Marvin Steinberg, An Entrepreneur Who Built a Multi-Million Dollar Empire

Marvin Steinberg, An Entrepreneur Who Built a Multi-Million Dollar Empire

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October 4, 2019 by Editor's Desk
“When I got the call, I checked my wallet to see if I had enough money for the train ticket… I was down to my last 100€, and I had to make a choice, right then and there.” Why do we all love “rags to riches” stories so much? Do they rekindle a feeling of
Marvin Steinberg

“When I got the call, I checked my wallet to see if I had enough money for the train ticket… I was down to my last 100€, and I had to make a choice, right then and there.”

Why do we all love “rags to riches” stories so much?

Do they rekindle a feeling of hope for those of us who’ve given up? Do they provide social proof that it’s still possible to make it in this world as a self-made millionaire? Or do they simply serve as great entertainment?

Regardless of the answer, Marvin Steinberg’s story is a great example of how life can often be a rollercoaster of ups and downs, where the only way to succeed is to persevere against all odds.

Marvin came from a background of competitive sports, with a grandiose vision. But unfortunately, life had other plans for him. 

Due to a serious knee injury at the age of 16, his promising career was ended abruptly, with all his dreams shattering in front of his eyes. After a brief time of self-absorption, Marvin found  Joseph Murphy’s book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,“ and it gave him new hope, along with a new, bolder vision: To live life on his terms and take back control, while also giving back to society.

In 2007, he set his eyes on another career path: making it in the energy sector, which was well-known for its lack of digital strategies for marketing & sales at the time.

Due to his persistent desire to innovate, Marvin quickly discovered a fantastic opportunity to boost the effectiveness of his work, by using online strategies in a predominantly offline industry. Fortunately for him, his superiors also embraced this idea and Marvin began climbing the ranks at an ever-increasing speed.

The Devil Never Sleeps

Unfortunately, soon after his success, life threw another curveball Marvin’s way.

The company he had been working for experienced severe financial losses and Marvin Steinberg was let go with several months’ salaries and commissions unpaid.

Yet again, an even better opportunity showed up on Marvin’s front door. He was contacted by the founder of another energy company with a job offer.

In order to accept this job, Marvin Steinberg had to move to the other side of Germany with nothing but 100€ in his bank account. Life had placed an important decision in Marvin’s hands and yet forced a crumbling decision upon him: the price of the train ticket to the other side of Germany was 100€. Marvin had to make a decision, fast. 

What would you have done at this point? Would you have taken the plunge? Or would you have settled for a less risky outcome?

Marvin Steinberg  went all-in.

“It was 1 day’s travel to Bayern and I only had money to get there. The return trip cost another 100€ that I didn’t have at the moment. It was all or nothing, no time to play. If I win, I win big. If I lose, it’s over. But at that moment, I felt like I had nothing to lose. So I went for it and never looked back since!”

It turned out that this opportunity was perfect for Marvin’s skills and acted as a growth accelerator.

“I was totally new there, to really use the internet for marketing and sales. Nobody has done it before. I was amazed at how people were leaving incredible amounts of money on the table by using outdated strategies. So I helped them unlock this new growth potential and the results blew through all expectations.”

After a few years of experience, Marvin also started his own distribution company “db swpro,” and he was also part of the energy supplier “db swdirekt,” which quickly grew to generate a steady flow of profit while involving over 25,000 people at its peak. Moreover, the system  designs, which led the operations of the company, were self-sustainable, enabling steady operational flow without direct input from Marvin.

As a result, after just 6 months, he made a highly-successful exit to pursue additional challenges. The hallmark of a successful serial entrepreneur.

Building successful companies that make a difference

Today Marvin Steinberg is a self-made millionaire, happily married, and a father of 2 lovely girls.

He’s gained a reputation for being a seasoned businessman with a proven track record of building and partnering with innovative companies in several fast-growing industries.

One of these is CPI Technologies, which he co-founded with technical wizard Maximilian Schmidt. 

