Top 7 PFP NFT Projects That Are Breaking The Sales Record

Top 7 PFP NFT Projects That Are Breaking The Sales Record

July 25, 2022 by Diana Ambolis
PFP NFTs, also known as picture-for-proof Non-fungible token, constantly break sales records for NFTs. This post lets you learn everything you need about this emerging trend of crypto assets. In the cryptosphere, generative art avatar projects experienced a tremendous rise in 2021. Why not create NFTs for the avatar, as everyone wants to experience the
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PFP NFTs, also known as picture-for-proof Non-fungible token, constantly break sales records for NFTs. This post lets you learn everything you need about this emerging trend of crypto assets. In the cryptosphere, generative art avatar projects experienced a tremendous rise in 2021. Why not create NFTs for the avatar, as everyone wants to experience the metaverse and will need individual avatars to represent themselves? (PFP).

What are the PFP NFT initiatives you need to know about, and which ones are the gold standards? Find out by continuing to read! Several well-known PFP NFTs have already been listed in several NFT marketplaces in 2022, and more are expected to follow suit.

A PFP NFT Project is what?

PFP is a well-liked acronym in online and social media culture. Many full-form terms for PFP, including profile image, a picture for proof, and vision for profile, are used online by users. The NFT craze has elevated this pursuit to a new level—NFTs as PFPs—as users search for distinctive, bright, and statement-making PFPs.

Using the Ethereum blockchain for NFT production

These are shoulder-length, hand-drawn, or computer-generated pieces of art that portray various characters via the faces of animals such as apes, cats, people, aliens, robots, ducks, and toads.

Twitter has already made available a method for connecting your NFT through a cryptocurrency wallet and displaying an NFT as your avatar. NFTs are currently being supported as profile pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and OnlyFans, among other social networking sites.

The Popularity of PFP NFT Projects

Numerous generative art avatar NFTs have appeared since the release of Cryptopunks, the original PFP NFT project. What is causing this increase in assets in the NFT segments for profile pictures? 

Because the majority of NFT initiatives use images as proof. Holders of NFTs have voting rights and are involved in the project’s development.

There is a clear plan for these NFT projects. Investors are thus aware of what to anticipate from their investments upfront. For the debut of its 3D NFT, the Karafuru NFT, for instance, collaborated with the Japanese companies Hypebeast and Atmos. Such upcoming initiatives ought to increase the initial investors’ stake.

Additionally, certain PFP NFTs include both physical and virtual utilities. For instance, when the Mferverse project is ready, owners of 3D members will be able to access it. Owners of the Karafuru NFT receive coupons for games, actual toys, and meals at real-world events.

The majority of PFP NFT projects launch retail outlets for the commercialization of creative art. If the project permits, an NFT holder may profit from their assets by selling goods like T-shirts, caps, beanies, mugs, and other items.

In summary, the picture for profile NFT projects provides more potential for monetization than other NFTs. PFP NFTs are also limited-edition works of art that can be used to display your persona in the virtual world. You should add the following high-performing PFP NFT projects to your watchlist for 2022.


The CryptoPunks will forever be known as the PFP NFT OGs, regardless of the future of current PFP projects. A collection of 10,000 pixelated Punk NFTs makes up this project.

Surprisingly, Larva Labs, the project’s developer, was unsure about the usefulness of these avatars at the time of their introduction, even though they were free to create, barring gas costs.

PFP NFTs by CryptoPunks

After its release, its owners learned that people were using it as a profile image across many platforms. By obtaining the rarest punk avatars and using them as Discord and Twitter profile images, NFT devotees made it into the trendiest social media fad.

Due to varying levels of rarity, the punk NFTs of the CryptoPunks project are distinct from one another. Numerous artists and content producers developed PFP NFTs due to their growth and popularity. As a result, the most uncommon NFTs are now more expensive to obtain.


The Novatar is a 2022-launched NFT avatar project. It introduced PFPs that age, with newborn NFTs becoming adults 30 days after Reveal. There are 25,000 NFTs of future characters in the collection that can be aged and used as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram avatars.

The project continued to advance and took measures to enlarge into a virtual NovaCity. Owners of Novatars now have access to a private online community with various activities and a comic book plot centered on the Novatars World.

