Blockchain News

Amazon Looking To Hire A Blockchain Engineer For Advertisement

Amazon has recently posted a job offer on LinkedIn looking for a software development engineer for its team in Colorado, who is...
August 8, 2019

Three Blockchain-Based Digital Assets You Should Know About

Thousands of close speculators, amateurs and professionals are equally attracted to digital assets like tokens, Bitcoin and oth...
August 8, 2019

Blockchain The New Web 3.0

The introduction of new and disruptive technologies often proves to be the biggest opportunities to gain profit. An apt example...
August 8, 2019

Key Terms For Blockchain Newbies

One of the minute known challenges in the blockchain space is the necessityto communicate easily to a target audience which enc...
August 8, 2019

Samsung Adds 13 Crypto D-apps To Its Blockchain Keystore

Samsung is innovating its blockchain-based venture by adding over a dozen new applications to its Blockchain Keystore market fo...
August 6, 2019

Orbs Co-Founder Sues The Blockchain Firm For Fraud

Co-founders of the Israel-based blockchain firm, Orbs, are reportedly being sued by an ex-partner, Elad Arad, for the dissoluti...
August 6, 2019

IBM Launches Blockchain-Based ‘Trust Your Supplier’ Network

IBM has recently announced the launch of blockchain project which is called “Trust Your Supplier”(TYS) and already has big-name...
August 6, 2019

How Blockchain Could Transform The HR Industry?

Blockchain has become a very popular concept in the past few years and has gained a lot of recognition from many industries. It...
August 6, 2019

Bangladesh Funds Graduates To Learn Blockchain

The Bangladesh government will purportedly invest funds from its $208 million IT project to send graduates for blockchain train...
August 6, 2019

Investors Can Now Exchange Pounds And Ether On The Same Blockchain

A group of former engineers from the Royal Bank of Scotland is working on implementing a private blockchain network for trading...
August 6, 2019