Everything You Need to Know About Doodles NFT

Everything You Need to Know About Doodles NFT

January 24, 2023 by Diana Ambolis
In a short period, Doodles has grown to be one of the most well-known and admired NFT projects. The collection of colorful line-drawn characters has taken over the world and is one of the most popular and profitable PFP (profile picture) collections. What is the Doodles NFT collection? The 10,000 generative NFTs used in Doodles
Everything You Need to Know About Doodles NFT

In a short period, Doodles has grown to be one of the most well-known and admired NFT projects. The collection of colorful line-drawn characters has taken over the world and is one of the most popular and profitable PFP (profile picture) collections.

What is the Doodles NFT collection?

The 10,000 generative NFTs used in Doodles were made by Jordan Castro, Scott Martin, and Evan Keast. In the NFT, Keast, and Castro were well-known fields before Doodles, as they assisted in the 2017 launch of the famed NFT project known as CryptoKitties. The group utilizes the nicknames Tulip, Burnt Toast, and Poopie when utilizing “working aliases.” For more than a year ago, Martin has been doing his work and building his creative identity in the NFT sector. For Doodles, Martin provided original artwork that resulted in hundreds of distinctly graphic components. Following in the footsteps of CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, and Cool Cats, the initiative randomly mixed these different features to make the full Doodles collection.

The Doodles world has a variety of creatures, including humans, cats, pickles, apes, sentient flames, skeletons, aliens, and more. Like almost all others, the Doodles NFTs collection of generative avatars comes in various rarities based on their attributes. Even though the Doodles team has never made a list of which traits are the most and least common, skeletons, cats, apes, and mascots continue to sell for the most money. 


On October 17, 2021, Keast, Castro, and Martin released Doodles. At first, each mint cost 0.123 ETH. At the time, the mint price was considered to be pretty high. Before Doodles, most PFP projects had mint costs under 0.1 ETH. The people who started Doodles chose this higher price point so that the initial fund would have 420 ETH. During the project’s deployment, Doodles tried something that had likely never been done by a PFP project. Approximately one month before the project’s launch for minting, the Doodles team closed Discord when the membership reached a little over 1,000. As a result of being closed to new members, the project’s community grew even more exclusive.

This decision was controversial because it gave access to a small number of users on the allowlist. But as the Doodles mint date got closer, the project’s fan base grew, and the decision to shut down Discord became a creative way to thank the early backers of the project. This is called “priority minting.”

Building a community for Doodles NFTs

Soon after the Doodles stock ran out, the Discord server was reopened, drawing many new enthusiasts and collectors to the community. Several NFT influencers and well-known celebrities joined Doodles as collectors in the following months. This made Doodles even more notable as one of the most popular PFP NFT communities. Unlike many avatar projects that say they are about the community, Doodles seems to have been all about giving its community power from the beginning. Because of the voting system and the anti-scam, pro-artist attitude, this part of the project has only recently become more well-known. According to the Doodles website, having a Doodle and voting on user suggestions “makes the roadmap collaborative.”

Public vote

The Doodles ecosystem as a whole is one DAO. Thus, every Doodles owner has a say in what that DAO achieves. One Google equals one vote for any DoodleBank-related decisions, according to Keast, who described the DoodleDAO treasury’s workings early on. Members of Doodles have been able to vote on different ideas for live events, sponsoring a 3D Doodles initiative, and other things. With the Doodles Forum and Doodles Discord, you can discuss any request in more depth. As the project has grown, ideas have become less common, while initiatives have become more critical to the future and success of the brand. This is likely due to the project management, which has shown signs of keeping an eye on the end.

Support Artist/Suppress Scam

It looks like Keast and the rest of the Doodles team saw this problem because they already had a derivative permission system set up in their Discord. Doodles, one of the most popular products on the market, was quickly used as a template for several copycat and knockoff goods. Developers were asked to send ideas for official projects inspired by the core Doodles collection. The Doodles community has voted on different projects using the “1 Doodle = 1 Vote” system. This has led to groups like Noodles and Potenza.

For the Doodles server, a scam alert channel was also made to encourage people to “see something, say something.” The track has received many reports of phony accounts and projects. Thus, it has helped block several unapproved Doodles knockoffs and potential frauds.

Imaginations: To the moon

After the first launch, the Doodles floor price varied between 1 and 5 ETH for several months before things took off at the end of 2021. Keast and the rest of the Doodles team began to release little animations at this time that gave hints about impending content. This resulted in some of the highest secondary sales and Doodles sales ever. Even a month after making their news, doodles might still be enthusiastic. On the other hand, a “pump” is usually seen when a project makes a big announcement (like Nike buying RTFKT) or when a collector’s item comes out. The assertion? Drawn together in space

Excellent Pets, Bored Ape Kennel Club, KingFrogs, and other popular projects have taken advantage of the demand and expanded their fan bases. Still, Space Doodles work directly with the original collection of 10,000 NFTs. In the end, instead of making a second set of NFTs to add to their first set, the Doodles team came up with a way for Doodles owners to trade their NFT for a new one with a spaceship theme. These spaceship-themed NFTs are kept in a separate collection on the Ethereum blockchain to distinguish them from the original.

Castro even provided a technical description in a Twitter exchange. Castro said that Space Doodles are “non-dilutive extended material for Doodles.” Only people who have Doodles can access Space Doodles.

As a platform for entertainment, doodles

One of the Doodles project’s most exciting aspects is how it combines blockchain technology with the real world. This is so that Doodles may achieve its goal of being much more than a simple PFP project. As co-founder Keast has said many times, the company’s ultimate goal is to grow into a full-service Web3 entertainment company. The Doodles team has already taken several steps toward achieving this objective.