CPI Tech is the only high-frequency trading platform for cryptocurrencies, FIAT, and cryptonized real-world assets that combine rock-solid software with unprecedented profitability. Needless to say, Marvin’s dedication to excellence shows:

The company has a strong success record of results including:

  • 124% average yearly sales increase with custom marketing campaigns
  • 23+ Successfully completed high-value projects during last year
  • 420% average visitor increase for traffic campaigns
  • $100k+/month average profit increase for its clients

Apart from CPI Tech, he’s also the owner of Steinberg Marketing, a highly-respected marketing agency that offers companies worldwide a shortcut to explosive growth with data-driven marketing strategies and a clear ROI.

“Most marketing agencies make it too hard to justify their cost. Instead, we focus on real results with clear KPIs so you can get an ROI as soon as possible, often within the first month. We pride ourselves as being the best “bang-for-your-buck” marketing agency on the market. Period.”

Revolutionizing key industries

Marvin is also involved in several cutting-edge “tokenization” projects. One of these aims to tokenize a part of Times Square itself. 

What this means, in essence, is that by utilizing the power of the Blockchain, almost anyone will be able to own a piece of this iconic trophy asset right in the heart of New York City (with all its perks) – regardless of their background, geographic location, or financial situation. 

This assertion is confirmed by other research operators in the blockchain sector. Researchers like Diar, Mesari, and DAO Maker have presented plenty of data that tokenization can enable greater spread of otherwise high-mark assets. Blockchain news events like tokenization of real estate, as executed by Marvin Steinberg’s Times Square project, creates advanced security tokens that are unseen in present STO lists

For decades, this definition of the “American Dream” has always been a far-fetched fantasy for most people… but not anymore. Very soon, everyone will share a piece of it. 

This ambitious project democratizes the opportunity for people to invest in real estate, even if they don’t have huge amounts to invest. And unlike traditional real estate investing, people don’t even have to deal with unnecessary middlemen, expensive lawyers, and tons of hidden fees.

This is exactly what fuels Marvin Steinberg’s desire for innovative entrepreneurship: to be in the vanguard of revolutionizing key industries, just like he did with the energy sector in Germany – only now, on a global scale.

Steve Jobs once said, ‘You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards’. Marvin’s story is indeed a classic illustration of that. 

Now it’s time to pass the torch along

Innovation never stops. And you never know where it will appear next. The only certainty is that ambitious new startups hold the key.

And that’s exactly why – after more than a decade of successful entrepreneurship. Marvin is now busy actively supporting a new generation of companies with promising potential.

In fact, he spends a great deal of time and energy helping ambitious startups scale to the next level – not just by investing in them, but also providing close mentorship to their founders in key aspects like business strategy, marketing, sales, and rapid growth mindset.

“I know how hard it is to get the ball rolling. In today’s uber-competitive world, it’s difficult to get the funding you need to turn your vision into a reality. And without those funds, it’s impossible to scale, no matter how good your idea is. So I’ve made it my mission to find promising startups, and give them the opportunity they deserve to make it as the “next big thing”. I do believe in unicorns, and I’m busy growing them” – Marvin has said in an interview.

And this isn’t just an empty promise either.

Startups love working with Marvin because of his hands-on style, personal involvement, and unique experience that he’s willing to share freely.

And this combination of winning business strategy, mentoring, and effective growth hacking is exactly what makes him so effective.

Obviously, he can’t work with everyone, but he’s constantly on the lookout for new startups with an already successful proof of concept, and who are ready to scale to the next level.

Marvin has settled a platform,, for strategic partnerships with startups. Much of Marvin’s strategy is available for the public eye at This level of transparency enables him to ensure young entrepreneurs, who truly associate their projects as their babies, can recognize the honesty of the work and experience Marvin shares, derived from the life journey he has had. 

This man, who has helped so many companies go global, scale-up, build their brand, and improve their acquisition strategy now hopes to offer services once exclusively accessible to major corporations from expensive multi-national consultancies, to any startup led by an entrepreneur with the same degree of strive and ambition held by the young Marvin Steinberg who was willing to go any number of extra miles for the sake of establishing a life of achievements.