FixedFloat: An Outlook on the Instant Lightning Network Crypto Exchange

FixedFloat: An Outlook on the Instant Lightning Network Crypto Exchange

February 9, 2023 by Editor's Desk
Introduction In the fast-moving world, when every phase of human life gets advanced, the man introduces new and new life-changing inventions with the use of modern science and technology. One of the most innovative and astounding development is the digital asset, invented with the intention to secure the public from the risks of fiat currencies.
FixedFloat An Outlook on the Instant Lightning Network Crypto Exchange


In the fast-moving world, when every phase of human life gets advanced, the man introduces new and new life-changing inventions with the use of modern science and technology. One of the most innovative and astounding development is the digital asset, invented with the intention to secure the public from the risks of fiat currencies. More and more crypto exchanges flourish day by day, marking the public’s interest and trust in the blockchain ecosystems. These crypto exchanges facilitate traders to trade their digital assets, sometimes receiving rewards.

FixedFloat, the most secure and trusted crypto exchange, is the only instant, completely automatic crypto exchange that supports Lightning Network. The platform provides the community with fast and safe services with a variety of virtual currencies.

An Insight into the History of FixedFloat

Launched in 2018, FixedFloat was established as a full-fledged crypto trading platform that supports Lightning Network; still FixedFloat flourishes as the only crypto exchange that supports Lightning Network. The platform started its journey with a vision to become a reliable and trustworthy partner in the digital world guaranteeing the crypto users a secure environment. FixedFloat’s mission is to transfer the crypto economy into a simple environment, making the users comfortable.

The Details of FixedFloat

Number of supported coins/tokens 60
Available on Mobile Under development

Features of FixedFloat

The major features that distinguish FixedFloat from any other crypto exchange are

  1. Speed

In the modern world, when people are tightly packed, they prefer the highest speed for transactions. Thus, the user-friendly crypto platform offers transactions and related procedures at the highest possible speed, without any additional fees.

  1. Convenience

As FixedFloat’s key factor is the priority to its customers, the platform provides the maximum user convenient facilities from entering into the platform through the transaction of currencies. The registration via the QR code as well as the promotion of no KYC scheme shows the utmost significance of user convenience to FixedFloat.

  1. Security

Just like any other decentralized platform, FixedFloat also is not under the control of any intermediaries or third parties, securing the highest security for its community. The platform asks no one to share their personal data as the customer’s confidentiality is of the greatest significance.

  1. Time Management

An enhanced time management system makes FixedFloat closer to its users. Even the platform provides an automated query-response system permitting the users to receive responses to their doubts and suggestions in no time.

Ff Picture3

FixedFloat Interface Displaced on the Website (Source: FixedFloat)

Ff Picture4Recent Transactions of FixedFloat (Source: FixedFloat)

Digital Currencies

FixedFloat supports 60 cryptocurrencies, including the 10 tokens added in 2022.

The coins include:

Bitcoin Ethereum Tether Bitcoin (BEP2)
Litecoin Monero OX
Aave Avalanche Basic Attention
Binance Chain Binance Smart Chain Binance USD (BEP2) Binance USD (BEP20)
Bitcoin (BEP20) Bitcoin (Lightning) Bitcoin (Cash)
Cardano Cardano (BEP2) Cardano (BEP20)
Chainlink (ERC20) Cosmos DAI (BEP20)
DAI (ERC20) Dash Decentraland (ERC20)
Dogecoin EOS Ethereum (BEP2)
Ethereum (BEP20) Ethereum Classic Fantom
Maker (ERC20) PancakeSwap (BEP20) Pax Dollar (ERC20)
Polkadot Polygon (ERC20) Polygon (POLYGON)
Ripple Shiba Inu (BEP20) Shiba Inu (ERC20)
Solana Tether (BEP2) Tether (BEP20)
Tether (POLYGON) Tether (SOLANA) Tether (TRC20)
Tezos Tron TrueUSD (ERC20)
Trust Wallet Token (BEP2) USD Token (BEP20) USD Coin (ERC20)
VeChain Zcash Binance USD (ERC20)


Customer Oriented Activities

FixedFloat views its customers with utmost significance and thus has created an ecosystem to maximize user-friendly procedures. Registration into the platform with just a click without detailed and time-consuming procedures makes it a user-friendly network. By advocating no KYC scheme, the platform enables the customers more free with the platform. The choice given to the customers to select their network fee is also an additional benefit to the customers. Also, the quick, automated query response and the orientation programs have been developed considering the comfort of our customers.

