A Special List Of The Best Games You Can Play To Earn

A Special List Of The Best Games You Can Play To Earn

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December 12, 2022 by Diana Ambolis
Play to earn, or P2E, game popularity skyrocketed in 2021, mainly due to the success of titles like Axie Infinity and Sandbox. Users might encounter a novel gaming method while ensuring they are in charge of their gaming activities and resources. Are you curious about the best play-to-win games and their distinctive experiences? P2E games
A Special List Of The Best Games You Can Play To Earn

Play to earn, or P2E, game popularity skyrocketed in 2021, mainly due to the success of titles like Axie Infinity and Sandbox. Users might encounter a novel gaming method while ensuring they are in charge of their gaming activities and resources. Are you curious about the best play-to-win games and their distinctive experiences? P2E games currently on the market include a wide range of possibilities.

As a result, several optimal solutions are probably available to you in the play-to-earn environment. However, if you take a quick look at their offerings and distinctive digital experiences, you can navigate to the best P2E games. You can find an exclusive list of the top P2E games in 2022 on the following page.

What are Games with an Earning?

P2E games, often known as play-to-earn games, are one of the most extensive intrusions in the traditional gaming industry. You may characterize them as regular games that reinvent the gaming experience and business model by utilizing a blockchain and smart contracts. You must understand what a play-to-earn match is to pick the most OK play-to-earn games. Players must use various methods to help gamers earn more through gaming escapades. Players may receive incentives in the form of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or even an increase in their own NFTs.

Additionally, specific use cases allow players to stake tokens they have earned as prizes. Surprisingly, the staked tokens may also be the cornerstone of a decentralized governance system for the P2E gaming industry. The ability to stake tokens could significantly improve some of the most well-liked play-to-win games.

Some play-to-earn games imply that players must possess a particular cryptocurrency or NFT to participate in the game. On the other hand, some games are free to play, or F2P. Players could exercise their right to vote on suggestions about the game’s design and the alteration of other parameters with the aid of “staked tokens.”

The popularity of Games with Earnings

Studying some of the most lucrative play-to-earn games also prompts consideration of the P2E industry’s current state. Play-to-earn games have demonstrated their ability to revolutionize gaming in less than a year by taking an evolutionary step. On the other hand, the P2E gaming market has experienced exponential development due to the regular release of new games. The play-to-earn games may contribute significantly to the metaverse and provide consumers with immersive experiences. However, given that the P2E concept is novel, the list of play-to-earn games might only include a few possibilities.

Nearly 1.4 million wallets were associated with decentralized gaming apps as of 2021. Additionally, the in-game NFTs made up almost 20% of the 2021 NFT trading volume. Further, the popularity of popular video games has inspired numerous investors and venture capitalists to spend more than $4 billion on blockchain-based games.

Popular Games with Earnings

Numerous opportunities have arisen as a result of play-to-earn games’ intermittent growth. People are looking into new methods to use the P2E ecosystem and playing to gain games in crypto. Do you want to give a play-to-earn game a try? The ideal line of action for beginners is to play a free game.

You may practice the fundamental aspects of P2E gaming while learning about the principles of blockchain-based games. Before investing in one game, practice for virtual tokens and understand the gameplay mechanics. Do your study to see whether the game is good for you before purchasing any in-game items. On the other hand, some of you might have decided to delve into the P2E industry. Here are some top entries from the 2022 Play to Earn Games list.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity would be the unquestionable top game on a list of play-to-earn titles. One of the most famous P2E games, the NFT-based game became well-known during the 2020 pandemic. In actuality, Filipinos played the game to combat the financial issues brought on by the loss of their jobs during the pandemic. Players can produce monsters known as “Axies” as NFTs in a dystopian setting.

In their journey to explore the virtual world, users might compete with one another’s Axies. Axies have interestingly distinct types, and their characteristics influence how rare they are. The ability to build kingdoms for the Axies is another game feature. Players can take advantage of several customization possibilities to give their virtual creatures unique qualities. Love potions, a native token of the P2E gaming platform, can be exchanged for AXS as a prize for winning creature battles.

With more than eight million users, Axie Infinity is unquestionably one of the most well-liked games that can be played for free. The game has significantly fueled the digital economy and is played daily by close to one million gamers. Millions of dollars were sold daily on the Axie Infinity marketplace, with the cute creatures fetching prices in the thousands.

Axie Infinity keeps introducing fresh features and engaging experiences for gamers thanks to the power of innovation. Most importantly, Axie Infinity’s unique design allows it to handle massive player traffic and transaction volumes. Because the game uses the Ronin sidechain, there are no concerns about Ethereum’s high gas costs.

