The Top 7 Asian Cryptocurrency Projects

The Top 7 Asian Cryptocurrency Projects

September 8, 2023 by Diana Ambolis
Researching the nations that make up this continent and their impact on the global cryptocurrency market is a prerequisite for ranking the best Asian cryptocurrency projects. On the other hand, it’s critical to understand how a specific nation embraced one of the most well-known cryptos in its industry. Consider the new initiatives Battle Infinity and
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Researching the nations that make up this continent and their impact on the global cryptocurrency market is a prerequisite for ranking the best Asian cryptocurrency projects. On the other hand, it’s critical to understand how a specific nation embraced one of the most well-known cryptos in its industry. Consider the new initiatives Battle Infinity and Tamadoge before reading the list because they will draw new players and alter how people play games.

Battle Infinit

Battle Infinity, one of the most well-liked P2E multiplayer battle games, resembles a gaming platform more than a traditional battle game. It combines DeFi, gaming, and NFTs in various combinations. We can include the most significant Asian cryptocurrency projects in the list for multiple factors, including the high level of popularity and the potential for investors. The game is an ecosystem that gives gamers, as well as artists and creators, a variety of alternatives. You can play the game, personalize your avatar and other game elements,  and profit from it. The game incorporates a variety of gaming genres and strategies in IBAT Battle Arena’s Metaverse universe. However, you are not required to play the game. You can learn about virtual reality and watch other players through the game at work, communicate with them, and join in on their performances. You may also design your avatar, upload photos, and create your place. You can sell everything above as NFT and profit.

Battle Infinity’s built-in marketplace, where you can play online with other players, is where the game is located. This enables you to profit from a transparent, decentralized process. You can manufacture through the game, sell it, and earn money on a particular NFT market. You can generate passive revenue by upgrading your avatar, space, sceneries, and photos. You may join the private Telegram group by clicking here to obtain 20% of the entire supply of $IBAT and get access to several benefits and presale incentives. 


You should pay attention to Tamadoge because it has a lot of potential for Asian cryptocurrency efforts. It mixes P2E and Metaverse, a new meme coin utility, and the playing models for the Dodge and Shiba Inus. In one part of Metaverse, the player owns pets, each with a distinctive 3D rendering. The game P2E, on the other hand, offers rewards for spending more time bringing infant Tamadoge. The treasured item, though, is a level of proficiency in combat with other pets. Dodge’s well-known brand boosts the game with a 100x growth potential.

In contrast to the conventional Play-to-Earn paradigm, the game is more Play-and-Earn oriented. You merely participate in the game by interacting with Tamadoge creatures in your “Tamaverse” and mine using cutting-edge NFTs. In addition, you can profit from all enhancements without doing anything. The game has 12k Telegram followers, 15k Twitter followers, a smart contract that manages it, Solid Proof’s audit, anti-rug pull, and a smart contract.

Taking care of Tamadoge pets is the focus of the game. Using the program, you purchase a pet and provide for it from birth to adulthood. You can buy an infinite number of pets through the application, complete with their food, clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. The prizes are called Dogepoint and come from taking care of your virtual pet. Additionally, you can compete against them to advance on the leaderboard. A mobile app will be released by developers in the fourth quarter of 2023, making playing with and taking care of the pet considerably simpler. Each pet will be distinct, with particular traits assigned randomly.

With minimized dumping, buyers won’t have to wait for a vesting time. The beta pre-sale began on July 25 and ended on September 2. The general presale is anticipated to start in the year’s final three months. The platform offers these native Tamadoge coins (TAMA), which you can purchase with ETH and USDT using Metamask or Trust Wallet. Although there are no minimum and maximum investment restrictions, $150 is the suggested minimum.

In contrast to Axie and other P2E tokens, TAMA is a deflationary coin. The revenues are 65% P2E prize pool, 30% marketing and development, and 5% burn. A total of two billion are available, with 50% going to presale and 30% being unlocked over ten years for project development. The remaining 20% will be used to list on DEX and CEXs.

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Users can explore, purchase digital assets, and interact with other players in the virtual environment known as The Sandbox, which Ethereum powers. You can also buy real estate, clothing, and other in-game items. They all have an NFT structure and can be traded on the “Sandbox Shop,” the platform’s the NFT market. The native token and transactional token for the game are both called $SAND. Despite sharing an aesthetic with many other games, the game has notable differences. The player-customizable game uses the “VoxEdit” service, a 3D voxel modeling and NFT creation software. Thanks to all those mentioned above, participants in one of the top Asian cryptocurrency projects are free to create whatever they like. By selling those creations to other gamers, you can make money.


Ethereum hosts the brand-new 3D virtual world and Metaverse cryptocurrency project Decentraland. After taking a year, the game’s popularity grew in 2021. Players can make avatars and purchase property parcels. Nothing else can be used to create outstanding in-world content. Due to the game’s setup, NFTs create an environment where players can earn money from their online activities because of how the game is set up. Players can trade various goods represented by the game’s native token, $MANA. The ability to monetize through virtual land ownership is also provided, and gamers can use their land for commercial purposes and other activities that generate rewards.


Silks, a metaverse project, is one of the most notable upcoming Asian cryptocurrency initiatives and is set to launch shortly. This P2E game is based on the horse racing industry and has a robust Metaverse. Players can buy structured NFTs, silk horses, and avatars in addition to a virtual representation of real horses. Due to these factors, Skills can offer a self-sufficient market where players can trade Silks and profit from price increases.

The connection to actual horses is made possible by using sizable databases that contain information on the lineage, development history, and racing results of thoroughbred horses. Initially centralized, these datasets will soon decentralize as Silks and its user base acquires greater popularity. The data are verified using a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus procedure. The award is a Native Skills token ($SLK). 


Enjin, a different metaverse project, is essentially original and distinct from previous projects and games. It is a platform that enables producers to produce NFTs for use in blockchain-based metaverse games quickly. No matter their experience level or other talents, creators will receive minting thanks to the software.

The ability to use Enjin to establish NFTs and guarantee some level of liquidity at all times makes it one of the top Asian cryptocurrency ventures. Digital artists, in-game products, and virtual property creators who make NFT with Enjin can always sell their NFT and earn $ENJ, the native game’s token. The selling differs from asset to asset and is based on the model they developed for usage.


Another ground-breaking metaverse project is Bloktopia, which is scheduled to debut on the Polygon network in 2022. Bloktopians, the gamers, can buy real estate inside virtual skyscrapers and make money through value growth, leasing, and online advertising. Bloktopia’s Metaverse revolves around a tower with 21 levels as a nod to the 2 million Bitcoins currently in circulation.

Users will need a VR headset because Bloktopia’s Metaverse will be based on virtual reality. It offers a realistic experience that other games cannot and is quite different from traditional games. The project’s details state that you can construct your avatar as an NFT that you can sell and design fascinating routes for content creation. You can acquire the native game’s currency, $BLOCK, by reselling your products and other in-game items.


It isn’t easy to rank the top cryptocurrency projects, mainly when talking about Asia. The vast market contains numerous nations, each of which has specifics. On the other hand, they significantly impact the global cryptocurrency industry, so we must rank the top projects in those nations. Battle Infinity and Tamadoge, two recent projects impacting the market and the gaming industry, have been added to the list. There must be a good reason why they are among the top Asian cryptocurrency initiatives.