Top 10 Most Notable Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs

Top 10 Most Notable Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs

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February 23, 2023 by Diana Ambolis
In January 2023, when software engineer Casey Rodarmor launched Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs. He put the Ordinals protocol on Bitcoin; he started a movement on the blockchain. On the Bitcoin mainnet, NFTs can now be created. This news shook up the Web3 world as few other things have in its history. It also made the Bitcoin
Top 10 Most Notable Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs

In January 2023, when software engineer Casey Rodarmor launched Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs. He put the Ordinals protocol on Bitcoin; he started a movement on the blockchain. On the Bitcoin mainnet, NFTs can now be created. This news shook up the Web3 world as few other things have in its history. It also made the Bitcoin community angry and excited. Some people, who call themselves Bitcoin Maxis, said that the protocol was an attack on the network, while others started happily minting Inscriptions, which are Bitcoin’s “native” version of NFTs until their hearts were content.

People have paid a lot of attention to the number and order of Ordinals being made on the Bitcoin chain. At the time of this writing, more than 48,000 Inscriptions have been made, and the Web3 community is starting to take notice of the interesting collections and eye-popping sales that have resulted. We’ve put together a list of some of the most interesting (and valuable) Ordinals Inscriptions, so you don’t miss out on one of the most exciting things to happen in the history of the blockchain (and NFTs).

Top 10 Most Notable Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs

Ordinal Punks

This collection is just too appealing to pass up. Ordinal Punks are a set of 100 NFTs that were all created within the first 650 Inscriptions on the Bitcoin chain. The highest Inscription in the set is #642, which is a nod to CryptoPunks. The anonymous Web3 creator FlowStay’s open-source algorithm was used to make the PFP collection of 192192-pixel images that change over time.

Because Bitcoin’s infrastructure requires users to run a full Bitcoin node to make an Inscription, bids and asks for Ordinal Punks happen on a Google Sheet run by FlowStay, and the community uses the project creator as an escrow on Discord. At the moment, the lowest bid is 3.7 BTC/51.26 ETH, which is close to $84,000. The highest price is 50 BTC/692.66 ETH, which is $1,132,500. Dingaling, a Web3 user, recently jumped on the Ordinal Punks bandwagon in a big way by buying seven of the Punks for 15.2 BTC/211 ETH ($331,715).

Taproot Wizards

Taproot Wizards is an Ordinal set of hand-drawn NFT wizards made by independent Web3 developer Udi Wertheimer. It starts with Inscription 652. The first Ordinal in the collection is said to have made history on the Bitcoin chain because it was the largest block and transaction in Bitcoin’s history at 4MB. There are only a few Taproot Wizards written on Bitcoin right now, and the project’s Wizard ID verification page on Discord has only confirmed six of them: Inscriptions 1,107, 1,383, 2,637, and 2,625.

Bitcoin Rocks

Bitcoin Rocks is another homage to the first Ethereum NFT collections. It looks and feels like Ether Rocks, which was one of the first NFT collectible projects on the Ethereum chain. This collection was made by ordrocks, who made the first rock at Inscription 71. There are a total of 100 rocks in this collection. Some NFTs can be bought for up to 1,000 BTC or 13,858 ETH, which is more than $22 million. The current minimum bid is 2.7 BTC/37.42 ETH, which is close to $61,000.

The Timechain Collectibles Series 1 Timepieces is a very limited set of just 21 Ordinals that show different kinds of timepieces, such as cyberpunk watches, pocket watches, ancient calendars, and more. All of the pieces in the collection were made at the same time on January 30, 2023, and they all have the same Inscription number from 356 to 377. A genesis inscription at Inscription 356 is the centre of the whole collection. Here are the levels of rarity in the collection: There are eight pocket watches, three ancient sundials, two wrist watches, two wall clocks, two cyberpunk alarm clocks, two clock towers, one monolith, and one grandfather clock. In the project’s Discord, there are auctions for the NFTs. For example, Inscription 364 (Timechain Collectible #6) sold for 3.08 BTC/43.59 ETH ($67,00).

Ordinal Loops

Ordinal Loops are some of the Bitcoin Ordinals with the lowest numbers. They start at Inscription 452. The NFT, also known as “Object 0,” is a mathematical torus that spins. It is one of only seven animations like it that make up the first of three series drops that the Ordinal Loops team plans to release. The first NFTs in the collection tell the story of the current chapter of the project, which is called “Do Not Fiat” and is about how “Bitcoin ASCII fights the army of the five main government currencies, forever.” On Ordinal Loops’s Discord, it says that collectors can’t buy directly from the company right now; instead, anyone who wants to can only do so through auctions. A member of the Discord said that Object 0 was bought for 0.272 BTC and 3.85 ETH ($5,935), Object 1 was bought for 0.570 BTC and 8.07 ETH ($12,439), Object 2 was bought for 0.800 BTC and 11.33 ETH ($17,458), and Object 3 was bought for 4.178 BTC and 59.17 ETH ($91,178).

Ripcache’s Power Source

Ripcache’s Power Source: Recently, the crypto artist Ripcache put their first Ordinals on the Bitcoin chain. Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender will be happy to know that the four pieces of art are named after the four elements: fire, water, earth, and air. The first item in the collection is number 26,663. So far, no one has bought anything from this set.

Bitcoins Shrooms

Starting with the first mushroom at Inscription 19, Bitcoin Shrooms are some of the earliest Ordinals on Bitcoin. Some of them even came before a number of Bitcoin Rocks. The first group of the many dozens of written shroomy-NFTs spells out “The Shrooms R Coming.” The project’s Discord is temporarily closed, and the unknown team behind the Shrooms has not yet auctioned or sold any of the NFTs.

Shadow Hats

Some people have called the shadowy figures that start to show up at Inscription 957 “The Shadow Hats.” No one has bought one yet, and not much else is known about them.

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The Dan Files

Inscription 953 shows a list of all of Dan’s Bitcoin Ordinal collections. Dan is the person’s only name. The directory lists dozens of his works, most of which have a theme of existentialism, irreverence, and philosophical musings. Inscription 661, called “I Existed,” is a recording of Dan’s voice in which he tells a future alien or artificially intelligent race of beings about his life. “Hard Pills to Swallow” is its own directory that points to Ordinals with titles like “Your Unrequited Love” and “Your Insignificance.”


Starting with Inscription 341, these strange, nameless things are made. They come in different colours and are some of the most visually interesting Ordinals below and above 1,000 Inscription. There are dozens of them. Aside from their Inscription numbers, not much is known about them.

Ornate Ms

Several dark M-shaped figures start at Inscription 294. They look like they came from a course on how to design album covers for metal bands. They are both interesting and mysterious; no one knows where they came from yet.