Elfin Games IDO: Discovering the next gem in crypto!

Elfin Games IDO: Discovering the next gem in crypto!

August 2, 2023 by Diana Ambolis
Elfin Games, one of the most anticipated Web3.0 Indie Gaming Companies in the cryptocurrency world, launched their native cryptocurrency $ELFIN to multiple IDO launchpads on July 31 and August 1, 2023.  For those who missed it, the public sale of $ELFIN token on GemPad is scheduled on August 5, 17:00 UTC.  The Initial DEX Offerings

Elfin Games, one of the most anticipated Web3.0 Indie Gaming Companies in the cryptocurrency world, launched their native cryptocurrency $ELFIN to multiple IDO launchpads on July 31 and August 1, 2023. 

For those who missed it, the public sale of $ELFIN token on GemPad is scheduled on August 5, 17:00 UTC. 

The Initial DEX Offerings were held on Kommunitas and  NFTb (still live), and the token opened to a huge success. So keep your eyes peeled for more exciting details as we progress into this read!

But, and this goes especially for people who’ve not been acquainted with the NFT world these past few months, what does Elfin Games do? Why do they need a presale?

Let’s delve deeper into the nitty-gritty of this whole IDO discussion!

Elfin Games and its Native Token $ELFIN

Elfin Games isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill NFT gaming project that offers nothing else but earning opportunities. The industry has grown past that and it shows in Elfin’s feature-packed offerings and games that go beyond just play-to-earn! Due to this ambitious move, it is seen as a must-have project by most Web3.0 Gaming Connoisseurs in the industry who wanted to get their hands on amazing NFT games before anyone else!

Just as amazing as its parent project, Elfin Games’ very own utility token $ELFIN features one of the largest use-cases you’d ever see in a cryptocurrency game! This gives every investor all the reasons they need to secure $ELFINs for themselves! Namely:

$ELFIN Features:

  • Exclusive Access to new titles released by Elfin Games through IFOs (Initial Game Offerings)
  • Generation of NFTs and In-game assets for gameplay advantage and aesthetics
  • Governance Privileges to take part in deciding Elfin Games’ future endeavors
  • Earning Opportunities through Yield Farming and Staking of $ELFINs in their native website
  • Joining exclusive in-game leagues where you can compete with other promising and powerful players for fame, glory, and awesome prizes!
  • Trading NFTs and in-game assets through Elfin Games’ virtual marketplace, with $ELFINs used as the primary currency!  
  • More to come! 

Why Presale? Where Presale?

In the cryptocurrency world, your project’s just as good as the number of people who believe in it! So with that in mind, the Elfin Games $ELFIN Presale is a much-needed headstart to commence the rest of this amazing gaming company’s plans in the future!

Furthermore, the launch of a presale for a project like Elfin Games is a massive leverage that investors will surely enjoy, considering a feature-packed token built on an ecosystem that’s designed to bring the fun and joy out of every Web3.0 game they’ll release!

It must be noted that across all launchpads, $ELFIN’s presale price was a static $0.08 but between the feature-packed token and the Elfin Universe of games that await every hopeful investor, the price is sure to skyrocket soon enough! So in some ways, IDOs like these are one way for investors to stock up on $ELFINs before they become scarce and expensive!

Additionally, Elfin Games is launching its IDO in three different launchpads to cover more ground and magnify its name across every aspect of the Crypto and NFT industry! Let’s talk about these three chosen launchpads, namely: Kommunitas, NFTb, and GemPad!


Kommunitas is your one-stop-shop IDO launchpad for all your crypto-launching needs and more! With a clear goal of creating a self-preserving ecosystem where investors enjoy massive perks and a haven for projects where they can get the funding, exposure, and community they need, Kommunitas is chosen as one of the three launchpads that Elfin Games launched its IDO in!


With a unique approach at launching projects in its platform in what they call as Initial KOMmunity Offerings (IKOs), the security of a project’s success is guaranteed as IKO ensures that they get the community they deserve, while ensuring that investors’ funds are safe until due time!

How to Join Kommunitas IDO?

Kommunitas’ launched the $ELFIN presale on their launchpad ahead of the other two chosen platforms, with three private sale rounds spanned two days (July 31-August 1). The last round was the community sale that was held on August 1, 9 am UTC.


NFTb is your go-to launchpad for everything that involves NFTs and NFT Gaming, despite its tenure in the market. 

Participate in the ongoing  IDO now!

What it lacks in market tenure, it makes up for in honors and features you wouldn’t see anywhere else in the industry! With successful Projects under its belt, a tight-knit community of interactive and dedicated NFT enthusiasts across the planet, and more upcoming stuff that will be announced, NFTb proves itself to be one of the best IDO launchpads to sell the coveted $ELFIN token! 

How to Join NFTb Presale? 

NFTb’s Presale of Elfin Games’ $ELFIN took place on the 1st of August, 12:00 PM UTC.
To show even more support and love for this massive project, NFTb has launched a $500 and 100 Whitelist spots giveaway.

GemPad boasts a unique approach at homing and caring for IDOs that found its way in their Launchpad. Thanks to features that suit DeFi concepts and earning mechanisms that are available on-the-go for investors, supporters, and early adopters, GemPad is dubbed as one of the most important New Age launchpads of this year!

Besides that, the launchpad platform also introduces security measures that protect investors and the project from hackings, bottings, and scams, effectively positioning itself as one of the best Launchpads for incubating projects like Elfin Games and earning the much-deserved third spot in the list of IDO Launchpads where Elfin Games is releasing its $ELFIN token initially!

How to Join GemPad Presale?

As of now, updates regarding Elfin Games’ launch on GemPad’s are few and far between.  Supporters and investors who want to get their bags of $ELFIN through GemPad must mark August 5, 2023 at 17:00 UTC!

Wrap Up

With the IDOs already commenced, the anticipation and excitement for this A-list project is brimming! With the promise of a massive upturn in profits for investors, as well as an ambitious future where games are seen as something more, the IDO launchpad that has taken place is a monumental milestone in the history of Elfin Games and perhaps even the entirety of Web3.0 Gaming itself!

So keep your eyes on the prize, and don’t miss the ELFIN IDO. You want to get in early on Elfin Games, the future of Web3.0 and Blockchain Gaming! 

Participate in the ongoing IDO on NFTb now!