A Step By Step Guide To Assess A Crypto Project

A Step By Step Guide To Assess A Crypto Project

August 2, 2022 by Diana Ambolis
Before deciding whether to invest in cryptocurrencies, there are a few important aspects to consider. An evaluation framework for crypto projects is useful to have on hand whether you’re trying to extend your portfolio or are just starting to get involved in new crypto initiatives. This post will outline a step-by-step structure to help you
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Before deciding whether to invest in cryptocurrencies, there are a few important aspects to consider. An evaluation framework for crypto projects is useful to have on hand whether you’re trying to extend your portfolio or are just starting to get involved in new crypto initiatives.

This post will outline a step-by-step structure to help you assess different cryptocurrency initiatives.

How can a cryptocurrency project be assessed?

It’s crucial to consider all of the project’s components throughout your examination of a cryptocurrency project to make a wise investment choice. In general, you should avoid making hasty decisions motivated by emotions because doing so could result in a loss of money. These are only a few inquiries you must make when evaluating cryptocurrencies. This guide’s discussion of them in more detail will provide a foundation for assessing cryptocurrency initiatives.

Keep in mind that the world of cryptocurrencies is very speculative. Therefore, research the market before you start investing. By the time you’re done, you ought to know what to look for and how to make an informed financial choice.

How do I investigate a fresh cryptocurrency project?

You may find high-quality cryptocurrency projects to invest in on a few different sites, including Gate.io Startup, OK Jumpstart, and Binance Launchpad. These initial exchange offering (IEO) platforms give their users the chance to fund fledgling blockchain startups.

Initial coin offers (ICOs), which serve to raise money for cryptocurrency ventures, are another option. It’s important to keep in mind, that ICOs are typically thought of as riskier than IEOs. This is because ICOs are held on the website of a cryptocurrency project, making them a more inviting environment for fraud and swindling.

IEOs, on the other hand, are introduced on the exchange mentioned above platforms. Because most firms that submit their projects to these platforms undergo a screening procedure before they are permitted to start their token sales, they are typically more secure. However, you should still carry out your study even while using an IEO platform. Doing this lets you decide whether a project is a good long-term investment for you and the proper investment opportunity for you.

How should a crypto project be assessed?

Generally speaking, take into account the following while examining a crypto project’s key components:

The project’s intended outcome

It’s critical to check if a crypto project has a compelling and realistic vision while analyzing it. Vaporware is a term used to describe ventures in the cryptocurrency space that have all the bells and whistles but are unlikely to take off. When assessing a cryptocurrency project, be cautious of those that look overly cool and make extravagant promises without having a strong plan or foundation to support them. Only a select handful of the ground-breaking project ideas that industry visionaries come up with are practicable or useful enough to be implemented.

History and the team

The project’s personnel is another important factor to take into account. This is crucial since, in the end, the people working on a project are what will determine its success (or not). Take into account the following when examining the team:

Experience, background, level of competence in the crypto field, and team cohesion are all factors. You may tell from the above elements whether a team is capable and likely to complete the project successfully.

The standard of the white paper

The white paper often covers the project’s vision, the issue it seeks to address, the proposed solution, tokenomics, and other important details.

What is Tokenomics in a connection? A primer on the demand and supply of cryptocurrencies

An excellent white paper will be clear to read and understand without overly technical. Additionally, it must be obvious what issue the project seeks to address and how the proposed solution will be implemented.

Investing your time (and money) in a white paper might not be worthwhile if it is unclear or includes too much technical jargon that you don’t understand. You can also look through the projects’ litepapers if you don’t have the time or patience to read through numerous white sheets. These are condensed versions of white papers, yet they are still quite educational.

Market and use cases that could exist

It’s crucial to think about a project’s prospective market and whether there is a demand for the answer, it is giving. For instance, it’s doubtful that a project will have much of an impact on the crypto space if it attempts to tackle a problem that doesn’t exist or has already been resolved by another project.

Consideration of a project’s prospective use cases is also crucial. The market for a project will be quite small, for instance, if it aims to address a problem that only affects a small number of individuals.


“Tokenomics” describes the project’s business plan and how the token will function inside the ecosystem. For instance, if a token is primarily used for payments, its value will probably change along with the market.

However, tokenomics will be more complicated, and its value will be more steady if it is utilized to power a decentralized application (DApp). Before investing, it’s critical to understand a project’s tokenomics since it can provide some insight into the possible value of the token.

Possibility of growth

Growth potential is the possibility that a project will gain value over time. For instance, a project will likely increase in value over time if it has a strong team, a clear plan, and a sound tokenomics model. It is crucial to conduct thorough research before investing in a project because various factors may affect its growth potential.

The thing

The project’s real solution is referred to as the “product.” Once more, it’s crucial to confirm that the product is genuinely required and that it addresses a genuine issue. As an illustration, consider Ethereum (ETH), which was created in response to the demand for a platform that could enable smart contracts and increase the functionality of blockchain technology.

On the other side, Solana (SOL) is a blockchain that employs proof-of-history, a distinctive consensus method. Solana was designed with the idea that an “internal clock” may significantly increase transaction speed, and it has become one of the best blockchains in terms of transactions per second.

Community support

The amount of interest and involvement the initiative has sparked in its community is called community traction. You can determine your community’s popularity by counting the number number of forum posts, blog subscribers, and social media followers. The likelihood of the project’s success increases with the level of community engagement.

The community’s quality should be considered, not only its size. For instance, a project with a lot of social media followers but few engaged people is probably not as strong as one with fewer followers but more engaged users.

Marketplace value

The total value of all the tokens that have been mined is known as market capitalization. It’s an effective method for estimating a project’s total size. The market cap can also refer to the total value of a company’s shares in the case of non-mined cryptocurrencies. Since cryptocurrencies can be volatile, it’s a reliable sign of an asset’s stability. Cryptocurrencies with higher market capitalization typically exhibit greater stability than those with lower market caps.

The setting

The technology that serves as the foundation for a project is referred to as the platform. For instance, while BNB is built on the BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum is built on the Ethereum blockchain (BSC). Every platform has advantages and cons of its own, so it’s crucial to conduct extensive research on a project before investing. For instance, the most popular platform for developing DApps is Ethereum, whereas BSC is intended to provide great performance and minimal fees.


The amount of information the team makes available to its community is called transparency. A transparent team will keep its community informed of project developments regularly.

Investing in transparent projects is crucial since it shows that the team is committed to the endeavor and eager to be upfront about its development. Furthermore, it will protect you against frauds as rug pulls. On the other hand, a team that lacks transparency would be secretive and keep some information from its community.

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The route

The project’s business plan should be described in the roadmap and offer you some idea of how the team intends to carry out its goal. A good roadmap will have well-planned, achievable milestones the team intends to reach. It should also be periodically updated to reflect its most recent state. A project is unlikely to succeed if the roadmap is out-of-date or unrealistic.