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The Playground

With a focus on the metaverse, The Sandbox is another top candidate among games players can play to make money in 2022. It’s a fun blockchain-based game with fictitious plots of land of various sizes. The property owners may construct assets on their virtual plots of land and personalize new experiences.

Sandbox’s beginnings date back to 2012, when it first appeared as a simple mobile game. After that, Sandbox was taken over by Animoca Brands in 2018 and completely redesigned as a web3 version. In December 2019, the platform started offering virtual property for sale. For instance, owners of virtual properties on Sandbox might create interactive games, social centers, or whatever else they could think of. The Sandbox is undoubtedly one of the best P2E games, with well-known endorsers like Snoop Dogg.

How do virtual real estate parcels connect to P2E gaming? Many people would question Sandbox’s ranking among the best play-to-earn games, given that it belongs to the metaverse category. Even while The Sandbox is more than just a standard P2E game, it may not be. Sandbox landowners could create P2E game systems with distinctive experiences. The gaming experience and design would determine the play-to-earn rewards in the games on Sandbox. Newcomers might view Sandbox as a free-to-play metaverse game for learning about virtual property management. At the same time, bitcoin is required to buy or rent virtual plots.

With its “voxel-based” game elements, the Sandbox’s graphic design is almost identical to Minecraft’s. Along with VoxEdit, game developers have access to The Sandbox Game Maker for modifying the gameplay experience. While programming can be challenging, you can make P2E games using the tutorials and other tools provided on Sandbox.


With the excitement of card games, Splinterlands elevates the play to gain games in the cryptocurrency landscape. It is essentially an auto-battle trading card game in which players can only obtain rewards through gameplay, such as tokens or cards. Players can compete against one another for victory using the non-fungible cards. The most excellent cards that can aid players in dealing with the opposition are required.

However, before becoming formidable foes, players must complete several tasks. The P2E game features guilds, awards, weekly tournaments, daily tasks, and an in-game market. Players could join guilds and compete weekly against other guilds for the highest rewards. The good thing about Splinterlands is that it is a free-to-play game and perfect for novice players to learn about and comprehend play-to-earn games in 2022. To advance in the game, you can also spend $10 and get a Summoner’s Spellbook NFT.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a significant addition to the list of the greatest games to play for rewards. It utilizes the IMX blockchain and is also a trading card game. With the free-to-play game, users may get going quickly and fight other players to see who is the strongest. The game’s fights incorporate imaginative themes like combat, magic, death, light, deception, and nature.

Each participant in the combat aims to deplete the opponent’s god’s health to zero. Each player may choose three neutral cards from thirty cards to begin the game. Additionally, they must select cards that support their god. You would additionally need to abide by additional game rules.

To compete against one another, players might gather NFT cards, and special abilities could aid them in winning battles. The Gods Unchained game’s in-game money, GODS token, may be used to pay the winners of the conflicts. It is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative play-to-earn games that can boost your self-assurance before entering the P2E market. The Immutable X blockchain, a layer-2 technology that allows scalability without high transaction costs, is the game’s eye-catching attraction.


Pegaxy, which debuted with a beta version by the end of 2021, would also be included in a list of play-to-earn games that deserves special note. Its design makes clear that this horse racing-themed play is imaginative. Horses could be bought as NFTs by players who rented, bred, and raced them. The top three horses in the 12 horse races in the Pegaxy game win prizes. The P2E game has quickly shown promising growth in new users and income potential.

The game is still in its V1 stage as of right now, which is a 2D version. But over time, it would evolve into a fully realized 3D version with more strategy-based components and abilities. The game’s creators intended to include rare horse breeds with distinctive characteristics. Most importantly, Pegaxy offers beginners a simple play-to-earn gaming option with various participation possibilities in 2022. You can rent a racehorse or buy an NFT horse with your money to participate in races.

The game has incorporated specific unique characteristics, referred to as “bloodlines,” with varying degrees of rarity. The rarest lineage, for instance, is Hoz, whereas Campona is also a rare bloodline. Klin is the game’s rarest lineage, whereas Zan is the most prevalent. Additionally, the game includes various horse breed varieties. Additionally, players can gain access to the game by breeding horses, racing, or trading the resulting foals.

To sum up

The comprehensive evaluation of some of the fun earn-to-play games for 2022 provided some excellent choices. The top P2E games include Axie Infinity, the Sandbox, Pegaxy, Splinterlands, and Gods Unchained. The list of play-to-earn games you evaluated here has more room for new games, though.

Play-to-earn games can democratize game design while also giving game developers new avenues for control. With the tools supplied to players, play-to-earn games offer an exceptional creator economy where users can produce assets or brand-new experiences. Investments in play-to-earn games, however, might be dangerous. As a result, before attempting your most OK game, you must thoroughly understand play to gain matches.