CCBTC Provides Efficient Digital Asset Trading Platform

CCBTC Provides Efficient Digital Asset Trading Platform

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January 13, 2020 by Editor's Desk
Following the birth of digital assets outlined by bitcoin in 2009, it has expanded rapidly as an Internet technology innovation practice worldwide. At present, digital assets such as Bitcoin have tens of millions of users worldwide, and they are established in hundreds of countries. Blockchain technology is procured from Bitcoin, which is currently the most

Following the birth of digital assets outlined by bitcoin in 2009, it has expanded rapidly as an Internet technology innovation practice worldwide. At present, digital assets such as Bitcoin have tens of millions of users worldwide, and they are established in hundreds of countries. Blockchain technology is procured from Bitcoin, which is currently the most comprehensive application practice of blockchain. Many celebs in the world have associated bitcoin with the development of the Internet. They believe that behind bitcoin and the blockchain is the “financial Internet,” and it is likely to build the financial system from the bottom.

As the global popularity of Bitcoin and blockchain continues to increase, many world-leading venture capital firms and the best entrepreneurs have submerged into this industry, and an economy based on Bitcoin and blockchain has started to take shape. It is foreseeable that in the subsequent 5-10 years, Bitcoin and blockchain will develop in the areas of auditing, banking, securities, insurance, notarization, etc. From a global viewpoint, world-leading companies such as Google, Goldman Sachs, SoftBank, and the New York Stock Exchange have funded in many startups in this field, with a total investment of billions of dollars. 

Problems Faced By The Industries

Nevertheless, as the blockchain industry joins an unstable period, the liquidity of digital asset activities has significantly increased, and users’ demands for blockchain digital asset trading platforms have grown extensively. With the exchanges on the market, these are some common problems that exist:

1. Sky-high listing fees

The majority of trading platforms still impose high digital asset online fees. This has led to trading platforms that are more likely to maximize profits when accepting digital assets. This not only increases investor’s risk but also causes high-quality projects to lose their possibilities to develop.

2. Asset security cannot be assured

The defense of user assets of the trading platform has perpetually been an indispensable foundation for the long-term stable growth of the trading platform. In 2014, 650,000 bitcoins were stolen from the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange MTGOX exchange, and the platform was declared insolvent. In 2016, 120,000 bitcoins were robbed from the Bitfinex exchange, letting users lose 36% of their Bitcoin assets directly.

3. Inadequate stability

In the era of the rapid expansion of blockchain technology, the trading platforms that were started in the early stage have difficulties such as underdeveloped technological structure and uncertain systems. All these make users helpless to trade and transfer in time, often creating poor investment opportunities and loss of funds, which hinder the excellent development of the market.

About CCBTC 

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This is where CCBTC steps in!

CCBTC intends to provide leadership and a more stable environment for the evolution of the blockchain. It always adheres to the doctrine of “product technology as the core and user interests first.” It is confined to provide a safe, fair, open, and effective digital asset trading environment.

It continues to improve and enhance its products and services per consumer recommendations and serve customers satisfactorily. 

 CCBTC also runs a blockchain business network, including e-wallets, investment funds, OTC, quantitative trading systems, and media. It combines multi-directional blockchain business to develop a digital currency financial, ecological network.

Team Introduction     

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Top elites form the founding team of from many countries and fields in the world. These involve the well-known Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs Group and Google, Microsoft, IBM, SoftBank, and other world-renowned Internet companies.

CCBTC has expanded multiple sites in various countries and regions across the globe, operating with top management consultant teams to work vigorously to promote digital asset trading.

This also makes CCBTC a global leader in technology platforms, product branches, security risk control systems, operations, and customer service systems.

Risk Control

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Multi-channel verification security:

CCBTC supports multi-channel verification of smartphones, Google, and mailboxes to assure the safety of user account funds.

Real-name certification security:

CCBTC has real-name authentication demands for platform trading users to evade the infiltration of illicit accounts

Hot and cold wallet detached:

The platform separates the hot and cold wallets of the funds, which eluded the loss of funds to the greatest extent.

Server SLB balancing and simultaneous backup:

CCBTC has made a complete server synchronization backup, which can efficiently combat any unknown risks.

CSLB and distributed cluster technology:

The advanced distributed cluster system architecture dramatically improves the security, performance, and stability of the system.

Advantages Offered By CCBTC

Stable and diverse platforms:

CCBTC currently supports Web-site, IOS, and Android-side transactions and usage.

Trading system:

CCBTC currently provides diversified trading services such as fiat currency trading, currency trading, spot trading, and project fundraising, supporting high-frequency trading to bring users good trading experience.

Multi-language support:

It currently maintains Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, English, and Korean. Later, it will constantly support transactions in more than 100 countries across the globe, creating a global circulating blockchain asset trading platform.

Media support:

CCBTC has reached long-term cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign media, including Golden Finance, Evangelism Finance, Babbitt, Mytoken, etc.

Currency support:

It currently supports USDT, BTC, ETH currency trading. It plans to launch more high-quality currencies soon.

Services Offered By CCBTC


1. Reasonable listing fee

 CCBTC is more loyal to high-quality projects and commodities compared to listing fees.

2. Dividends on transaction fees

CCBTC provides a certain percentage of commission dividends to motivate project parties to bring in more opportunities.

3. Free market-making account and API

For digital assets that favorably go online, It will provide a market-making account entirely and open the platform’s internal API so that the project party can make a fair market.

4. Rich channel publicity

CCBTC will use cooperative media to promote high-quality projects and bring more interested users to participate.

Business Cooperation 

Image12 looks forward to operating with companies with high-quality sources and projects worldwide and becoming a close ally in developing the healthy growth of digital currencies jointly.

For more information, you can contact CCBTC at

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