not to monetize it.

With web3, your bitcoin wallet has privacy features. Cybercriminals can’t link your web3 wallet to your actual identity. Additionally, web3 apps are operated by autonomous decentralized organizations (DAOs). In contrast to conventional businesses, in which shareholders vote on changes imposed by the CEO, DAOs are democratic, with everyone having access to the source codes of the organizations. In other words, individuals holding governance tokens rather than a central administration make the decisions. Tickets may be acquired or earned via the maintenance of decentralized web3 apps.

Web3 is not anticipated to replace web 2.0 anytime soon. It is expected to coexist alongside Web 2.0 and provide users with more options.

10 Best Non-Technical Web3 Jobs

The web3 industry offers a plethora of lucrative employment opportunities. And the best part is that you need not need a passion or skill for technology to succeed in web3. Let’s analyze eleven of the most popular non-technical web3 occupations in 2022:

1. Executive Assistant

Any CEO can appreciate the value of a dependable executive assistant (EA). You would improve the company’s efficiency by handling the CEO’s administrative duties. You may succeed as an EA for a web3 company if you are a highly organized individual with excellent time management and communication skills.

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As with any web3 career, a passion for web3, money, and cryptocurrency is necessary to be a successful EA. And you must commit to constant learning and growth. Also essential is the capacity for independent thought and action.

2. Community Manager

The web3 role of community manager is an essential one. Group managers are responsible for marketing and customer service, establishing and expanding a solid and active group of supporters. Additionally, they seek to address problems as they arise. As a community manager, you must have extensive knowledge of the crypto space. For instance, if you are tasked with promoting a new NFT project, you must be familiar with Discord and several other native social networks.

The majority of community managers have a degree in marketing. And although experience in tech-related marketing is optional, it is good to have such knowledge. In addition, you must have the drive to build a community from scratch and the necessary interpersonal communication abilities.

3. Events Manager

Historically, web2 platforms have supported the bulk of marketing efforts. Future platforms cannot be predicted with precision, but we realize that people will always use media to connect and interact. And this is true independent of the prevalent Internet format. In an industry still in its infancy, it is one of their most significant requests that bitcoin companies increase their visibility. Organizations are investigating in-person client engagement strategies to build a tangible presence that the Internet cannot provide.

The only way events occur in the real world is when an events manager organizes them. Consequently, they may enhance their brands and reputations within their respective industries. His role may be perfect if you excel in prioritization, planning, goal-setting, and execution. You may make a name for yourself as an event planner if you possess these skills and a thorough understanding of a decentralized Internet, crypto, and blockchain.

4. Analyst

Companies are hiring a diversified workforce according to the duties and commodities. In the web3 sector, several analysts exist. A risk analyst, for instance, examines data and aids companies in identifying the risks associated with specific actions or activities. A data analyst gathers and analyzes data for trends and patterns to help organizations uncover opportunities they may exploit; ultimately, data analysts help firms stay competitive.

Additionally, financial experts are required. By assessing risks, conceiving investment plans, and maintaining investor portfolios, this analyst aids companies interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. And as a research analyst, you would assess the progress of the bitcoin industry and inform the company’s decision-makers.

5. Beta Tester

Since Web3 projects are built on cutting-edge technology, extensive testing is required before public release. Whether for Play2Earn games on the Metaverse or DeFi services, web3 firms engage testers worldwide to examine each software for quality, bugs, and other characteristics.

In addition to a salary, many web3 beta testers are compensated with game-related bonuses, rewards, or enhancements. By participating in project assignments, you may earn extra rewards while contributing to improving your company’s products and establishing yourself as a beta tester.

6. Technical Writer

Open-source initiative-affiliated businesses have a strong need for technical writers. As a technical writer, you would help formulate, explain, and market such projects.

Numerous technical writers provide well-reasoned studies on decentralized finance, cryptocurrency, and web3. In this position, you would likely work closely with co-founders to establish the company as a thought leader while preserving brand narrative and message consistency.

7. Developer

You may think, “Are developers technically inclined?” The answer is both yes and no. Even if you have an unusual background, you may get work as a web3 developer if you have the required skills and expertise in the industry. Mastering the most used programming languages is the most significant factor to consider as a web3 developer.

If you are starting from scratch, choose a language to study and represent yourself as proficient in that language. Research C++, Solidity, and other programming languages to determine their most prevalent uses. Then, consider the businesses you want to work for and learn the language in which they are most likely to need an expert.

8. Designer

You may become a web3 designer even with less experience in the technological sector. The essential characteristic is the belief that well-designed software can positively affect culture. And a broad sense of creativity is required. There are several levels of design for both new and existing businesses. You may get access by supporting design teams with product development and strategy formulation.

Like most businesses, Web3 companies require social media influencers to promote their efforts and products. A well-known influencer may do wonders for brand exposure, but the company’s goals must direct them. And if you acquire a passion for the work and enhance your technical skills, you may get to the point where you create novel software and micro-interactions.

NFT art services by NFT designers are in high demand as more businesses and individuals enter the NFT market. They provide an essential link between the technical world of blockchain and the creative world of art, making it possible to own and trade unique digital creations like physical assets. As Web3 continues to evolve, the role of NFT designers will only become more vital. They are the creators of the new digital age, shaping the future of art, commerce, and ownership in the virtual world.

9. Influencer Manager

As an influencer manager, you will develop and handle a variety of brand-building marketing campaigns. You must have a passion for community involvement and be capable of creating new relationships with many influencers across several platforms. In other words, you must increase your networking efforts!

10. Chief of Staff

As in a political campaign for government administration, the chief of staff for a web3 company is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all business sectors operate successfully and in line with the organization’s overarching objectives and goals. As chief of staff, you will work directly with executives to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Success in this role demands an array of communication and interpersonal abilities. Chiefs of staff with an entrepreneurial mindset do very well. In addition, a genuine interest in web3 frameworks and technologies might assist you in becoming indispensable.

Web3 has made significant progress since its launch in 2014. As the significance of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain increases, new opportunities emerge for industry expertise. Contrary to common opinion, technical competence is optional for a successful web3 job. Continue your search for jobs that align with your current skills and interests. And remember to use Pocketbook Agency to evaluate our job listing and connect with potential employers.