Top 10 Crypto Airdrops For Frequent Crypto Users In 2023

Top 10 Crypto Airdrops For Frequent Crypto Users In 2023

February 10, 2023 by Diana Ambolis
One of the most common terms in the lexicon of a crypto phile is “crypto airdrop.” As the name suggests, cryptocurrency airdrops are connected with the free delivery of cryptocurrencies to individual users on a specific network. For instance, early adopters or users who have completed a certain number of transactions may receive top cryptocurrency
Top 10 Crypto Airdrops For Frequent Crypto Users In 2023

One of the most common terms in the lexicon of a crypto phile is “crypto airdrop.” As the name suggests, cryptocurrency airdrops are connected with the free delivery of cryptocurrencies to individual users on a specific network. For instance, early adopters or users who have completed a certain number of transactions may receive top cryptocurrency airdrops.

Different requirements, such as regular contact with new or current cryptocurrency platforms, can qualify users for airdrops of cryptocurrencies. On the other side, creators of fresh cryptocurrency or decentralized initiatives might use airdrops to draw in additional people.

Airdrops can potentially be practical tools for spreading the word about new cryptocurrency projects and recruiting new members. You can discover the unique benefits and highlights of every airdrop. A list of 2022 cryptocurrency airdrops is provided below, along with a description of each feature.

The value of crypto airdrops

Crypto airdrops are frequently misunderstood as freebies that can be used to obtain free cryptocurrency. However, crypto airdrops go beyond simply giving people free cryptocurrency or tokens. You need to understand the significance of crypto airdrops before finding a list of the greatest ones.

The distribution of special privileges to users who have been involved with a particular project for longer can be implied by crypto airdrops. However, one factor that makes it challenging to forecast the value of crypto airdrops is temporal uncertainty. Some crypto airdrops are primarily concerned with launching a new crypto token into the market without offering holders any immediate benefits.

Regardless of the goal, crypto airdrops would emerge as a prominent option in 2022 for boosting awareness of fresh crypto ventures. Most importantly, airdrops can spark interest in a new idea, leading to word-of-mouth marketing. As you can see, crypto airdrops offer more than just free cryptocurrency.

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Most Popular Crypto Airdrops

There has recently been an increase in interest in learning more about the most well-known crypto airdrops. Here is a list of well-known cryptocurrency airdrops.

  1. Tamadoge Air

With its most recent giveaway, Tamadoge, a well-known play-to-earn platform, has joined the list of well-known cryptocurrency airdrops. One specified TAMA token holder will receive a $100,000 gift from the forum. The requirement for the cryptocurrency airdrop suggests that the token owner must have more than $100 linked to the token. With a massive payout, Tamadoge earns the top rank among responses to the question, “What are the best crypto airdrops?” Nine actions were required of participants in the Tamadoge airdrop and following the game on social media.

The distinguishing feature of the Tamadoge airdrop is that it is one of the largest in the cryptocurrency industry. A 2 billion TAMA token initial supply makes Tamadoge an attractive play-to-earn game. The game’s virtual pets could be fed and given toys by players using in-game currency. Players who take good care of their pets can earn incentives in the game. Users can count on Tamadoge’s Telegram channel for regular information on the project’s impending airdrops.

  1. Lucky Block 

Lucky Block is the newest addition to the list of top cryptocurrency airdrop sites. It functions as a de facto blockchain system built on the BSC chain and aids in organizing crypto and NFT competitions. Without any centralized human involvement, smart contracts offer governance advantages for cryptocurrency and NFT competitions.

As a result, Lucky Block offered all players a safe and fair gaming environment. One of the most special crypto airdrops in recent memory was also held on the site. Watch the official website for announcements about new coin airdrops. Registering on the Lucky Block website lets you stay informed about the most current and forthcoming airdrops.

The Lucky Block NFT you possess automatically ensures your participation in the cryptocurrency airdrop, which is the most crucial aspect. A $5 ticket entitles participants to the major cryptocurrency airdrop. Fortunate Block NFTs, renowned for offering the best crypto airdrops, also provide you a direct entrance into the platform’s daily NFT lucky draws. Additionally, Lucky Block intends to perform a prize draw and a special giveaway once all 10,000 NFTs have been sold. Possibly included in the special award is a $340,000 Lamborghini.

  1. Metamask

There would be some prospective candidates for crypto airdrops who could have a significant influence. Millions of cryptocurrency users use Metamask, a well-liked custodial wallet that allows for safe login and gives users access to unique private keys. Metamask can operate as a token exchange or wallet along with other features for handling digital assets. With more than 30 million active users connected to the platform, Metamask’s popularity has skyrocketed recently.

For a particular reason, Metamask is included on the list of top cryptocurrency airdrop sites anticipated to start airdropping shortly. The well-known cryptocurrency wallet extension may launch its coin soon. As a result, Metamask may do a cryptocurrency airdrop, given the explosive rise in the popularity of airdrops among new crypto companies. The $MASK, the native cryptocurrency of Metamask itself, may eventually arrive, as the founder of Metamask has openly noted. With the crypto wallet plugin, you can anticipate a good airdrop, given the success of Metamask.