If you’d want to use a virtual PFP avatar to represent oneself online, Novatars is your best option because of the futuristic notion that dominates the project. Avatars are visually distinctive as babies, but as they age, they also acquire characteristics representing various racial groups, sexual orientations, and genders.

Each NFT avatar is unique, thanks to the specialized gene system of novatars. Baby NFTs are randomly assigned genes during minting. Anyone who purchases two Novatars will receive a third one for free when The Mint begins.

Club of Bored Apes (BAYC)

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) project has ten thousand generative cartoons of bored gorillas. Currently, it is thought to be one of the most valuable NFT initiatives, and rapidly gained enormous popularity within the NFT community following Yuga Labs’ announcement of it in April 2021.


PFP NFTs for the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

These NFTs individually differ from the others thanks to the 170 computer-generated attributes for their attire, backgrounds, fur, eyes, mouths, hats, earrings, and other features. The BAYC PFP project combines the CryptoPunks building blocks with a growing ecosystem.

The growth of the metaverse and the introduction of the ApeCoin token bode well for this project’s future. In the Otherside metaverse, this coin will serve as a governance token.


Pixel art-based figures have become widely recognized thanks to online games like Fortnite and Roblox. To appeal to a large audience that enjoys this type of art, NFT artists concentrated on the pixel art topic. The Meebits PFP NFT project is one of the best.

Meebits PFP NFTs 

The project was set up by Larva Labs using ERC-721 tokens for intelligent contract consensus on the Ethereum blockchain platform. There are 9,000 NFT assets in a pixelated form in the project. These are specifically voxel arts, a kind of 3D pixel art.

As a result, marketplaces for NFTs built on Ethereum, such as OpenSea, make it simple to buy and trade NFTs. Additionally, the characters in Larva Labs’ CryptoPunks project were designed by them. As a result, Meebits occasionally resemble CryptoPunks in 3D.

NFT Cool Cats

For cat lovers that want to utilise cool cat avatars on social media media, Cool Cats NFT is the ideal option. The 9,999 PFP NFTs in the Cool Cats project were produced at random. Although Colin Egan is the team’s illustrator, there are three more members who focus on blockchain and development.

Project CoolCats PFP NFT

The CryptoPunks-inspired project was created on the Ethereum network and offered several distinctive features. By modifying their faces, caps, glasses, outfits, bodies, and other accessories, you may create more than 300,000 varieties of adorable kitty PFPs.

The Cool Cats NFT project’s roadmap claims that it will develop into a full-fledged gaming metaverse. Cats will trade and live their lives using the project’s $MILK native cryptocurrency coin. In order of rarity, NFTs fall into four categories: excellent, wild, classy, and exotic.


Franky Nines, a well-known OG artist, is the creator of SupDucks. He is the CEO of MegaVoltCorp, the business that introduced these NFTs in July 2021. Before starting this business, he was a designer for DapperLabs, Zynga, and NFT42.

PFP NFTs SupDucks

There are 10.0K NFT assets in the SupDucks PFP NFT project. The creators of this project put a lot of effort into creating both a community and NFTs of exceptional artistic quality. Thus, if you own a SupDuck from this collection, as the makers claim, it will “give you legendary status.”

In addition, the SupDucks project contains a utility token called $VOLT., which you can use within the Discord community to lay your bets on games like Rock-Paper-Scissors, Chess, coin tosses, and so on. There are rumors that MegaVoltCorp may create a store to sell tangible SupDucks merchandise.


Ten thousand hand-drawn profile photo illustrations from the Doodles NFT initiative are available as your online avatar on many platforms and communities. These unique NFTs have pastel-colored images of various subjects, including skeletons, human faces, cats, sharks, dinosaurs, ducks, monkeys, and sharks.

Additionally, there are 5,000 spacecraft in these manually drawn artwork NFTs for the doodles. For the Doodles NFT project, which has had tremendous success since its initial sale to the general public, Scott Martin and his crew produced the cartoons in a rainbow of colors.

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Drawings Profile Image NFTs

This project concentrates on memorabilia and rare artifacts, unlike non-community-based NFTs. The value of the Doodles NFT collection rests around its community because it is a community-based enterprise. Owners of Doodles NFT are entitled to vote in local elections. This NFT initiative has a strong chance of developing into an entertainment business. If so, you can use these as your Web3 and metaverse avatar.