Your Ultimate Guide To Crypto Launchpad

Your Ultimate Guide To Crypto Launchpad

February 20, 2023 by Diana Ambolis
Crypto launchpads are websites that help new cryptocurrency projects raise money and give investors the first chance to buy tokens. See how they work below. In the world of cryptocurrency, it might be good to join projects early on. For instance, investors who bought Bitcoin in 2011 are now getting a return on their money.
Your Ultimate Guide To Crypto Launchpad

Crypto launchpads are websites that help new cryptocurrency projects raise money and give investors the first chance to buy tokens. See how they work below. In the world of cryptocurrency, it might be good to join projects early on. For instance, investors who bought Bitcoin in 2011 are now getting a return on their money. They found something new, saw how it could be useful, and kept doing it.

As cryptocurrency use grows worldwide, a new way to raise money has emerged: the crypto launchpad. Launchpads let crypto investors find early-stage crypto projects and invest in them before they are listed publicly. So, they can buy tokens for less money and make more money when their value goes up.

In the past few years, crypto has become a lot more popular, even though the market is volatile and Bitcoin dropped from $60,000 to around $35,000.

Ether or ETH Stocks fell $1,693

Dogecoin DOGE is also down 40%.

The push for regulation has also gotten stronger, and the Biden administration is taking steps to regulate cryptocurrency. Even with all of these things happening, interest in cryptocurrency is still at a record high. People and investors are always looking for the next big thing, and crypto launchpads may be the perfect place to find it.

Launchpads are cheap ways for people who want to start crypto projects to spread the word and get money for their businesses. Launchpads also give investors and founders a safe place to meet and get to know each other.

What is a launchpad for crypto?

A crypto launchpad, which is sometimes called a crypto incubator, is a platform based on a decentralised exchange (DEX) where crypto projects can be introduced and funded. Before a project is listed on a public exchange, early-stage crypto investors can buy tokens from the project.

Investors see this as a great chance to make money from a future price increase by buying tokens at low prices and selling them for a profit later. Because launching a project on the platform costs so little, it can also help more crypto projects find funding.

New founders can also benefit from the platform because it will make it easier for them to reach cryptocurrency investors and fans who are looking for the next big thing. At the peak of the bull market in 2021, a lot of new coins and projects came out, and investors put a lot of money into them. But some of them were scams, and many people lost money because they didn’t have the time or skills to check out the projects first.

On the other hand, trusted crypto launchpads do due diligence for users and investors, which is another reason they are becoming more popular. A third party is hired to do Know Your Customer (KYC) verification on new users, which helps to protect both founders and investors.

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What is the point of a crypto launchpad?

There are crypto launchpad platforms that connect cryptocurrency projects with communities that are interested in them. Launchpads help founders get money from users and investors and give investors a chance to get the most out of their money. Investors are most interested in things that are clear and safe. When a user makes a new account, they will usually have to go through a KYC process to prove who they are. This procedure also makes it harder for someone to cheat the system by making transactions under different names.

Each crypto launchpad will have its own list of handpicked cryptocurrency projects and their current status. Investors should be able to find out important facts about these projects, like how much they will cost and when they will start. When the sale starts, investors can also buy certain tokens.

Token sales on crypto launchpads are like blockchains in that they are open and make it easy to see how each token was distributed. This makes it possible for regular people to invest in tokens that are still in their early stages. It also encourages investors to share tokens evenly and discourages “pump-and-dump” strategies.

What do crypto launchpads do for you?

Launchpads help bring cryptocurrency projects and investors together, which is a good thing. The following are some of the other benefits:

  • Low costs: Some launchpads charge only a small fee for listings, while others don’t charge anything at all. By making it easier to start a project, some launchpads make it quick and easy to do so.
  • Security: Launchpads carefully check out both users and projects to keep everyone safe. A breach is also unlikely because investors have full control over their assets and launchpads don’t store user money.
  • No time to wait: Tokens are available right away after purchase; there is no waiting time.

How to use a crypto launchpad

Here are some general steps, but they may be a little different depending on the crypto launchpad:

Different ways to start with crypto

Initial DEX offering (IDO) launchpads are decentralised places to raise money for projects. Here, you can trade tokens that represent assets that are hosted on a DEX. FireStarter, BSCPad, GameFi, Seedify, and TrustPad are some IDO launchpads that people know about.

Launchpads for an Initial NFT Offering (INO)

INO launchpads let investors fund projects that sell nonfungible tokens (NFTs) on the platform. Only1, BSCStation, and Seedify are a few INO launch pads.

Launchpads for an initial coin offering (ICO)

ICO launchpads let founders sell tokens to investors to get the money they need to finish building their blockchain projects. Investors will put money into projects that look good, hoping to make a lot of money back. CardStarter, Binance Launchpad, and Polkastarter are all well-known ICO launchpads.

Launch pads for initial game offerings (IGOs)

IGO launchpads are places where developers of games and metaverses can get money for their projects. These launchpads have IGOs, play-to-earn projects, gaming utilities, and related NFTs. Gamestarter, Enjinstarter, and PlayPad are just a few examples of IGO launchpads.

What makes a good place to start with crypto?

Do some research on the right launchpad before you invest in or start a cryptocurrency project.

For money-makers

Checking the launchpad’s commitment to security is important for investors who want to know that these projects are safe, profitable, and will give them a good return on their money. To protect personal information, the platform should follow strict security protocols, use Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, and take other steps. Each launchpad has a different minimum stake amount and different perks, so it’s important to think carefully before choosing.

For founders

Founders who want to launch their project through a crypto launchpad should look at how well the platform promotes related projects and how supportive the community is. Also, it’s important to check the launchpad’s process for vetting projects, its criteria, and how fair and realistic its terms are.

A community that helps each other out can be very helpful since other members can help promote projects to users and possible backers.

What’s next for cryptocurrency launchpads

Crypto launchpads are new platforms that are made to help get crypto projects funded. They want to reduce the growing mistrust of cryptocurrencies and make investors more confident in them. Launchpads help to improve the market and give investors a sense of security by turning down scammers and promoting legitimate crypto projects. This is good for both investors and founders. It helps to lower the risks for investors and gives founders more chances to market their projects.

As a bonus, regular investors can now buy investments that were once only available to institutions and venture capitalists. The creation of crypto launchpads should make it easier and safer for people to invest in cryptocurrencies. With more investors, the cryptocurrency industry is likely to keep growing.