  1. StormGain 

Adding another weak player to the roster of cryptocurrency airdrops might make StormGain more prominent. Users have benefited from the assistance of the worldwide cryptocurrency trading platform when buying, selling, and digital trading assets. More than a million new and seasoned traders from all over the world have joined StormGain. StormGain offers one of the most valued crypto airdrops than the free crypto tokens linked to USD. Another significant benefit of the StormGain cryptocurrency airdrop is the absence of onerous requirements to demonstrate your eligibility.

You can create an account on the platform and participate in one of StormGain’s top crypto airdrops. By creating an account, new users on StormGain can get the 25 USDT airdrops. The website’s ease of use makes it easier for new users to get the free airdrop. You must finish the mandatory KYC verification to register your account on the platform.

  1. DeFiChain

Among the well-known crypto airdrops, interesting additions might also include options like DeFiChain. It is a powerful decentralized blockchain technology created to enhance the efficiency, openness, and intelligence of DeFi services. DeFiChain’s main objective is to provide complete DeFi capabilities for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

With its airdrop in late 2020, the decentralized blockchain technology platform entered the discussion of “What are the best crypto airdrops?” Users that bought Bitcoin using DeFiChain were qualified for the airdrop. Each Bitcoin purchased using DeFiChain earned its owner 500 DFI tokens. Investors can earn dividends on their crypto holdings by staking, lending, or using the decentralized finance platform. Along with the promise of an 11% incentive for a first deposit on the forum, DeFiChain is also giving away nearly $30 worth of DFI tokens to new customers.

  1. Battle Infinity

Notable mentions like Battle Infinity are also included in the list of cryptocurrency platforms delivering airdrops. It’s a brand-new metaverse game with a bright future thanks to the development of web3 and decentralization. Battle Infinity has developed a clever strategy for taking advantage of crypto airdrops. It offers crypto airdrops when the game reaches certain pre-determined milestones in its design. Interestingly, users are not required to have IBAT, the platform’s native currency.

IBAT cryptocurrency tokens worth $3,000 are awarded to users who complete their assignments. Battle Infinity has also incentivized actions like following the game on social media. The game also intends to use its Telegram channel to announce its anticipated crypto airdrops. Users can find a unique opportunity to join the metaverse project and explore new potential through IBAT airdrops.

  1. Brave Web Explorer

A list of cryptocurrency airdrops would also be incomplete without a mention of Brave Browser and its native utility token, BAT. An exclusive tool for specifying the future scope of the Brave Browser project is the Basic Attention Token or BAT. The distribution of revenues among the producers, retailers, and consumers of online marketing content and adverts is the basis for Brave Browser’s airdrop mechanism. One of the key selling aspects of the Brave Browser crypto airdrop is that BAT holders will be eligible to receive 70% of the browser’s advertising revenue.

The intriguing aspect of the Brave Browser airdrop is that no challenging procedures are required to take part. All you have to do to get started is download the brave browser. You can get the alerts you need about the adverts, which can assist you in obtaining free BAT rewards while browsing.

  1. ViralCoin 

ViralCoin, a trustworthy DAO designed to enhance web3 accessibility, can also snuck into the most well-known cryptocurrency airdrops list. It provides a convenient way to pay for utilities, rent, video services, and other costs. Because the DAO emphasizes assisting owners in generating income through staking, keep an eye out for crypto airdrops. The ViralCoin team has clarified that the VIRAL tokens will not contribute to the network’s improvement. Instead, it uses a unique method to oversee the liquidity pool and secure the platform’s smart contracts.

  1. Tidex

Since the Tidex cryptocurrency exchange is included in this list, the top crypto airdrop site examples also emphasize variety. The cryptocurrency exchange in London offers the flexibility to trade more than 100 cryptocurrency pairs and 70 different tokens. Users should know that the TDX token is the platform’s native token. Participants in Tidex’s free cryptocurrency airdrop could receive around 200 TDX tokens. It’s interesting to note that Tidex has set aside a sizable prize pool for the crypto airdrop, totaling roughly 20 million TDX.

Tidex uses the standard procedure for cryptocurrency airdrops and requests users to carry out specific tasks to receive airdrop rewards. Anyone can take advantage of the airdrop thanks to its simple rules and procedures for participation. To participate in the airdrop, you must first create an account on Tidex, go through the KYC process, and deposit about $20 worth of cryptocurrencies.

  1. PulseChain 

PulseChain would be the final addition among well-known crypto airdrops in 2023. In actuality, the initiative is a branch of the Ethereum blockchain. PulseChain provides excellent price, speed, and environmental protection than the original Ethereum network.

All ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum will be moved to PulseChain after the hard fork is finished. With a value evaluation, the PulseChain airdrop might attract much attention. Ownership of various ERC20 tokens and NFTs entitles users to claim eligibility for the upcoming PulseChain airdrop. Users who have ETH in their wallets will receive an airdrop of PLS tokens equal amount.


To sum up

The idea behind cryptocurrency airdrops is to earn free cryptocurrency by doing simple tasks. Beyond giving free access to cryptocurrency tokens or raising awareness of new decentralized crypto projects, crypto airdrops have far-reaching effects. The top cryptocurrency airdrops to watch out for in the 2023 list provided a wealth of insightful examples.

Crypto airdrops are crucial for deciding where users should focus their efforts on growing a project. The potential for free rewards with crypto airdrops and the rising need for decentralization can undoubtedly attract more consumers to the crypto ecosystem. On the other hand, it’s crucial to make sure that crypto airdrops continue to encourage user participation in fresh initiatives. Now find out more about the fundamentals of crypto airdrops.