Top 3 Experts Examine The Effects Of NFT On Cryptocurrency Investors

Top 3 Experts Examine The Effects Of NFT On Cryptocurrency Investors

January 24, 2023 by Diana Ambolis
What is the connection between CryptoPunks, Stoner Cats, and a flying Pop-Tart-bodied cartoon cat? All of them are NFTs or non-fungible tokens. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a kind of digital asset that may represent the digital ownership of various non-replicable intangible assets. Despite its availability since 2014, 2021 will mark the beginning of widespread use
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What is the connection between CryptoPunks, Stoner Cats, and a flying Pop-Tart-bodied cartoon cat? All of them are NFTs or non-fungible tokens. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a kind of digital asset that may represent the digital ownership of various non-replicable intangible assets. Despite its availability since 2014, 2021 will mark the beginning of widespread use of this new technology. They have exploded in music, art, sports, and other sectors, gaining the attention of celebrities and enormous corporations like American Express and Gucci. In 2021, expected, the overall sales of non-fungible tokens will reach $25 billion, up from $94.9 million in 2018.

Humphrey Yang, the personal finance expert at Humphrey Talks and Humphrey Talks, thinks that buying an NFT is “even riskier” than buying bitcoin since it is “similar to a leveraged gamble on cryptocurrencies.” The man said, “It’s gambling, but people don’t perceive the difference, and they purchase them because they’re amusing.” They collect them because they are entertaining.

In contrast, many individuals acquire non-monetary tokens because they are amusing or provide them with happiness. Among them is the well-known specialist in cryptography, Laura Shin. She said that her motive for obtaining a non-traded note with a musical theme was more passion than investment, but she nonetheless completed the transaction.

Shin is the host of a cryptocurrency-related podcast and the author of “The Cryptopians: Idealism, Greed, and Lies: How the First Major Cryptocurrency Craze Began.” Shin refers to a Kings of Leon album published by NFT. Shin said, “As a crypto aficionado and fan of the band, I acquired the Kings of Leon NFT upon its release.” Both cryptography and the band Kings of Leon are enjoyable to me. “I just wanted to obtain it the same way I wish to gain everything else. This was not an investment of any sort. It was comparable to handling an emotional scenario. This is true for a substantial percentage of NFTs.” This is a quick overview of non-fiat currencies for cryptocurrency investors confused about whether to include them in their portfolios.

What exactly is a Non-Fungible Token, often known as an NFT?

Contrary to common belief, a non-fungible token (NFT) is a blockchain-issued digital asset that proves you are the only owner of a specific unique digital item. An NFT is dissimilar to a JPEG. A digital collection does not include the pixelated face of Punk, the profile picture of an indifferent monkey, and a tweet.

All of the aforementioned are examples of what a non-fiat token, also known as an NFT, may represent, notably code or smart contracts. Smart contracts provide NFTs with power, permitting, among other things, the sale or transfer of an NFT, the setting of royalties for artists, and participation in the metaverse. The Ethereum blockchain is the basis for the vast majority of non-fungible tokens.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, NFTs cannot be swapped for one another on a 1:1 basis. This is because no two NFTs, even those found on the same platform, in the same game or collection, are similar. You are effectively obtaining the underlying product, which may appear as, among other things, video snippets, pictures, or artwork.

To further understand the meaning of “non-fungible,” it may be helpful to examine its parts. A thing is fungible if it is interchangeable with another object of the same kind or a different object of the same type. This is shown by cash; if you had a wallet full of 5 dollars, you could spend them on anything. It is fungible because it is capable of being traded for other items. Objects that are not fungible cannot be duplicated or swapped for another.

Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet as a non-fungible token for over $2.9 million in the previous year. You could theoretically grab a screenshot of Jack Dorsey’s first tweet and save it to your phone for free. The picture would not be yours, and you would not be able to sell it for the same price as the original, which is a critical difference in the context of NFT commerce. The purchaser of Dorsey’s NFT is the only owner of the blockchain-recorded digital representation of the tweet. This photograph cannot in any way be reproduced or replaced. Consistent with Yang, “I would regard an NFT as a digital collectable.” Thereafter, my thoughts cease to expand. ”

Why have NFTs become so common all of a sudden?

Before 2021, most people were unfamiliar with the term “non-fungible,” but today, celebrities such as The Weeknd, Paris Hilton, and Jimmy Fallon use it often. DappRadar estimates that sales of NFT have crossed the billions, an almost 38,000% rise year over year. Digital artist Beeple auctioned off the most expensive NFT in 2021 for $69 million. A Saturday Night Live sketch about NFTs was also published as an NFT.

Consequently, why have NFTs become so popular so rapidly?

The fast growth in popularity of NFTs highlights how unpredictable the adoption curve for new technology can be. According to industry insiders, multiple reasons led to the expansion of NFTs in 2021.

In 2021, many new cptocurrency investors joined the cryptocurrency business due to the spike in the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Yang feels that it is possible to investigate numerous forms of cryptocurrency investments, like NFTs, staking, and others, if you gain even a tiny amount of bitcoin. Moreover, NFTs have established a new platform for artists and producers to advertise and sell their creations while maintaining complete transparency and absolute ownership. The decentralized nature of NFTs makes this feasible. According to Yang, “it’s a slippery slope given how easy it is to get an Ethereum-based NFT after purchasing Ethereum.” The purchase of Ethereum simplifies the purchase of an Ethereum-based NFT.

