Top 10 Web3 Entrepreneurs You Need To Look Out For

Top 10 Web3 Entrepreneurs You Need To Look Out For

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December 14, 2022 by Diana Ambolis
The continuing development of blockchain by Web3 entrepreneurs is encouraging a wide range of young businesspeople, engineers, and artists to increase their capabilities. Web3, often known as the “future of the internet,” is the result of the convergence of all these many businesses on the digital interface. Decentralization, blockchain technology, and token-based economics are all
Top 10 Web3 Entrepreneurs You Need To Look Out For

The continuing development of blockchain by Web3 entrepreneurs is encouraging a wide range of young businesspeople, engineers, and artists to increase their capabilities. Web3, often known as the “future of the internet,” is the result of the convergence of all these many businesses on the digital interface. Decentralization, blockchain technology, and token-based economics are all concepts that were first introduced in the blockchain and are now part of this new version of the World Wide Web.

With over 34,000 developers contributing code to open-source web3 projects in 2021, web3 is undeniably on the rise. Web3 entrepreneurs are attempting to use cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology to create a universally usable platform that spans gaming, financial services, art, programming, and music.

Top 10 Web3 Entrepreneurs You Need To Look Out For

Jeremy Foo, TripCandy’s CEO

Young businessman and financial expert Jeremy Foo is becoming well-known for himself and TripCandy, an online travel platform for cryptocurrencies, of which he is the founder and CEO.

Powered by partners like Expedia,, and Agoda, TripCandy is an online booking site that allows consumers to become cryptocurrency investors while shopping for hotels worldwide.

Every time a person books through TripCandy, a portion of the entire sale will be returned to them in form of crypto-tokens, thanks to their original buyback scheme. TripCandy purchases CANDY tokens from the market with each transaction, providing a steady demand and gradually raising the tokens’ value. TripCandy now holds 1,000,000,000 Tokens via Binance Smart Chain.

Open Web Collective’s founding partner Mildred Idada (OWC)

For blockchain aficionados like herself to impact the developing field of blockchain technology, Mildred Idada, a founding partner of Open Web Collective (OWC), set out to do so. Mildred wants to assist aspiring business owners in web3 industries since she knows the difficulties in beginning a business.

Startups can strive to strengthen their project into solid and attractive web3 firms through the OWC accelerator.

Through their 12-week program, business owners will have access to a wide range of investors and experts who can assist them in achieving their objectives. They will also be able to assist new startups in all facets of their entrepreneurial journey, from fine-tuning their business decisions to raising capital. In the rapidly changing world of web3 and blockchain startups, OWC answers the demand for a community.

Coinbooks’ founder, Arnav Bathla

Coin books, accounting software for businesses operating exclusively in cryptocurrency, was founded by Arnav Bathla, a 21-year-old. The young entrepreneur dropped out of college to launch a web3 startup firm in the U.S. The rapidly expanding business has already raised over $3 million in its brief six-month existence, demonstrating the young entrepreneur’s success.

Arnav was able to assist Coinbooks in getting the attention of Lattice Capital, Founders, Inc., and Multicoin Capital after arriving from India. 

To transform traditional and laborious accounting duties into an interactive and quick platform for on-chain operations, generating financial reports, and linking existing accounting software to web3 transactions, Coinbooks looks into the accounting part of cryptocurrency businesses.

Tim Dierckxsens, co-founder and CEO of Venly

The CEO and co-founder of Venly are Tim Dierckxsens. With headquarters in Belgium, this blockchain corporation provides gaming and fintech businesses with a wide range of services and solutions to assist them in pursuing digital assets through cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Venly’s main objective is to make blockchain technology accessible to everyone interested. The business aims to accomplish this by giving its customers the resources and platform required to explore the NFT industry using web3 technologies.

Venly gives the chance to develop and market NFTs by giving users access to their own multi-blockchain NFT marketplace and a platform to sell their works. Venly Wallet services, which have more than 2.5 million users right now, and other services that help users manage more digital assets across more than 12 blockchains are both easily accessible to users.