Fee Structure 

Significantly, FixedFloat facilitates two types of fee structures:

  1. Fixed-rate

While opting for a fixed rate, you will get the price you see at the point of initiating a transaction; the amount will be just 1% + network fee. There won’t be any hidden commissions and the rates will get frozen for 10 minutes. In addition, if the market rate changes by almost 1.2% or more, before the appearance of your transaction on the blockchain network, a refund will be initiated, or else, you will be permitted to continue exchanging at the market rate.

  1. Float rate

When the necessary number of blockchain network confirmations is received, then the exchange rate is finally fixed. A fair criterion is followed- if the market rate surges, more cryptocurrency is issued; if the market rate plummets, the number of cryptocurrencies decreases. The fee will be just 0.5% + network fee and there won’t be any hidden commissions.

Our Transactions

Often, our transactions are completed in less than 30 minutes. However, if the transaction fails to get completed even after 30 minutes, the customers can contact the blockchain.

The blockchain price is a commission for those who work for the maintenance of the blockchain network. The more fees you contribute as the network fee, the faster the procedure will take place. When the network fee is too low, then the user would have to face the risk of having transactions at a very low speed.

Tracking Orders

There are three ways in which customers can track their orders:

  1. On FixedFloat site
  2. On website
  3. By tracking the ledger

FixedFloat’s API Key

An API key is a unique identifier used for connecting to or performing an API call. It is used to send and receive data. The FixedFloat API allows one to automate the process of receiving information about the exchange rates of currencies, and orders, as well as to create orders and manage them.

Advantages of FixedFloat 

  • FixedFloat prioritizes customers which makes us much devoted to satisfying their needs at the easiest. Thus, we provide a better hassle-free environment without compromising security or speed.
  • The platform provides user-friendly, economic-friendly procedures that save your time and money.
  • FixedFloat promotes the no Know-Your-Customer (KYC) feature, with the intention to allow users to have easier access to the platform without KYC verification.
  • FixedFloat allows you to join the platform just by scanning a QR code that resists any kind of inconvenience.
  • Thus, the platform provides easy accessibility to the platform.
  • The platform is secure and safe for the customers; it does not require any personal details of the customers for being our users.
  • FixedFloat offers a transparent fee, allowing the customers to select from two options provided: Fixed rate and Float rate.
  • The automated services provided by the platform is oriented to provide an all-time service to the customers without delay.
  • The platform offers services without limits; throughout the day and night, FixedFloat is ready to offer services to its customers.

Disadvantages of FixedFloat

  • The platform does not accept fiat currencies.

FixedFloat in 2022

In 2022, more than 1,000,000 orders have been completed. On a daily basis, more than 1000 customers use our platform daily. In addition, new members are added daily to the FixedFloat Family.

The year witnessed the addition of 10 digital currencies to FixedFloat. The newly added coins include PancakeSwap, Shiba Inu, Cosmos, Polkadot, Tezos, Solana, Avalanche, Aave, Decentraland, and EOS.

Being a customer-oriented platform, FixedFloat always looks for new and new activities that would make the customers comfortable. The platform organized the Monero fan meeting in Prague on Halloween Day, to provide an opportunity for our customers to have an open stage for suggestions and queries.


FixedFloat’s Plans for 2023

FixedFloat has taken initiative for updating the design of the company website. In addition, the platform has also started working on the plan to launch a new mobile application. More and more innovative ideas will be introduced in the year for fostering the needs of the FixedFloat family.


FixedFloat is the only Lightning Network Exchange that moves successfully with its unique and customer-oriented features including transparent and easy procedures, no KYC scheme, supporting digital tokens, etc.