Numerous celebrities have also mentioned them and added to the excitement, especially on social media. Consider, for instance, the Bored Ape Yacht Club in your city. Stephen Curry, Paris Hilton, and Jimmy Fallon bought the same product. Paris Hilton received one, too. There are only around 10,000 available Bored Apes, so buyers have an intense rivalry. Bored Ape owners are welcome to attend its sponsored activities. According to Yang, these two qualities account for most of their social worth.

“Who wouldn’t want to be associated with Stephen Curry’s name?” In addition, if you own this NFT, you are invited to all their events, regardless of where or when they occur in the real world.

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Is acquiring NFTs a wise financial choice?

According to industry analysts, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are not yet suited for mainstream investment, and acquiring an NFT requires familiarity with some aspects of cryptocurrency.

Doug Boneparth, a New York-based financial advisor and CEO of Bone Fide Wealth, feels that gaining an NFT is challenging. This is the most crucial consideration. To get started, you need an Ethereum-compatible cryptocurrency wallet and some ether. In addition, you must connect your wallet to an NFT marketplace, which requires jumping through many hoops. NFTs are susceptible to cryptocurrency-based hacks and scams, which are growing more pervasive and sophisticated. A simple Google search for “NFT scams” demonstrates the pervasiveness of the issue and the variety of methods to get into trouble.

Additionally, it must consider value and usefulness. According to Yang, a non-financial item is only as valuable as the price someone is willing to pay. You cannot compare it to assets like stocks and bonds, whose “intrinsic value” can often be determined. Given that others place a high value on a successful NFT and its worth is equivalent to that of a famous brand, its value is comparable to that of a renowned brand.

According to Yang, “I feel it is a horrible idea for the average investor unless you are just interested in the artwork and are willing to lose your whole investment.” The only exception is NFTs carry a significant amount of inherent risk.

Because NFTs, like cryptocurrencies, are risky and speculative assets, you must determine the extent of your exposure to them. According to some experts, most long-term investors will be better off by committing a tiny amount of their portfolio (less than 5 per cent and never at the cost of other financial objectives) to cryptocurrencies rather than NFTs. According to experts, it is brilliant for cryptocurrency investors to put a modest amount of their portfolio in non-traded funds.

According to Boneparth, “Whether you are a retail investor or an ordinary person entering the field, you need a great deal of expertise, trust, and understanding, and it takes quite a bit of courage” to do so now.

These investors are betting that the price of Ethereum will climb. More people acquiring ether for NFTs might be a healthy development for those betting on Ethereum’s long-term price appreciation. According to Yang, one of the most significant disadvantages is the high expense of procuring NFTs. According to him, you may require “over a hundred or two hundred dollars” to complete an Ethereum transaction. In return for verifying an Ethereum transaction, miners get “gas fees.” The gas price has increased due to the increased number of trades executed on the Ethereum blockchain, primarily due to its widespread use.

It would help if you bought an NFT for the same reason you would buy a concert or sports event ticket: for enjoyment. Please do not purchase non-tradable security to invest in it. Boneparth recommends investing just what you are willing to lose or avoiding investing altogether if it conflicts with other financial goals, such as emergency savings or debt repayment.

“You initially have some bitcoin. After that, please continue reading. “Several basic pieces of literature on NFTs are accessible for reading,” he says.

Then it would help if you played. Determine the amount of difficulty, if you enjoyed it, whether you were able to solve the problem, and whether you obtained new information. Again, he emphasizes the necessity to avoid investing any amount of money, whether $5 or $500, that you are unwilling to lose in NFTs.

Future Prospects for Non-Traditional Financial Instruments

Are (NFTs) permanent or temporary?

The sector’s experts remain split on the topic, with some forecasting a “bubble” and others believing that NFTs will provide new ownership opportunities and rework current ones. According to producers and artists, this is the next step in monetizing their work.

Shin is one of a handful of industry insiders who expect the usage of non-fungible tokens to increase in 2022. “They will likely be around for a very long time,” she says. According to Boneparth, the value of non-fungible tokens derives from the underlying technology, particularly smart contracts using blockchain technology. In this case, he emphasizes the need to view the whole picture.

According to Boneparth, OpenSea’s ability to flip JPEGs only indicates its surface capabilities. This term refers to buying items at a discount and reselling them on the NFT market for a profit. Currently, Boneparth acknowledges that NFTs may seem to be nothing more than “crypto enthusiasts uploading JPEGs to the internet.” Nonetheless, there is a chance that the technology may have exciting applications in the future.

According to industry analysts, for the NFT market to be widely adopted, it must first simplify participation by ordinary cryptocurrency investors. Even though OpenSea is the most popular peer-to-peer trading platform for NFTs, other companies facilitate the trading of NFTs by the general public. For instance, the well-known cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has declared its desire to establish a brand-new market where anybody may buy, sell, and acquire NFTs.

Yang argues that the need for NFTs might decline over time.

According to Yang, they are prevalent, especially during the last four months. I think that they will continue to exist for 10 to twenty years. I am unsure of how often we use them. Participation in communities will always be advantageous, but the most intriguing applications of NFTs will be on a larger scale.