The Inside Story of a Discovery and Marketing Platform – Bubblo

The Inside Story of a Discovery and Marketing Platform – Bubblo

July 19, 2018 by Editor's Desk

Bubblo is an application, with a catchy UI,  that provides users with decentralized discovery. TiIl date, it has raised $2.8 million in four rounds of funding. It helps users know everything about a place including bars, clubs, and restaurants. It also shows additional information about the venues such as the male-female ratio and a video clip of the place which is updated every 10 seconds.

In an interview with Greg Greenberg, Blockchain Global News, Shashank Sripada, founder of Bubblo talks about why he started this company and how he plans to take it forward.

GG: What exactly is Bubblo?

SS: So Bublo is a discovery app and marketing platform. We hate Yelp. We want to take down Yelp and we think that it is a web 2.0 product, has black and white text and 30 pages of results. Bublo uses artificial intelligence to show you the top 5 places to go out. We have VR videos of the places and we provide users with a new way to discover their city.

GG: Do you give reviews as well because people go on Yelp to get reviews?

SS: Of course. We actually aggregate reviews from every source out there – Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and  Yelp. We also have our own review system which is now incorporating blockchain technology to reward users for reviewing, upvoting and providing content. The token which is awarded to the users provides them with the ability to commoditize their data and bargain their personal information with businesses in exchange for rewards.

GG: Does it protect their data because that is a big thing nowadays seeing the troubles Facebook has been facing?

SS: Yes, so that’s the big thing. This has come out almost at the perfect time for us as we are working on this for quite a while. We care about data privacy. Currently, Facebook sits in between the users and businesses, where neither get to see the photo of others and users don’t get to make any profit off of it. Through us, users can share access to their data and choose with whom they want to share it with.

GG: How did you get started in this business?

SS: I’m just a guy who loves to go out. This is my third company and I am an entrepreneur but most of all I love exploring new cities and places. The process of exploring was so difficult with Yelp and other existing companies. You have to go through 30 places and then go to the google maps to see if it is close to you or go back to square one. You then have to go to Twitter to see if there are any happy hours and go to Instagram to see if there are any pictures. It’s a whole mess and we are trying to aggregate it in one place.

Clearly, Bubblo brings a new way of discovery for the users and prevents them from the hassle of checking multiple platforms to get the information about a single place. The secret sauce of the company also lies in its token rewarding system which the company will be launching soon. The token system will not only be used to reward the users for giving content to the platform but also help them to protect and sell their data to businesses in exchange for various benefits. In strong competition with Yelp, Shashank has the vision to revolutionize the discovery platform space by making a much useful product!

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