Edge & Node’s co-founder and director of business, Tegan Kline

Tegan Kline, co-founder and head of business at Edge & Node, has experience in investment banking at major organizations, including Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and Barclays. She is currently using her financial savvy to be a driving force in the web3 sector.

The Graph is a decentralized network that gives consumers simple access to open data and organizes blockchain data using an indexable protocol. It was created by the company Edge & Node.

The Graph and Everest, a decentralized network that gives users easy access to a web3 ledger registry, is another blockchain derivative developed by Edge & Node. The Edge & Node team is always pushing the limits of what blockchain technology is capable of.

Sturdy Exchange co-founder Connor Moy

Sturdy Exchange is a platform for web3 creators who present various music and entertainment projects. It offers users new options and a one-of-a-kind experience.

The platform was launched in 2021 by co-founders Connor Moy and Lisandro Tolentino. Sturdy Exchange, based in Los Angeles, California, raised more than USD 4 million by the fourth quarter of 2021. Anyone on Sturdy Exchange may create a profile and start trading and collecting NFT immediately. Users worldwide can simply access exclusive artwork exhibited exclusively on their platform through payment card transfer or cryptocurrency.

On Sturdy Exchange, artists seeking to participate in the burgeoning web3 market will get the support they want, from creating their work to marketing it there.

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Boba Network’s founder, Alan Chiu

To speed up and reduce the cost of blockchain transactions in the Ethereum ecosystem, founder Alan Chiu established the Boba Network community in 2021 to democratize access to cryptocurrency. A prime example of web3 technological advancement is Boba Network. The platform cuts costs in a completely compatible way with the Ethereum network and is a layer 2 solution that optimizes transactional performance.

This group of businesses, led by Enya, a web3 firm that builds blockchain infrastructure and is the brain behind the OMG foundation, is the engine powering Boba Network’s layer-2 solution-oriented initiative, which handles thousands of transactions per second.

Ola Guild Games co-founder Clara Bullrich

In Latin America, Clara Bullrich is a key player in web3 investment. She played a key role in taking over blockchain investment for many DAOs and co-founded TheVentureCity, a venture capital investment hub.

Co-founder of Ola Guild Games Nico del Pino

Nico del Pino has extensive expertise working for blockchain and fintech startups in emerging countries. Nico del Pino and Clara Bullrich collaborated to launch Ola Guide Games.

Ola GG, a platform that extends the business concept of its parent company, Yield guild games, to hundreds of thousands of Spanish-speaking gamers, is a market leader in the play-to-earn community for the Hispanic population.  The platform gives over 350 awards per week for users to participate in various games from their library, making gaming in one of the biggest networks of blockchain-based gaming easily accessible to gamers in the area.

DoinGud’s founder, Manu Alzuru

DoinGud, a blockchain-based social awareness platform, offers an intriguing strategy for NFT developers and social impact initiatives. The platform was established by its inventor and CEO, Venezuelan mechanical engineer Manu Alzuru, as a novel strategy for socially conscious web3 companies.

Social causes can register on DoinGud’s platform and become eligible for donations. At the same time, NFT creators can upload their works and submit them to their profiles, so interested parties and galleries can assist them in selling their creations through the gallery space.

Up to 95% of the profits are paid directly to the author, with the remaining 5% going to a social cause of their choice. Additionally, collectors and NFT fans can participate and help creators with a beneficial effect. Using DoinGud makes it simple to start without prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies or blockchains.

Belo App’s CEO and co-founder, Manuel Beadroit

The CEO and co-founder of the 2022-founded Belo App, an Argentinian digital wallet, is Manuel Beadroit. This program serves as a platform for people who want to secure their money through bitcoin investing, acting as a link between fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

Belo, accessible in 138 nations, lets users send and receive fiat money and cryptocurrency. The program also allows anyone to move their assets without paying a fee while keeping track of their revenues. It is quick and simple to send money to other users using the app. The wallet can even be used by users who do not have a Belo app subscription, thanks to the app’s option to assign resources to external wallets.