Why you should invest in Cardano?

Why you should invest in Cardano?

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April 27, 2022 by Diana Ambolis
There are numerous reasons why many top investors want to invest in Cardano. Many people believe that they need to be an experienced crypto investors with a lot of money to invest in Cardano. However, with a bit of common sense and investigation, even beginners may invest in Cardano. Following the debut of Bitcoin, the
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There are numerous reasons why many top investors want to invest in Cardano. Many people believe that they need to be an experienced crypto investors with a lot of money to invest in Cardano. However, with a bit of common sense and investigation, even beginners may invest in Cardano.

Following the debut of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency built on a decentralized blockchain, other developers saw the need to improve on the Bitcoin blockchain’s flaws, and thus Ethereum was born. Ethereum took the potential of blockchain technology and added smart contracts and the ability to run decentralized apps or dApps.

Other engineers identified the need for networks that could expand into hosting bulk transactions and enhancing the speed of these transactions as time went on and new use cases arose. They eventually came up with Cardano (ADA).

5 Reasons Why you should also invest in Cardano ADA

There are numerous reasons why you would wish to invest in Cardano, many of which you may not have considered. Here are the top 11 we discovered.

1. Cardano Has Real-World Applications

Cardano is currently the crypto industry’s fastest-growing coin. This expansion in the physical world is fueled by blockchain technology. It is one of the few blockchains that both governments and giant corporations use which makes you want to invest in Cardano.

As previously stated, Cardano wants to improve the Ethereum platform’s smart contract functionality. They want dApps to be as reliable and secure as possible. Cardano supports this by allowing users to create smart contracts that do not require them to enter into third-party agreements.

This platform is already assisting one of the world’s most important institutions, the World Health Organization, in terms of its applications (WHO). According to this organization, a significant portion of what is currently being marketed online is poor or phony. The Cardano blockchain has a solution to this problem because it can simply validate and identify the source of all pharmaceutical products, ensuring the safety of people all around the world.

Another important use of this website is to keep track of all academic certificates. The Atala PRISM is an ID and credential system created by developers that provides a tamper-proof ecosystem for storing certificates and other data such as health information, civic records, and professional references. In addition, the BeefChain is compatible with the Cardano system. It works with primary producers to maintain transparency from field to fork.

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2. Cardano has been increasing in value since its inception.

Because of their volatility, digital currencies move a lot. Before you invest, you must first identify a company that demonstrates several qualities of stability. Cardano has become increasingly important as a result of its practical applications. Its worth has increased as a result of this rise and that is why you should invest in Cardano.

This currency has been continuously increasing since its debut in 2017. Its diverse applications are one of the reasons behind its rising value. Many users see it as a solution to the problems that Bitcoin and Ethereum have been experiencing.

The transaction speed and network fees have prevented cryptocurrencies from gaining widespread popularity. Bitcoin, for example, can only confirm or process about 3-7 transactions per second, while Ethereum can only handle about 20 per second. Cardano can perform over 1000 transactions per second thanks to its Ouroboros proof-of-stake mechanism.

When it comes to scaling up for various applications, such as on the Cardano platform, Bitcoin has been utilizing a proof-of-work algorithm that requires a lot of energy to confirm blocks, making transactions slow, expensive, and unreliable. Cardano’s low energy requirements make it more efficient, which explains its widespread adoption. This acceptability has significantly contributed to its growth, making it a viable financial asset.

3. Cardano is a cryptocurrency with a large market capitalization.

Liquidation is a concern for potential investors while deciding whether or not to invest in altcoins. When the price is right and the conditions are right, liquidation means swapping such digital currencies for fiat cash or other digital coins.

Cardano has a market capitalization of $34.5 billion. This large-capitalization indicates that the coin is sufficiently liquid. The coin’s trading volume reached $828 million alone in the last 24 hours. You may quickly discover numerous ready purchasers when you wish to sell your investment, thanks to the network’s present users.

If you utilize the right selling site, your coins will sell as soon as you float them, and you’ll receive your money in no time. This feature makes it a fantastic digital currency for purchasing, holding, and then selling when the market is ripe for profit.

4. Cardano has a Large Market Potential

Cardano is classified as a cryptocurrency for academics. This platform is built by utilizing academic traditions, scientific research, and evidence-based procedures, with peer-reviewed studies confirming its foundation. The main goal was to create something that could serve the masses while avoiding Bitcoin and Ethereum’s flaws.

One of their objectives was to bring the unbanked or those who are not part of the global financial system on board, but this time on a system they could trust to conduct business honestly. According to estimates, the team focuses its efforts on Africa and other developing countries with high rates of unbanked people.

With over two billion people still living off the grid, this platform has a lot of promise if you want to invest in Cardano. If the team can get the majority of them on board. It’s all about the numbers for an investor, and these are good potential numbers.

5. Cardano is backed by a formidable team.

One of the people in charge of this platform is Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum. He clearly understands what he’s doing. As an investor who was part of the team that built Ethereum and has kept it going for all these years, you may be confident.

Cardano also has a team of 24 highly skilled specialists spread throughout 15 countries and four continents. Nathan Kaiser, the chairperson, Manmeet Singh, the vice-chairperson, and other council members, including Tamara Haasen, Nicolas Arqueros, Domino Burki, and others, are among the leading members of the non-profit foundation. You may rest assured that this is a group that values learning and progress. When you invest in Cardano you are also investing in a team like this adds value to your money.

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