In-person immersive Doodles experiences have now twice coincided with yearly NFT events. The Doodles team and The Heart Project initially worked together to organize a big event during Art Basel Miami in December 2021. Heart Basel Miami provided the NFT community with its first taste of what to look forward to from Doodles as an entertainment provider. A gallery, limited-edition goods, live music performances, and more were all part of the event. It took little time to plan and carry out the expenditure proposal.

Because Keast announced immediately that many prominent talent agents were interested in Doodles, the event was a success. The Doodles team, however, seems to be organizing more than simply events. According to an interview with HYPEBEAST, the founders’ ultimate goal is to “connect web3 and the real world and unify NFT enthusiasts through community efforts like installations, concert merchandising, and more.”

The second event, The Doodles Genesis Factory, launches in June 2022 in cooperation with NFT.NYC. Several new Doodles projects, such as Doodles 2, Doodles Records, and others, were shown off at the activation. It reinforced Doodles’ intention to be present and active even more. We don’t yet know the full scope of how a Web3 firm might employ a PFP project to accomplish all of this. The Bored Ape Yacht Club and World of Women, managed by Guy Oseary, have said things similar to what Madonna and U2 have said. Right now, Doodles seem to be repeating that cry.

Programs for doodling

Given how recent the Doodles initiative is, its growth and its three creators’ successes are astonishing. The company has added a lot of different kinds of people to its team, including Pharrell Williams as Chief Branding Officer and Julian Holguin, the former President of Billboard, as CEO. These people work on live, immersive events and unique, innovative project development. Over 141,000 ETH in secondaries is now in the collection. The collection of vibrant figures has won the hearts of many NFT enthusiasts, even though Doodles still has a ways to go before they’re taken seriously as a credible threat to the Bored Ape Yacht Club, which has so far earned more than 629,000 ETH for the PFP NFT championship. In addition, even though there has been a significant fluctuation in cryptocurrency prices since the project’s commencement, it is still going forward.

Additionally, the projects grow together with the Doodles Web3 entertainment company. The following are some upcoming events for the Doodles community.

Doodles Help Raid Funds

Alexis Ohanian, who helped start Reddit, is the founder of the venture capital firm 776 Management. In the summer of 2022, it was found out that 776 Management led the first round of fundraising for Doodles. Along with 776, 10T Holdings, Acrew Capital, and FTX Ventures, they raised $54 million in funding for Doodles. Even though the amount of money was not made public, the alliance seemed to be strong because Katelin Holloway, who helped start 776, will join Doodle’s board of directors. It was, too. A September 2022 statement made it clear that Doodles’ inaugural round of funding was a smashing success. According to the September statement, Holloway thinks that Doodles now has the resources it needs to “develop the next digital frontier of how we experience and create content, unlocking the real value behind NFTs.”

After finishing its funding round, Doodles appears prepared to employ “ventures in the music, cultural, and entertainment industries” to establish itself as a global IP. Of course, the blockchain remains the foundation of everything, having initially made Doodles possible. According to Holloway’s quote from the press release, “Doodles is rethinking storytelling through the blockchain and revolutionizing how the world interacts and communicates.”

Doodles 2

Even more than Space Doodles, Doodles 2 might be the most exciting game in the long Doodles series. Once again, it appears like Doodles is forgoing the route of a companion project in favor of establishing a completely new, unique project to win over more users for Doodles and the greater NFT ecosystem. Most likely, an entirely different blockchain will power Doodles 2. Even though the Doodles designers have said that the entire topic is still up for debate, the team wishes to help in this decision to boost the project’s wider adoption.

New collectors may build a base-level Doodle in Doodles 2, advertised as “A Doodle for Everyone,” choose traits like skin tone and hair color and then customize their Doodle with things that have varying degrees of rarity. The people who made Doodles 2 say that their NFTs are dynamic and allow users to change their appearance at any time, choose a full-body or PFP view and unlock an animated version of their NFT with original music. A further element of Doodles 2 is the Doodles Genesis Box. The first-run wearables in this NFT box, unveiled at the Genesis Factory, will kick off the wearables market in Doodles 2. Doodles say that this whole set of boxes with 24,000 NFTs was auctioned off using a unique method called a “bucket auction” (find out more here).

Doodles records

About the putative record label, little is known. Fans of Doodles may be interested in the new Doodles Records subsidiary of the leading Doodles brand. It combines the best aspects of music and NFTs. Volume 1 of Doodles Records will have original music produced by Pharrell, hand-drawn album art by the leading Doodles artist Scott Martin, and limited-edition wearables for Doodles 2. Because of the partnership with Columbia Records, owners of Doodles 2 will be able to add the music from the first volume to their brand-new animated NFTs.

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The co-founder of Doodles, Keast, refers to these NFTs as a dealer’s option when dealing with the larger Doodles ecosystem. He calls the fact that collectors can add the rarest traits from the original Doodles to Doodles 2 a “super-powered gizmo.” the Doodles Twitter account says that the Dooplicator, one of the most confusing parts of the Doodles ecosystem, has “perpetual use beyond Doodles 2.”

The steady ascent of Doodles

Aside from the usual hype cycle of prices going up and famous people joining, Doodles occasionally leave their community. This hasn’t necessarily been bad because, in contrast to the greater NFT community, which has become accustomed to biweekly teasers and announcements, the Doodles group seems pleased to keep quiet until they have something to say.

Whatever the feelings, it’s clear that Doodles wants to give its community a wild trip over the next five years. The Doodles team’s original treasury holding, worth more than $1.5 million at the time the project was launched, has more than been made up for in millions of dollars now in the Doodle bank, and an extensive fundraising campaign is about to start.