Top 4 Crypto Jobs To Join The Web3 Revolution

Top 4 Crypto Jobs To Join The Web3 Revolution

February 13, 2023 by Diana Ambolis
By 2026, the market for Web3 is anticipated to be worth $67.4 billion, which means there is a huge vacancy in the crypto job listings. This has already been demonstrated by the multi-million dollar funding rounds that crypto businesses are raising. Much Web3 employment is created as a result of all that growth. Of course,
The Importance OF Web3 Hubs In Your Business

By 2026, the market for Web3 is anticipated to be worth $67.4 billion, which means there is a huge vacancy in the crypto job listings. This has already been demonstrated by the multi-million dollar funding rounds that crypto businesses are raising. Much Web3 employment is created as a result of all that growth. Of course, let’s not forget the “Meta” Web3 fad fueled by Facebook’s rebranding.

The majority of this expansion occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is noteworthy. Due to the intrinsic remoteness of Web3 work, crypto has proved extremely durable even while the job market struggled due to lockdowns.

Did we also mention that these positions influence how the internet will function in the future?

There has never been a good time to think about switching to a Web3 career, thanks to the industry’s expansion, the chance to shape the technological future, and the high pay. We will discuss cutting-edge career opportunities and Web3 job trends in this article. Let’s begin by quickly recapping what Web3 is.

Web3: What is it?

With the help of blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI)/virtual reality, Web3 wants to create a decentralized ecosystem of applications (VR). It intends to make it possible for a secure, privacy-focused internet that is not governed by a single entity.

Trends in Web3 Employment: How Simple Is It to Get a Crypto Job?

The time is now if you’re looking for a Web3 job. Blockchain came up on top of a LinkedIn report on the most in-demand talents, surpassing popular ones like AI and machine learning. From 2020 to 2021, job postings for positions related to cryptocurrencies increased by 395 percent. Additionally, starting compensation for an identical career in Web3 are frequently much greater than for typical tech roles.

You may anticipate fiercer competition for professions paying more, but the cryptocurrency industry is different. Here, businesses are vying for the best candidates to work on their projects. This puts job seekers in a great position to haggle over benefits and pay.

Why is the demand for employees with Web3 skills so high?

Simply put, there aren’t enough Web3 specialists to meet demand. These tech professionals must know what is required and show that they can keep up with the rapid speed of Web3 innovations. And as you would guess, it’s challenging to locate individuals that meet this dual criterion.

For Web3 workers, this has resulted in a salary disparity and wage competition. There are many opportunities for those with in-demand talents and the motivation to work on the leading edge of the internet. Therefore, if you can learn the skills required for Web3 jobs—for example, bypassing our brand-new, expertly created Web3 Development course—you put yourself in a position to significantly advance your career.

What are the highest-paying jobs in the cryptocurrency industry? What jobs would you be suited for if you acquired these skills? For you to investigate a career in Web3, we gathered the answers.

Web3 & Crypto On-Demand Jobs

The average rate of job growth in the United States is 7.7%. Thus, job growth for positions related to cryptocurrency is more than 51 times higher than the national average.

1. Develop a core blockchain protocol

A core blockchain engineer is accountable for the underlying architectural principles, consensus processes, and effective data structures as one of the fundamental jobs of Web3. Additionally, they guarantee the network’s functionality, security, and developer friendliness.

  • Core blockchain developer skills needed:
  • Strong implementation knowledge of blockchain architecture
  • Cryptography
  • Data structures such as Graphs and Merkle Trees, etc.

Average annual earnings: $100,000 to $200,000

2. Solidity / Smart Contract Engineer

Blockchain-specific inventions known as “smart contracts” function as self-executing code when a trigger event occurs. Building secure smart contract protocols, organizing deployment, and integrating them with current tools and services will be your duties as a smart contract engineer.

Depending on the job, different technical abilities are required. However, the majority of smart contracts are developed on Ethereum.

Don’t let the lengthy list of qualifications for employment as a Solidity or smart contract engineer scare you. Collect as much experience as you can in as many. Remember that a crucial mindset for Web3 jobs is remaining adaptable and prepared to grasp new technologies.

Required abilities:

  • Popular programming languages and tools, such as:








  • Knowledge of blockchain development tools like GraphQL and EVM

Average annual income: $120,000

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3. Developer of NFT and the Metaverse

As the Metaverse rapidly grows, NFT developers are in high demand. Usually, this position’s duties are shared with a smart contract engineer. However, as the NFT ecosystem develops, specialized duties, including running the backend of an NFT platform, enhancing NFT-specific contracts, and gamification strategies, have made it necessary for a separate function in many businesses.

Required abilities:

  • Knowledge of the NFT tokens’ ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards
  • Ways to minimize gas prices
  • Procedures for security and transfer

Since NFTs are frequently incorporated into the Metaverse, some job profiles can call for a fundamental knowledge of Unity and game creation. Average annual earnings are $120,000, ranging from $80k to $200k. This position is frequently compensated with equity, such as a proportion of the NFTs available.

4. Frontend developer  

Frontend developers working on Web3 generally ensure a smooth transition from Web2 to Web3, as crypto can occasionally be challenging. Building, deploying, testing, and maintaining fundamentally simple user interfaces while guaranteeing backend service compatibility are all part of this position’s requirements.

Frontend developers focusing on Web3 have many talents in common with those in the conventional tech sector.

Required abilities:

  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • React
  • UI/UX knowledge

Average earnings are $115,000 per year, typically between $65,000 and $145,000.

Get a Crypto Job to join the Web3 revolution.

Even tech experts are quitting their jobs at internet behemoths like Google and Amazon to join the crypto revolution as the demand for Web3 specialists rises. The good news is that Web3 is still in its infancy and needs ambitious, knowledgeable individuals.

You have a benefit if you’ve previously worked in technology. Traditional development skills and experience are built upon in Web3 development. Our Web3 programming course was created with professionals with previous exposure to scripting environments and languages in mind.