Why do ICO Companies need to localize their whitepaper?

Why do ICO Companies need to localize their whitepaper?

April 26, 2019 Editor's Desk

The initial coin (ICO) has become the talk of the town these days. The immensely growing popularity is because of effective help in initial fundraising needed by the start-ups. Many enterprises use this approach in the budding stages for investment capital to establish a strong base. The initial coin offerings enable the companies to offer cryptocurrency which serves as a means of raising funds. In order to have successful ICO, you must attract large investor bases not only from the local market but from the overseas as well.

For enticing the investors from all over the world and for gaining their attention, you need to blend your creative and strategic approach to marketing. Remember that marketing of ICOs is way different from the rest of the product categories. Unlike many other products and services, ICO marketing is majorly driven by the Whitepapers. For all the ICO companies, their whitepaper is the primary marketing tool which can either make or break their fortune.

What is ICO Whitepaper?

Often people confuse the ICO whitepaper with a business plan but these two are different things. The whitepaper is your medium to convey the crucial and valuable information regarding the financial and technological aspects of the Initial coin offering.

Elements of ICO Whitepaper

Aim/Purpose: The whitepaper must clearly mention what the main objective of the project is and what is the intended purpose for initial coin offering. Remember that your goal should be unique in order to be top of the mind.

Procedure: The Whitepaper must include comprehensive information concerning the blockchain technology which you have used. It is better to keep the technical explanation as simple as possible so that investors can easily grab the concept.

Feasibility: Make sure to include the prospective outcomes in case of the huge success of the project. Present your main idea in an appealing manner and maintain an appropriate tone to keep the potential investors engaged.

Credibility: Highlight the achievements of your team and remember to include their qualifications, experiences, and background to develop your credibility. The more experienced and reputed team you have, the more you will be reliable for the investors.

Why Translation is Important?

As mentioned earlier, the ICO Whitepaper is the primary tool that can help you to access broad investor bases from across the globe. But, in order to ensure that foreign investors understand your project fully and make investments, it is crucial that you communicate your message in their native language.

Your only-English whitepaper is not sufficient to attract investors from all over the world. If you want to make your launch successful, you will have to develop multi-lingual whitepapers. 

Translation of your ICO whitepaper into multiple key languages is the only best way to grab the attention of foreign investors.No matter how carefully you design your Whitepaper, if the investors don’t understand the language used, all your efforts will go in vain and you will a multitude of investments from multiple potential markets. Therefore, translating the white paper along with other marketing material is essentially important. 

If you want to expand and reach out massive crypto-communities, you must translate your digital assets, most importantly the whitepaper in their preferred language. Thus, translating your Whitepaper is no less than a necessity for making your ICO launch successful. If you want to access multiple overseas markets, providing them with valuable information in their first language is vital.

Remember that English is not the only internet language. Many of the users prefer to communicate in their native language. Therefore, you must customize your Whitepaper for targeting them effectively.

Top Languages for ICO translation

Now that you know it is essential to translate your whitepaper into different languages, the next step is to decide which language you should choose.

Along with the United States, the other huge investor bases in the world are found in Russia, Japan, and Korea. The cryptocurrenc investments are more prevalent and famous in Asia. All these countries have a significantly high number of people who use crypto-currencies. Surprisingly, the government of China has prohibited the public to invest in cryptocurrencies. But, a large portion of the Chinese population possesses foreign passports. You should not neglect this highly potential market of native Chinese speakers. Along withChina, Germany and Australia also have strong markets for ICO.

For addressing all the big international markets, you must take professional assistance to translate your ICO Whitepaper into following languages.

  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

Significance of professional Translation service for ICO Whitepaper

To make your initial coin offering a remarkable success, seamless translation is essential that only the experienced professionals can provide. Any multilingual friend of yours cannot provide effective translation for your ICO Whitepaper. For maintaining high-quality of the content, it is important that a translator knows the technological terminologies as well. In addition to the change in language, cultural adaption is also necessary for providing foreign investors with a customized Whitepaper. Only a certified pro who has the background knowledge of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can deliver impeccable translation. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional translation agency which has native and industry-specific experts for meticulous translation of the ICO Whitepaper.

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